Secret Sin Does Not Stay Secret

In God’s mercy and grace, He will often allow it to be exposed eventually if we do not expose it ourselves and repent.

We may think that secret sin doesn’t hurt anyone. But it does. And it will hurt even more people once it is exposed if we try to keep it hidden.

Sin is never worth it!

It will cause us to lose everything that is truly most important.

  • Idolatry (loving, desiring, worshipping, and trusting something or some one else more than God – self, marriage, spouse, children, perfection, beauty, money, romance, control, etc…)
  • pride, self-righteousness, selfishness, self-reliance, self-exaltation, self-importance, false-humility
  • lust, porn use, sexual immorality, sexual abuse
  • drug/alcohol abuse/gluttony/addiction of any kind
  • physical abuse of other people/animals/self
  • emotional/spiritual/verbal abuse of other people, screaming at people, calling them names, insulting them
  • people pleasing, loving with strings attached, being codependent, being needy/clingy
  • giving up personhood, being passive, being a doormat, stuffing negative feelings
  • believing lies about God, others, and/or ourselves
  • lack of self-control, impatience
  • dishonesty
  • stealing, bribery
  • injustice
  • not believing God’s Word, not obeying God’s Word, rebelling against Him, saying the Bible is a bunch of myths or is not true, rejecting the Bible, rejecting the gospel
  • false religion, false teaching
  • abortion, murder, violence
  • hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, rage, malice, racism, prejudice, favoritism
  • disrespect, control
  • rejecting God’s order for government and leadership in the nation, church, business world, and family
  • gossip, slander, betrayal
  • a critical, judgmental spirit
  • a divisive spirit
  • greed, love for money
  • unbelief in God
  • fear, worry, anxiety

It all has to go. Every bit of it.

Sin grieves God’s heart. It destroys other people and our relationships. It destroys us and, left unchecked, always leads to death on multiple levels. This is why God hates sin so much. He loves us and wants us to live abundant spiritual lives in Christ.

If there is some sin you think you have been hiding – from God or from other people – it is time to turn completely away from it to Christ! ASAP! It may be time to confess it to other people, too. Maybe to some strong believers in Christ who can help you figure out what the next step needs to be.

The enemy loves for us to keep dark things hidden away thinking they are secret. It is only when we allow all of the darkest places of our souls to be exposed to God’s blazing Light that we can truly heal in Christ.

Yes, this is super painful, just like scraping a wound that is full of gangrene is excruciating. But – just like debriding that wound to keep the whole body from becoming septic and dying – true repentance is equally necessary and life-saving.

Repenting of all sin is one of the first steps to living in the peace of Christ.

Before we can have a sweeping new Great Awakening in our land, we, the people of God, must be willing to humbly turn away from all of our own sin. It starts with us! Let’s embrace this critical time of purification so that we can begin to pray with power for God’s Spirit to move in miraculous, mighty ways in our nation.

and my people, who bear my name, humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14



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