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Strong Marriages Do Not Happen By Accident

Strong marriages seem to happen magically on movies and in romantic novels sometimes. But the truth is that strong marriages are built. There are very specific building blocks that are required to develop strong, healthy marriages. These are things that any of us can do – if we are in Christ and we are working in His power. There are specific things that create healthy marriages and relationships and there are specific things that destroy healthy marriages and relationships. We can’t control our spouse, but we do get to control our end of things – with God’s help.





This week, in your quiet time, invite God to show you the marriage destroyers in your life. Begin to get rid of them all. And invite God to help you begin to practice some marriage builders. Your marriage, your husband, your children, the Lord, and even you, yourself, will be greatly blessed as you become more and more the woman of God He calls you to be.

Much love!

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus as your Savior and Lord – that is your first need. Then He can give you the power to do the marriage/relationship building things.

13 thoughts on “Strong Marriages Do Not Happen By Accident

  1. April, our marriage in Christ is indeed built brick by brick as is our life in Christ! And how easy it is to misplace just one and for the whole building to come tumbling down! Thank you and bless you for never failing to provide incredible resources for women who truly desire to serve the Lord.

    Much love from Hope, currently clearing up rubble!

  2. Thank you April this is the kind of information that i wish i had when i was getting married but Glory be to God its not too late he has redeemed me and made me know the stuff that i need to stop doing to build a strong marriage. I can say knowing and finding christ has given me so much peace and contentment. I thank God for choosing me first to bring healing to my marriage.

  3. After seeking God’s wisdom regarding my marriage, He has shown me some surprising things about myself. Then a few days ago I “happened” upon your blog. It is amazing! Your husband sounds like my husband and I am you when you began this journey. Please pray for me…. I have a lot of work to do.

    1. Nana,

      I’m so glad to hear from you! And I can relate to being surprised by what the Lord showed you. I sure was surprised when He showed me what He did 9 years ago!

      I thank You for Your love for Nana and her husband. Thank You for bringing her to this point on her journey to follow Christ. I pray that You might continue to open her eyes and show her all of the things You want to show her. Heal her heart. Transform her mind. Restore her soul. Help her have Your power to live as a godly, peaceful wife and woman for Your glory. Heal her marriage. Bless her faith and help her grow like crazy!

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