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My Book Releases Today – Celebrate with Me!


The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord releases officially January 27th! Some of you who pre-ordered on have already received your copies early. That was a wonderful surprise!

It is now available at,, B&, and many other outlets, as well.

I don’t think I have shared yet what God has done and how He has rolled out the “red carpet” for me with this book. I am in total awe of God. Check out these endorsements!

1. My friend, Jennifer O. White, author of Prayers for New Brides and Marriage Armor for the Praying Bride:

The Peaceful Wife is a must-read for every bride who wants to arm her marriage in the spiritual battle! April Cassidy offers her own beautiful story of awakening to God’s design for marriage and calls us all to humbly embrace the help of His Holy Spirit. Her writing is well grounded in Scripture and filled with eye-opening wisdom, testimonies, and checklists to help me and every wife excel at honoring God by respecting our husbands.”

2. Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and best-selling author of For Women Only:

“April knows what it is like to struggle in her marriage with frustration and anger toward her spouse. Her journey to becoming a peaceful wife will resonate with any reader who wants new peace in her own marriage. I love that this book walks each of us through the reality checks we need in order to have the marriage we want!”

3. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, author of Love and Respect:

“April Cassidy has written an excellent book! I endorse her heart and message. In fact, I asked my daughter-in-law to read it and she reported to me, ‘I am wholeheartedly encouraging you to endorse this book. She addresses the impact of the love and respect message from Ephesians 5:33. Also, she delves into submission and challenges her fellow women to rethink the word submission and what it should really look like in their lives. She is open and honest about how she thought she was a ‘good wife’ but realized, after reading the Love and Respect book that you wrote, what she had overlooked. April does an excellent job of placing a mirror in front of readers so that they may see the ways they have been disrespectful, but she also provides a comforting hug as she explains how the disrespect can end and a life of respecting one’s husband can move into place. She provides great insight into her own struggles and a wonderful chapter where her own husband gives his thoughts on her transformation. April challenges, encourages, and breathes hope for all wives. I feel like this is a companion book to Love and Respect. There is something about receiving advice from someone who has walked the same path as you, in the same high heels perhaps.”



I am in awe of what God has done in my own life, in Greg’s life, and our family. And I am also in awe of all that He has been doing here on the blog and the doors He has opened for me that I never could have opened for myself with this book.

Please pray with me…


Use every word of this book for Your glory and to edify Your Body. I give you my life – my years of sin, my years of struggle and wrestling and all of my story. Use it for Your glory however seems best to You! Use this book to exalt Christ and the truth of Your Word. Use it to draw many to Christ to find salvation and to draw those who know You deeper into faith and sweeter fellowship with You. Accomplish Your good purposes in people’s lives, marriages, and families. Β Help us to be willing to reject any ideas that are not of You and to embrace Your ways, Yourself, and Your narrow path for each of us. According to Your will, bind up the wounded hearts, set the captives free, heal broken people and marriages, stop divorces, and create beauty from ashes and joy from mourning among Your people. We each desperately need Your touch and Your presence in our lives.

We love You and long to know You more and more!



If you want to use The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord as a small group women’s study, there is a free study guide available on Kregel Publication’s site that you are welcome to use.

GOODREADS.COM FREE GIVEAWAY: is doing a giveaway of a few of my booksΒ over the next couple of days! Check it out!


If you get a chance to read the book, please do an honest review on,, and/or That would be so helpful. πŸ™‚


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April Cassidy

87 thoughts on “My Book Releases Today – Celebrate with Me!

  1. Hi April!
    Congratulations! I hope and pray that your book helps women who are confused and hurting and brings them to God. I know he is very pleased with you for all the work you are doing in his ministry. Please keep up the good work! P.S: What are we doing to celebrate?

    1. Mia,

      That is my prayer, too. Thank you!

      I added a link to there is a free giveaway promotion going on for the next couple of days. πŸ™‚ That is one way we can celebrate.

      Wouldn’t it be fun if we could have a big party together! Ha! Definitely some balloons and streamers.

      Actually, we could share what God is doing in us. That would be my favorite way to celebrate- all of us getting together and sharing what God is doing. Since we can’t do it in person, maybe we can do it here? πŸ™‚

      Much love, my precious sister!

      1. Thanks so much, I will definitely check out your book! As soon as my husband and I start putting God first, our marriage has become much stronger. Congratulations on your new book!

      2. Hi sis-in-Christ, congrats for a job well done. Glory to God. How i wish i could be near you and have fellowship to celebrate. so sad im so far, i’m from Philippines.

