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The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord

  • If you haven’t read this book yet, especially if you tend to be a Type-A personality wife, I would love to invite you to ask your husband (or someone else) to get it for you for Christmas. What better gift could there be than to have the tools you need to grow in Christ and to grow as a wife?
  • It is available on Kindle, as an e-book, or paperback.
  • There is a free downloadable group study guide to go along with the book if you want to do this book as a small group study with friends or at your church.

The Peaceful Mom: Building a Healthy Foundation with Christ As Lord (will be available on Amazon in March)

  • This could be an amazing Mother’s Day gift for moms of any age. It is designed to fit new moms, moms-to-be, and even moms of grown children. It also is applicable regardless of a mom’s marital situation.
  • It will also be available electronically and as a paperback.
  • Preorders will probably start in the next month or so on Amazon.

Guest Blog Posts

If you have a blog and you are interested in me writing a guest blog for you, please comment on a post or send me a note on my Contact Page.

If you are interested in sharing your story about how Jesus has transformed your life/marriage/family with my readers, you are also welcome to comment on a post or send me a note on my Contact Page and I will be glad to see if it might be a good fit.

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I am available to speak to women’s groups!  This is one of my favorite parts of ministry. 🙂

If you are interested in having me speak to your women’s group or to speak at a conference, here are the steps to take:

  • Pray about whether this is something the Lord may be leading you to do for your church or women’s group.
  • Decide about how many women you expect to come.
  • Decide what topics you would like me to cover and how long I will be speaking.
  • Be sure your church/organization is willing to provide transportation and accommodations/expenses for me. I live in the Columbia, SC area in the USA.
  • Decide if you would like a Power Point presentation and/or workbooks for the ladies to use during the seminar.
  • Your church can pay me a flat speaking fee (depending on the expected attendance) or we can sell tickets. Your organization can sell tickets, or I can sell tickets. If I sell tickets, we will take the cost of food, decorations, and the workbooks out of the cost of the tickets if you would like me to handle the ticket selling on Eventbrite.
  • Check to see if it will be okay for me to bring books to sell to any of the ladies who would like to purchase some.
  • Check to see if it is okay for me to promote the event on my sites. Other ladies might like to come if they know about it.
  • Ask your pastor, women’s ministry leader, or whoever is heading up the speaking engagement to contact me on my contact page.
  • Be sure to have some ladies to pray for the event!!


  • For Married and Single Women Preparing for Marriage
    • Understanding the differences between men and women.
    • Understanding the destructive messages we have learned about masculinity/femininity in our culture.
    • Communicating more effectively with our men.
    • Disrespect – things that tend to repel men.
    • Respect – how to treat our men with genuine honor that pleases the Lord.
    • How to see God do big things in our lives and relationships.
    • Ways we inadvertently tend to idolize ourselves, our men, marriage, etc… and how to tear out the idols from our lives.
    • How the Lordship of Christ dramatically impacts the way we treat others in our marriages/families/relationships.
    • Approaching conflict with our men in a respectful, godly way.
    • Healthy vs unhealthy relationships.
    • What biblical submission in marriage is and what it is not (i.e.: it is not slavery, an invitation to abuse, women are not seconds class citizens).
    • Respecting ourselves (thinking rightly of ourselves according to scripture).
  • For Single Women
    • Choosing a godly man.
    • Red flags in dating relationships.
      • in the guy.
      • in myself.
    • Emotional/spiritual healing in Christ.
    • How to prepare to be a godly wife.
    • Godly dating/courtship.
    • Being a peaceful girlfriend.
    • Handling dating, engagement, and the wedding ceremony peacefully.
    • Dealing with the idols of dating, engagement, marriage, children, family, weddings, rings, etc…
  • For Moms
    • Doing a throne check of our hearts.
    • Putting our oxygen masks on first spiritually.
    • Keeping an eternal perspective.
    • Modeling respect for our children in our relationships and to our children.
    • Entrusting our children to God.
    • Correcting skewed beliefs.
    • Loving our children “too much.”
    • Avoiding some common mistakes – playing the martyr, control, guilt trips, loving with strings attached, etc…
  • Peaceful Womanhood – for all women from teens on up
    • Rejecting the world’s lies about womanhood.
      • My value is in my looks, my relationships, my achievements, my level of control, etc…
      • Worldly/ungodly femininity.
    • Receiving God’s truth and His design for my femininity.
      • Body image issues.
      • Dressing, thinking, acting, and speaking with modesty.
      • What godly femininity means.
    • Sins of the heart:
      • A heart check with the mirror of God’s Word.
      • Bitterness/unforgiveness/resentment/forgiveness.
      • People pleasing/Playing the martyr/Guilt tripping.
      • Avoiding adultery.
      • Guarding my heart.
    • Harnessing my emotions and dealing with hormones (PMS, pregnancy, peri-menopause).
    • Purifying our words.
      • Taking our thoughts captive for Christ – this is where it starts!
      • Gossip
    • Dealing with conflict.
    • Choosing friends wisely.
    • Developing my feminine influence.
    • Growing in Christ.
      • Developing a strong prayer life.
      • How to stop controlling others.
      • How to stop worrying.
      • Counting trials as joy.
      • Dealing with insecurity as women.
      • Finding our security in Christ alone.
      • Emotional/spiritual healing in Christ.
      • Tearing down spiritual strongholds of the enemy.
      • Spiritual warfare.

If there are other topics that are not listed, I can create a custom topic for your group.