Is It Possible to “Disrespect Myself”?


God’s design for us as godly women is that we are first to have utmost reverence for Him as LORD of our lives and as the sovereign King of the universe. We are also to respect ourselves, our husbands, and all other people. Another way of describing “respecting ourselves” that may be even more accurate is “to think rightly about ourselves” or to “live in holiness in regard to how we think about and treat ourselves.” Disrespect is really another word for “sin” in a lot of ways. If I disrespect myself or someone else, my motives, thinking, attitudes, words and/or actions toward that person are hurtful and destructive.

Of course, ultimately, any sin is against God. God calls all believers to be willing to put off our old sinful selves which includes all of our sinful motives, mindsets, and fixed beliefs about God, ourselves, others, and anything else in life. We put on Christ by deciding to completely trust and follow Him. We then cooperate with God to allow Him to transform our hearts, minds, and souls by the power and truth of His Word through His Spirit working in us.

When we receive more and more of God’s truth and goodness and all that Christ has done for us and has provided for us, we then have the ability to think of ourselves the way God desires us to. We also, then, have the ability – when we have received the mercy, grace, love, truth, and healing of Jesus – to begin to extend those things to other people. The second greatest commandment is this, “love your neighbor as yourself.” God assumes that we will properly love ourselves. He does not condone sinning against ourselves. For a refresher on God’s kind of love that we are to have for ourselves and others, please check out 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

A hallmark of God’s love is that believers are to treat all other people with dignity and worth – not because we deem that person to be worthy of being treated well – but because Jesus is worthy of all of our respect and reverence and because God made all people in His image.

Nina Roesner, author of “The Respect Dare,” has a wonderful new post that I think will be such a blessing to you. She describes some of the obstacles women face on their journey to become godly women and then she lists some of the biggest ways she has seen women sin against or “disrespect” themselves. I invite you to check out her post and then I want to share a few more thoughts. ūüôā

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Nina Roesner’s post “Top 10 Ways to Disrespect Yourself”

We have talked about so many of these issues here:

Some other ways we can disrespect (or sin against) ourselves and prevent ourselves from experiencing all of the abundant life Jesus has in store for us would include things like:


If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior and LORD and you would like to know Him and to receive the gift of Life He died to provide for you, please click on this link and¬†leave a comment for me. He can give us victory over the ways we poison ourselves. He can give us power to live godly lives that please Him and to think of God, ourselves, and others rightly as we reject toxic lies and purposely build our lives on His Word that is the source of all truth.

Much love to each of you!


Can you think of other ways we may disrespect ourselves? Or is there something here that doesn’t sound right? Let’s talk about it together!


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