        God bless you more on this ministry!

  2. April! Congratulations! I LOVE seeing how God is working through you to teach a huge number of women how to be the women God wants us to be!

    Personally, you have made a tremendous impact in my life and marriage. I pray your words may improve many more hurting and struggling wives through your book.

    1. Senterwife,

      Thank you for being on this journey with me! It is such an honor to get to walk this road with you and our other sisters. Thank you for praying that God will use this book to reach many women for His kingdom and to draw them to His heart that they might find hope, healing, and transformation Christ. πŸ™‚

  3. We praise the Lord Yeppppeeeee. So so proud of you for opening your heart to God, we will all reap the benefits of your obedience. God Bless you and your family April. You are such an inspiration to me.

    1. lovedwife,

      Thank you for praising God with me. Please pray that God might continue to empower me to walk in obedience to Him and that His Spirit might powerfully speak to women (and men) through this book.

      Sending you a huge hug, my dear sister!

  4. Congrats, April! πŸ™‚ <3 I definitely think that God has used your words to help my relationship with my boyfriend!

    Since you mentioned we could share what God is doing in us / our joys as a way of celebration, my boyfriend specifically said that he wanted to make more time for us one-on-one this semester! πŸ™‚ He always likes to spend time with me, but hearing him say it like that meant so much!! I hope that it might be due to me being more respectful (??). πŸ™‚

    Congratulations again!! <3


    1. Flower,

      Aw! I am so excited for you! That is awesome that he wants to spend more time with you. I know it was such a blessing. Genuine respect on our part is certainly much more attractive to a man than disrespect, that is for sure! Thank you!

  5. I’m so happy for you April! This has definitely been a labor of love and the result of many prayers! I have seen your heart of submission to the Lord through the process of writing and publishing this book, and I KNOW the Lord will use the printed copy of the wisdom within just as He is using your website!

    Let us know if/when you have a book signing in your area! I’d love to come see you there and have you sign my copy! πŸ™‚

    Heather (HisHelper)

    1. Heather,

      YES! A LONG labor of love and countless prayers on my part and from so many precious prayer partners. πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for praying with me!

      I hope to pin down a date soon, but right now, it is looking like maybe the 3rd or 4th Sunday afternoon in February at the book store at First Baptist Church Columbia. πŸ™‚ Will have more info to share as I know the plans!

  6. Congratulations, April! πŸ™‚ You’ve been used of God to glorify Him and to help other wives do so as well.

    1. Lady Virtue,

      That is my prayer! Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the Kingdom growing and thriving and Christ being loved, honored, and exalted! πŸ™‚

    1. Aimee,

      That is wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. I’d love to hear any thoughts you’d like to share and anything God shows you.

      Much love to you! πŸ™‚

  7. congrats on your book—may it be successful in that it blesses those it reaches.

    It is wonderful to see that God does not make cookie cutter Christians and His path for each one of us is as varied as His wonderful creation.

    I should write my own blog and call it the Wayward Wife since that is what I was accused of being for riding my horse to church where my husband was minister of music. (and owning 2 pet cats, another no-no!)

    And the waywardness does not end there. I did not desire nor have children, I worked outside the home in public school, hate dresses and anything girly, have a houseful of cats, own and ride horses, am artistic and am loud and bossy and dare to speak my mind to my husband. And in my retirement God has led me to a dream job of creating custom designed saddle stands. Except for us believing in Jesus, we could not be farther apart in our living our lives before God.

  8. So thrilled for you! and excited to think of the many women who will pick it up to read and their lives and marriages will be changed forever! May God bless you for the quiet hours of sacrifice and devotion to Him and His will that have gone into this ‘labour’ of love! I can’t wait to meet you one day in the future πŸ™‚ in Heaven and join with God saying ‘Well done!”

    1. lindagreeneyes,

      Thank you very much, my sister! If God is willing to use this somehow to bless my sisters and brothers in Christ, it is more than worth it! I look forward to meeting you, too! I want to hear all about what God has done in your life. πŸ™‚

  9. Sharing in your joy and standing in faith with you that God will use your (His :)) book for His glory and for the good of His children. Love you, sister!

      1. I just took the time today to read the sample preview. So engaging right off the bat and your graceful style comes through. I know that God is going to use this book in so many lives as He already has with your blog. How exciting! I’ll be ordering at some point, I know!

    1. Anna,

      I have no clue what He might have in store, but how I long to be in the center of His will – whatever will bring Him the most glory. I can’t wait to see what He has for you, too! πŸ™‚

  10. Yay! I am SO excited for you!!!

    God is going to use this to bless so many women and marriages. I just know!

