An Update from April

Hello, dear sisters! ❤️

I’d like to share a quick update and let you know that I have not forgotten about you. There is just a lot going on.

Family Stuff

I realized my family needed more of my support recently, so I am occupied now in the mornings when I would usually write posts. It is hard for me to tear myself away from writing, but it is obvious this is where I need to be in the mornings. Everyone is doing well now. I just needed to be more present.

Also, Greg’s 57-year-old cousin passed away suddenly from a heart attack last week. That hit close to home. We were thankful for the opportunity to support the rest of the family and spend some time with them.

Another reminder of the brevity of life and what a precious gift each day is. We have had several people in their 40s and 50s close to our circle pass away in the past week.

I want so much for everyone to be ready.

I pray that everyone will take the time today to be sure they are in right relationship with the Lord through faith in Jesus. I want everyone to be able to set their relationships with people right, too.

None of us are guaranteed another day.

I want to see us all live without regrets. I want to see us ready to meet God at any moment, confident that we can rejoice when we see Him because we have no doubts we are in Christ.

What Is the Plan of Salvation? by

Have You Heard the Good News of Salvation? by Billy Graham

What Is Lordship Salvation? by

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to me or to a trusted pastor or godly mentoring wife. Or research more on or Billy Graham’s site. If you need additional resources, I’d be glad to share more.

Medical Stuff

I am also facing some medical issues that cause me to have to slow down some (peri-menopause kinds of things and a prolonged shoulder injury, normal stuff, nothing major).

Slowing down is one of my least favorite things to do. But this is just where I am right now. Sometimes God slows me down so I will look up to Him and stop.

I know this is an opportunity to allow God to be my strength more than ever. There are always new surprises and challenges. So Greg and I make adjustments and pivot with the changing issues, seeking to navigate the new obstacles in ways that honor the Lord.

Spiritual Stuff

In recent weeks, I have also felt God’s call to come away with Him to pray. Pray for our country and the world. Pray for the church and all of you. Pray for my family and me. I also know He is preparing and equipping me (and all of us) for what is coming.

He has been very gracious to do this for me in the past before we faced big trials in our family. And I sense He is working now to get us ready for something new.

I have been itching to write more posts, and even wrote a few, but then felt God clearly whispering, “Wait. Not yet. I want you to Myself for awhile. I want to work with just you right now.” I have learned it is not wise to run ahead of God when He asks me to be still and wait.

I have endeavored to wait on Him and sit and be still before Him, reading massive doses of His Word, praying, journaling, and inviting Him to work in me and do anything He wants to do in my heart and mind. My plan is to continue to do so.

God is working in powerful ways and I want to be open to all He wants to do in me and in the world around me. He asks me to let go of a lot of old things and lay new things on the altar before Him. He is reminding me of His sovereignty, goodness, promises, and love. I also want to be open to all He wants to do through me in His timing by His Spirit.

I miss you all!!! And I love you dearly.

Please pray for God’s wisdom and leading for me. Please also pray for God to work powerfully in each of my readers and across all of His people for His glory right now. And please pray for America and the world as we are facing a difficult road. How I long to see millions repent and turn to Jesus.

I hope to write as I am able and as I believe the Lord leads me to share.

Thanks for your encouragement, love, prayers, and support.

Much love in Christ! ❤️


If you would like to share how you are doing and any prayer requests you may have, please feel free to share in the comments. ????


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day. I’m glad you posted. Hang tough. (⑅◠ ◡ ◠)????

  2. Thank you for the update April. I agree, sometimes God is there to tell us to slow down, either through other obligations or an injury (my case as well, a long bone injury). Best to you and your family!

    1. Karen,
      God does that for each of us, at times in His great love and mercy, slows us down and asks us to put our eyes on Him. As soon as I sense Him asking me to come away and spend more time with Him, I try to listen right away. It is better that way!

      I pray for your healing for your injury. Ouch! That sounds painful! And pray you will receive all the blessings God has for you in the midst of this trial and all the spiritual riches He wants to share with you now.

      May the Lord richly bless you and your family, sweet sister.

      Much love!

  3. April, thank you for the update to all of us. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, concerning your husband’s cousin, and also the losses of others close to you. Thank you for the reminder to focus on God and to be in right relationship with the Lord, as no day is guaranteed. I pray that God continues the work He is doing in you, and that you continue to yield to all that He is prompting you to say and do (or not do) during these critical and sobering times. May God grant you peace, healing and comfort concerning your physical trials. God bless and take care!

    1. Amber W,

      Thank you for your love and prayers, dear sister. What a blessing!
      Exactly. We aren’t guaranteed any amount of time on this earth. How I pray everyone will wake up and be alert and take care of what really matters while there is still time.

      May the Lord pour out His blessing and goodness on you and your family, as well.
      Much love!

  4. Thank you so much! What a great reminder, dear April.❤️ I haven’t commented in years, but God has put me in a situation for years where I had/have to slow down. I am thanking Him for the trials and hardships. HE is most interested in developing our characters for His glory.❤️

    1. Daniela,

      It is great to hear from you. Thank you for sharing this encouragement and what a beautiful attitude you have in thanking Him even during the trials. Love that so much!

      Yes! His goal is to make us like Jesus. That only happens as we experience the refining fires. The fires aren’t pleasant, but they make us stronger and more holy if we are willing to trust God.

      Much love!

  5. Sending much love, April. I haven’t commented for years, either, but your godly wisdom helped so much at a very difficult time, and I will always be so grateful. Surely “there is a season” for everything, and I’m glad you are wisely observing the leadings of our Father. May his rich blessings continue in your life. Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth Collins,

      Aw! Thanks so much for commenting. It is great to hear from you again, as well!

      Thank you for sharing and for your prayers.

      Much love to you, sister!

  6. Including you and your family in my prayers. Listening and being obedient to the messages you receive ministers to us through example. “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Is. 30:15

    1. Tunecedamalos,

      Thank you for praying for us. Yes, it is important for me to obey the Lord! If I try to teach others but am unwilling to follow His lead, what a disaster.

      I love that verse. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings!

  7. April I’m so sorry to hear of all these trials you are experiencing but remember God is bigger than all these things ( I’m saying this to myself as well) so keep trusting the Lord. Stay in the Word and keep praying. I will be praying for you all as well!

    1. Regina,

      Trials are to be expected in this life! And God is using them to accomplish His good purposes, so I want to embrace all the good stuff He wants to do through them all. Thank you for the encouragement, love, and prayers! May the Lord richly bless you and your family, dear sister. <3

  8. You are an inspiration. I also feel something is coming that may be even more difficult than a virus. I don’t know. Maybe this is encouragement for all of us to pray and listen. Thanks for being obedient to our Lord.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Nic,
      Yes, I believe we are facing an extremely difficult time as we head into 2021. A raging spiritual battle. A time of refining fire and purification. Possibly even of judgment. May we be receptive to all the Lord desires to do in and through each of us and may He help each of us to be faithful. It is in the times of greatest trial that believers and the church grow the most and are the most fruitful.

      Much love!

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