Time to Dive in Deep!

Photo by James Higginson on Unsplash

I just want to take a moment to give you access to some amazing resources to help you grow like crazy in your faith in Christ. 🙂

Much love!!

Bible Resources

Creation Resources

Answers in Genesis (www.answersingenesis.com)

Creation Ministries International (www.creation.com)

Proof about God’s Existence, the Truth of the Bible, and the Deity of Christ

Josh McDowell (www.josh.org) – an atheist turned Christian who devotes his life to proving the truth of the Bible

  • Answering Skeptics – evidence for the Bible, for the truth of the New Testament, for Jesus being God
  • Important Topics especially for teens and young adults (abortion, sexual sin, divorce, porn, STDs, suicide, violence, alcohol and drugs, etc..)
  • Spiritual Growth

Some Pastors I Trust (check everything any human says against the Bible!)

David Platt (www.radical.net)


Wayne Grudem – Systematic Theology podcasts