Increase the Attraction and Bless Your Marriage with These 3 Tips

We have been talking about ways to improve intimacy and intimacy killers lately. There are a whole lot of things we can do that either help to grow and nurture our physical, spiritual, and emotional connection in marriage or that can destroy it.

One thing that may seem counterintuitive that can strengthen the intimacy in our marriage is for us to be good stewards of our bodies and health.

Because a husband and wife are one flesh, what I do impacts my husband and what he does impacts me.

Spouses almost universally appreciate when their spouse:

  • Takes care of their own physical health
    • by getting enough rest
    • by getting proper exercise
    • by eating healthy food
  • Takes care of their own emotional health
    • by taking time to unwind
    • by doing enjoyable things/hobbies
    • by having downtime
    • by doing fun things
  • Takes care of their own spiritual health
    • by spending time with God
    • by reading the Bible
    • by praying
    • by praising God
    • by confessing sin and repenting of it
    • by trusting God with fears and worries

We can bless each other. We can try our best to take care of our spouses. But there are some things each person must do for himself or herself. No one else can do these things for them.

When your husband knows that you are taking good care of yourself, it often makes him feel like you are taking good care of him, as well.

He loves to see you feeling and looking your radiant best.

CAUTION: Don’t Take This Too Far

It is possible to become obsessed with counting calories, working out, or doing things we enjoy for ourselves. The key is to have proper balance and God-honoring motives.

We don’t want to make beauty, exercise, our husbands, hobbies, or even ministries into idols in our hearts.


How is your marriage better when you are able to take better care of your health on every level?

What is the most challenging part of this?

Do you have any encouragement to share with other wives who may be feeling discouraged?


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