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Stop Watching Football and Spend Time with Me! – SKIT

My latest skit video on Youtube. This one is about 6 minutes.

First I share some destructive approaches to trying to get our men to give us more attention. This was the old me. These were the things I did for a long time, not realizing how much I was sabotaging the very intimacy I longed for in our relationship.

Then I demonstrate several more constructive, healthy approaches that will not repel our men. When we understand our men better, how they think, how they are wired, and what motivates them, and as we allow God to help us to grow – we can learn to approach our men in healthy, God-honoring, Spirit-filled ways rather than destructive ways that only divide and hurt our relationships.

I am not talking about being fake, but about allowing the Lord to completely change our hearts to be more and more like Jesus as we allow His Word and His Spirit to transform us.

Much love!


Stop Watching Football and Spend Time with Me!


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8 thoughts on “Stop Watching Football and Spend Time with Me! – SKIT

  1. April, what a great message! It took me a while to understand and accept that my husband’s idea of spending quality time together is not the same as mine. I used to think that we have to do something together, something more than just watching TV and cuddle. For him, it can be enough (like you said) just to be in the same room together. I would often get upset when he was too tired to do anything, but trying to force him to do something didn’t help. If he’s tired, he’ll still be tired no matter what I say or do. Probably even more if he has to deal with my complaining as well! Sometimes it’s better to let him have some rest and then maybe ask him nicely to do something together.

    Thanks for sharing this April! It is so amazing learning how men and women are different!

    Lots of love!

  2. My mom had a great idea. Rather than complain she sat down with him and decided she was going to learn to like the game as much as him. It took a while but eventually she did. My dad adored her for it. She was widowed at the ripe old age of 31 and never remarried. Even though she is now in her mid-80s her neighbors still hear her yelling at her T.V. and know a good game is on. She said you never know what can draw a couple together. For them, it was football, but she said she had to learn to really enjoy it and not fake it.

    1. Happily gave up,

      That is so precious that she decided to join with him and enjoy the game together with him. I’m so very sorry to hear that she was widowed so early. 🙁 But how wonderful that she learned to enjoy something that was so special to her husband – and that she still loves it to this day! Wow!

      I’m so glad you shared this. 🙂

  3. Love the skit April! I love how you mention the “going for a walk” too because I feel so loved when my husband does that with me for some reason. I can only get him to a few times a year, but it’s heaven when it happens.

    It really helps me to understand what you said about them not needing face to face, uninterrupted convo like we do, and instead of getting mad and bitter at him that he doesn’t need this, I can accept our differences and gently ask for my needs. You have helped me so much April.. thank you!!!!

    I have an extreme dislike for football, and even hearing it from another room is like nails down a chalkboard. My husband will put it on really loud and every few minutes, he goes outside to take care of some yard work or something and leaves the football game on full blast! It used to make me insane, but now I just go “mute” if he is not in the room any longer, and I do laundry when he is watching.

    1. Louise Lewis,

      I’m so glad this was helpful.

      Football is not my particular cup of tea, either. But I am thankful for my husband and respect that he loves it and am thankful that God can help me approach my husband in ways that are productive now and that we can enjoy each other his way sometimes and my way sometimes.

      Much love!

  4. Thank you so much for the wisdom you share with us! Thanks to your blog and also the book “The surrendered Wife”, my marriage is in such a difference place than a year and a half ago! My husband went to a friend’s house tonight to watch a football game and left me with our two young children. He helped put them to bed and made sure I was ok with him being gone.

    I don’t especially love football and I don’t really like having to go to bed by myself while he is up late watching the game. The old me probably would have fussed and complained and made insulting comments about him having to watch football. I’m so happy that the new me was able to honestly tell him I was fine with him going and to have fun and that I hoped his team won. He gave me a long kiss and told me he loved me.

    In the past, we would have parted ways with tension and he probably wouldn’t have hurried home to get back to a crabby wife! I don’t enjoy football anymore today than I did in the past, but my attitude towards my husband has changed and that has changed everything!

    Thank you for being an inspiration and encouragement!

    1. Rose,

      YAY! Praise God!

      I bet my husband is watching the same game right now. I’m so excited about your new perspective and approach. And about how wonderful your husband was with you tonight. He helps you put the kids to bed!?!?! WOW!

      He sounds like a keeper.

      Thanks for letting him enjoy his hobby. I know tonight is a big game in the world of football.

      I pray you will enjoy your time with the Lord or doing something special for yourself.

      I’m so glad we can share here and encourage and inspire one another in Christ. What an honor and a joy!

      Much love!

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