Do I Make Decisions Based on Feelings/Emotions? Part 1

ADMIN NOTE: My internet is down for the time being. I will respond when I am able to. 🙂 —————- Emotions and feelings are good gifts God has given to us. Happiness, sadness, fear, anger and nervousness all have purposes in our lives and can be used for good. They help us know when there… Continue reading Do I Make Decisions Based on Feelings/Emotions? Part 1

How to Avoid Becoming a Controlling/Disrespectful Wife

A newlywed posed this question to me, “How can I avoid becoming a controlling/disrespectful wife?” Goodness, this topic could be a book in and of itself. I have many posts about respect that will be helpful. Spiritual Authority  – God’s design structure for spiritual authority in our lives in marriage, business, government and the church… Continue reading How to Avoid Becoming a Controlling/Disrespectful Wife


  I don’t often quote Dr. Phil. But he has a saying, “What I fear, I create.” This is so true! If I fear being alone, my desperation to try to make my husband be with me will repel him If I fear not having control, my attempts to control others will push people and… Continue reading Fear

Overcoming the Darkness

For Prayer Day today – let’s talk about the spiritual warfare we all face as believers in Christ. How do we submit to Christ and resist the devil? James 4:1-9 provides great instructions for us! What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You desire but… Continue reading Overcoming the Darkness

Chasing Shadows – by Vinodhini

  By my precious sister in Christ, Vinodhini – thank you so much for sharing your story! I’ve been on this blog since January, and I’ve found PEACE which had been missing in my life for a long time. April with her RIGHT questions helped me get back to a right relationship with Christ which… Continue reading Chasing Shadows – by Vinodhini

When Your Husband Rejects You

What can you do when your husband rejects you sexually? That is a miserable place to be. Let’s look for hope together.

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