The Hug and Kiss Challenge

Join our weekend marriage challenge!

The Hug and Kiss Challenge

At least once (preferably twice per day) over the next four days..

1. Smile brightly at your husband.
2. Give your husband a real kiss on the lips, not just a peck.
3. Give him a full-body hug for at least five-ten seconds.
4. Be receptive and welcoming to his touch.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.

Song of Solomon 1:2

An Extra Challenge

If you are already doing this or you would like an additional challenge, I would also encourage you to find opportunities each day for:

  1. 20-30 minutes of cuddling.
  2. Skin-on-skin contact in bed at night or in the morning.

May the Lord richly bless the marriages here for His glory!


Leave a comment if you want to join!


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This challenge is for wives who:

  • Will be with their husbands for 4 days in a row.
  • Have husbands who are open to their wives’ touch.

If your husband is involved in unrepentant adultery or you are not safe with your husband, you may want to skip this challenge and seek experienced, trustworthy outside help for your marriage.


  1. Good morning. God bless you and greetings from Atlanta. I’m in. It sounds nice and comforting. I expect it to go well. Does it start today or tomorrow? Anyone else joining would like to keep in touch? My email is

    1. April Hicks Meyers,

      We are officially starting today. But, of course, wives may start whenever works best for them. <3

      Thanks for joining!

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