    I am leaving one of my copies in a random place today with an encouraging note for someone to find and grab, to celebrate with you.

    May God receive much glory from this!!!!

  11. oh my goodness i need this book! I can’t wait to get it, read it and pass it on to all wives i know. i can’t wait to do a study with it and i pray it gets into every young wives hands and young women so their eyes can be opened asap and be saved from years of struggling like mine were and i have!!!
    praise God
    thank you april

    1. NAM,

      I sure wish I had this book 22 years ago before we even got married. But I am so thankful for what God has done in these last 7 years in my life and in so many other people’s lives. I pray God might use it to bring many women into deeper fellowship and discipleship with Him.

      Much love!

  12. Wow, what fantastic reviews! God is good. My book is ordered but won’t be here in the UK for another couple of months!
    You are often in my mind April, sorry I’ve not written to update you, I read your blog regularly and find it hugely helpful and. encouraging. Things continue to be difficult but I take one day at a time and trust God to redeem my situation, whatever that may look like. Xxx

    1. Liz,

      I”m so glad to hear from you. How may we pray for you? I’m so sorry things are still so difficult. πŸ™ But I love your faith in Christ and know that He is able to make something beautiful from this situation. He is an Expert at taking broken people and relationships and creating something glorious from it.

      1. I’d love it if you could pray for my healing. I have what seem impenetrable defense mechanisms/ coping strategies that are harming my marriage and stopping me from having a relationship with my husband. Namely fear and anger and I don’t know how to change. Counselling is starting to get to the root of these feelings but that in itself is making me feel dreadful and I just want to cry or scream a lot of the time (now these feelings do fluctuate so I am still managing to function). I just don’t know how to be any different to how I am and that is so frustrating. I don’t understand my hideous feelings and I feel very stuck so prayer about all of that would be amazing! My relationship with God feels strained at the moment, as though I have a dark brick wall in front of my heart stopping me from receiving his love, I don’t know how to receive his love…I could go on and on…and on..but I won’t! Prayer would be amazing!

        1. Liz,

          It is SO painful to see the wrong in our hearts but to not know how to change it. That is scary and icky! I felt a lot like that when God first exposed all of my sin to me 7 years ago. I wanted to go live in a cave by myself! I had no idea how to change things or fix them. This is a long process. It will require more patience than any of us have ever had before and we will need to be able to give a lot of grace to ourselves and our husbands as we learn.

          Radiant was in a similar place – unable to receive God’s love or her husband’s love for about 20 years of her marriage. I wonder if her posts might be a blessing to you, my dear sister?

          I am praying for God to help you see the root motives and causes behind your thinking and to evaluate it in the Light of His Word and to tear out anything that is not of Him. Then you can rebuild on His Word and truth and love alone.

          Here are a few posts by Radiant.

          I Can’t Ask for Things. I Can’t Have Needs, Desires, or Help.
          Cinderella and the Gospel (about learning to receive God’s love and our husband’s love)

          You may also want to search my home page for:
          – fear
          – anger
          – emotions
          – responsible for myself spiritually

          If you want to talk about your fears or hash through some of these issues, I’m here! Much love to you! I am praying for God’s Spirit to give you some breakthroughs and that you might see any lies you are believing and be willing to let go of them and replace them with God’s truth. πŸ™‚

  13. Congratulations, April! I am very happy for you and look forward to reading your book soon. I know it will help many other people, just as your blog has.

  14. Congratulations, April! I’m very pleased for you; this is well-deserved. I pray the book will result in your biblical and very necessary message getting out to many, many more marriages, with God-glorifying results.

    1. David J,

      Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for praying with me that God might use this book to reach many marriages in the Body to bless them and to bring honor to Himself. Thanks for being with me on this journey, my brother.

  15. Congratulations April that is awesome for you and all of us that you are such a blessing to. Mine has been shipped and look forward to reading it. May God continue to bless you.

    1. Overwhelmed,

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. I hope you will share with me what God is showing you in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for being on this journey with me! πŸ™‚

  16. I started reading your blog right after I married, about 3 years ago. It has been tremendously helpful. So of course, I bought your book today from Amazon. Congratulations girl!

