Prayer Day

Prayer is one of the greatest ways that we can talk to the Lord and fellowship with Him. Prayer is not a magic spell. It is about a two-way relationship.
This is an example of a prayer we can pray for ourselves and others that is loosely based on The Lord’s Prayer/The Model Prayer in Matthew 6.
This is the day that You have made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! You are the Creator of all things. You have wisdom that is infinitely above our own. You are completely good, loving, and holy. You are just. You hate injustice and You love for right to win. You freely lavish such mercy, forgiveness, and grace on us, though we are completely undeserving.
How humbling that You loved us enough to send Your Son, Jesus, to die for us when we were still Your enemies.
Thank You for Jesus! Thank You for salvation! You didn’t have to provide a way for us to be with You. But You loved us more than we will ever understand and You wanted to make a way for us to be in right standing with You again – through the cross. Thank You for the cross! Thank You for Your precious Word. Thank You for Your provision for our needs. Thank You for the freedom we have in Christ.
Cleanse us from all fear, worry, resentment, pride, self-righteousness, lust, immorality, idolatry (putting other things/people before You in our hearts), false teaching, lies, disrespect for others, prejudice, rebellion, legalism, worldliness, and every sin. Help us to evaluate the things we are spiritually ingesting and help us have the wisdom we need to stop allowing worldly and ungodly influences to have power in our lives. Help us to get rid of everything that You know is toxic in our souls. Help us truly die to our old sinful self and live for You alone.
Fill us with more and more of You. We long for Your presence. We long to know and love You more than anything! You alone are the Greatest Treasure. You alone are real love, real joy, real peace, and real satisfaction.
Please provide for our daily physical and spiritual needs. Thank You that You care about our food, our shelter, our clothing, and all of our needs.
Help us to seek You wholeheartedly. Transform us by the power of Your Spirit and Your Word. Give us a deep desire for You and for the Bible. Let us seek You first in our lives by a long shot! Dramatically change the spiritual atmosphere in our circles of influence to carry the sweet fragrance of Christ! Grant us a Spirit of Your love and unity in our homes, in Your church, in our businesses, in our schools, and in our communities.
Bring a mighty Great Awakening that brings millions and millions of lost souls into Your Kingdom. Let Your will be done and Your Kingdom come. Start with each of us and our families and our churches, Lord. We welcome You and all that You want to do to heal us! Help us to receive all that You have already provided for us in Jesus!
Make us faithful to You. Help us to long only to please You. Use us to shine brightly for Jesus in a dark, lost, and dying world. You are our only hope, Lord! We rejoice in You! We thank and praise You for all You have done for us and all You are doing and all You will do. Thank You that You have not forsaken us. Help us to cling to Your Word and Your promises. Help us to walk in holiness and obedience by the power of Your Spirit. We need You desperately each moment.
Fill us with Your joy. You have placed us here for such a time as this. Help us not to waste one moment. Make us fruitful! The joy of the Lord is our strength! No matter what our circumstances or what difficulties we may face. You are so much greater than our trials. Let us accomplish all that You want to do in and through us. Not by our power, but by Your power. Be greatly glorified in each of our lives!


  1. Amen!!!
    Yes Lord we need you so much!
    Your Joy, your strength, your love, your patience in very moment.
    Yes help me don’t vast my time with worry and vanity…Remember me that you are in control always always always
    Be glorified Jesus!


  2. Amen!!!
    Please pray for me as I through God’s strength show Jesus to my unsaved husband and try to be the godly wife I’m called to be.
    I’ve had a lot of anger and God has revealed that to me and weeding it out.
    My husband and I have had two years of a very rocky marriage!
    God bless you all.
    So thankful for this site as I’ve found a lot of wisdom here.

    1. I’ve just prayed for you and your husband, Amy. I know the difficult path you tread as I have been there. May you succeed where I didn’t. 🙂 This site really does share a lot of wisdom.

    2. Amy,

      I will absolutely pray for you.

      We lift up Amy and her husband to You. Thank You for Your love for her and for her husband. Thank You that You want him to come to salvation in Jesus and that You are showing her things that may be obstacles in her own spiritual walk and in her witness for You. We pray for Your wisdom, healing, comfort, and transformation in her life. We pray for Your salvation and victory over the enemy in her husband’s life. And most of all, we pray for Your glory in this marriage!

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