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I just want to take a moment to give you access to some amazing resources to help you grow like crazy in your faith in Christ. 🙂

Much love!!

Bible Resources

Creation Resources

Answers in Genesis (

Creation Ministries International (

Proof about God’s Existence, the Truth of the Bible, and the Deity of Christ

Josh McDowell ( – an atheist turned Christian who devotes his life to proving the truth of the Bible

  • Answering Skeptics – evidence for the Bible, for the truth of the New Testament, for Jesus being God
  • Important Topics especially for teens and young adults (abortion, sexual sin, divorce, porn, STDs, suicide, violence, alcohol and drugs, etc..)
  • Spiritual Growth

Some Pastors I Trust (check everything any human says against the Bible!)

David Platt (


Wayne Grudem – Systematic Theology podcasts