Blessing Your Husband

We talked recently about not smothering our husbands with demands and too much attention to the point that we are trying to force them to give us the attention we want.  So, now, lets talk about some ways to bless our husbands with our attention.  Of course, each husband will have his own personality and preferences.  Some of these things won’t minister to your particular man, and some will.  Here are some ideas. You are welcome to share your ideas, too!

But here is the key:

Do these things ONLY to bless your husband and to please Jesus.  DO NOT expect any certain reaction or response from your husband!!!!

  • Offer him his favorite drink when he gets home from work
  • Welcome him home with a big smile, hug and kiss
  • Let him talk about things he is interested in and be interested in learning more about what he is into – football, hunting, work, guys’ stuff
  • Sit with him as he watches tv or as he works in the garage or as he is fishing and just smile at him and enjoy being with him.  Let him decide when to talk and what to talk about during these times that you give to bless him.
  • Make his favorite meal sometimes
  • Graciously give him space and time to himself to recharge if he needs that
  • Wear something you know he likes to see you in – maybe something feminine and beautiful
  • Wear your hair the way he likes it sometimes
  • Listen when he is talking
  • Thank him for sharing his ideas and wisdom
  • Approach him in a feminine way when you need help (instead of telling him what to do with directives), “Honey, I have a problem…”  “I’m not sure what to do about…”  “Would you please help me with X, I just can’t seem to get it to work right.”  Remember to SMILE and use a pleasant tone of voice and facial expression!
  • Stop doing chores and go snuggle with him on the couch – if he is open to you touching him.
  • Be receptive to his advances.
  • Offer him a massage (if you know he won’t feel pressured)
  • Pick up a special treat for him at the grocery store – if you are within budget
  • Pray for him in private for God to bless him and give him wisdom to lead your family.  Pray for his career, his health, his relationship with Christ, his ministry, everything – in a humble way that is full of thanksgiving and appreciation for this man being in your life.
  • SMILE A LOT – for no reason other than to bless him, and, of course, to show the joy and peace of Christ in your heart!
  • Tell him when you are happy, thankful, joyful and appreciative
  • Thank him for the things he does for you and the family – every time he does something
  • Let him know you appreciate that he works to provide financially for the family (if he has a job)
  • Seek to respond in the power of God’s Spirit when he makes mistakes – so that you can respond with genuine grace, mercy and forgiveness.  (If there are serious issues, please seek godly counsel ASAP!)
  • Let him know you have faith in him (only do this if you can do it sincerely!)
  • Think Philippians 4:8 things about him – focus on the good, not the bad
  • Initiate sex once or twice a week if your husband would appreciate that
  • If your husband hates to be sexually pressured, back off and be gracious as you wait receptively for him. (If there are serious issues, please seek the appropriate help)
  • Say positive things about your husband to other people, including your children
  • Don’t criticize your husband or put him down to anyone.
  • Bring him a cup of coffee in bed in the morning if he likes coffee.
  • Support his parenting decisions – especially in front of the children!
  • Instead of making demands or giving directives – try giving suggestions and requests
  • Honor his God-given leadership (unless he is asking you to clearly sin – then you must respectfully refuse to do what he asks in order to obey God)
  • Do things that make you happy!  When you are well-rested and have done some things that bring you joy (exercise, spend time with God, have lunch with a friend, etc) you have more joy to share with your man!