    1. Lauren,

      It’s wonderful to hear from you. I’m so thankful that God has used the blog to bless you and your marriage. Enjoy the book, my sweet sister! πŸ™‚

  17. So awesome April! I might be interested in the group study. The cover is the same but the inside is set up for group study right? Or does it come with a study guide? Love ya girl ! I’m enjoying the book by the wayπŸ˜ƒ

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. M Ligon,

      There is a short, free, downloadable group study guide with questions (about 8 pages) that is available at Kregel on that link. The book is separate.

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it. πŸ™‚

      Much love!

  18. Congratulations, April ! I pray the Lord will use it to impact many marriages and bring Him great glory !
    Your humble attitude, according to the example of Lord Jesus, is so beautiful.

    I want to share a thought with you of the german composer J.S. Bach: “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone be the glory), at the end of most of his scores bear witness.

    I thank God for your ministry.

    1. Ev,

      Thank you for praying with me! I long to see a Great Awakening in the Body of Christ. I want to see His Spirit sweep through each of us and transform us by His power in ways we have never seen in our generation. I pray His Spirit will work in hearts through my book if He is willing to accomplish this.

      The quote from Bach is SO beautiful! I love his music. I used to play so many Bach pieces when I used to play the flute and piano in high school and college.

      Thank you for being with me on this journey! πŸ™‚

  19. April,

    I just got an email from my husband saying he believes he has not been a good enough dad and wants to improve and therefore asked me to help him search for resources. Would you know of a website, book, etc that would provide godly wisdom to my husband in fathering?

    I am so happy that my life and my marriage is changing everyday since I stumbled into your blog last year.

    Thank you for your loving desire to help.

    1. Betty,

      I’m so filled with joy to hear that things are going so much better. Praise God! Let me check into the books for godly dads and get back with you. πŸ™‚

  20. Hi April!

    Congratulations on your book. I hope to read it one day, although you have already done so much for me through your blog.

    I am glad you got so many endorsements, (although the one author has left such a bad taste in my mouth, I wish I hadn’t seen that one. I was surprised at how quickly seeing that sent my thoughts on a negative spiral. I need to pray to get over my bitterness towards how in a way, she has damaged my husband forever in my eyes. She opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know about, making me feel all the more worthless and kind of making marriage feel pointless to me. But that’s a separate heart issue that I need to wrestle with on my own time. I wish I could get past what she said about husbands and how they think and the very low way in which they view their wives, how they compare them endlessly and constantly find them lacking, but it is oh so hard for me! I will never understand why an author who supposedly writes to help marriages thought she was doing a good thing by telling wives how they will never, ever measure up.)

    Anyhow, I am asking for prayer. In many ways, I feel I am growing and things are improving. I planned to respond to your blog post from Monday, but I’ve still been mulling things over.

    In the meantime, I need to ask you to pray for me not to be so quick to “read my husband’s mind.” We have a child getting ready for college. The process is insane and overwhelming, and there are so many deadlines, and costs, and as homeschoolers – so much extra work involved in preparing a thorough transcript – and acting as counselor – and the financial implications, and on and on and on and on. Not to mention there are parts of the process on which my husband and I disagree. We end up both being very stressed out, and we bicker a lot, and of course when we bicker he gets louder and louder and then he insists he’s not yelling and I automatically translate the raised voice as “I hate you I hate you I hate you – you are nothing but a thorn in my side!” Perhaps that’s not how he’s feeling, but it sure feels like it to me.

    So I sleep on the couch – a LOT. I do not want to sleep next to someone who hates me. He claims he gets upset when I sleep on the couch. My couch sleeping started a couple summers ago when he (in my mind) decided to stop liking me romantically – although again he claims that’s not the case. But anyhow, it has become a habit. Any time there is any unpleasantness between us – to the couch I go. It’s to the point where I feel more comfortable on the couch.

    I feel like every time I take one step forward, I take two steps back. I feel like a failure as a wife and a mother, and a homeschooler. I know I need to snap out of the pity party – it is too easy to fall right back into it.

    Anyhow, I do want to congratulate you on your book. I am sure it will help many women. Regardless of how it sounds in my rambling tonight, I have come a long way in a positive direction, thanks to you. I know I sound bitter, but I’m just upset. In the past I used to feel very bitter and very angry. I don’t feel that way now. Yes, I’m upset, but I don’t physically feel bitterness, so that’s a move in the right direction!

    1. Becca,

      I’m so glad to hear from you! I hope to write much more later… but I hope you will keep in mind with Shaunti Feldhahn that you are not hearing her correctly because of the filters and distorted thinking you have been wrestling with for so many decades. You are hearing a completely different – and truly awful – message from what she is actually saying. If she was saying what you think she is saying – I would NEVER endorse her book! I can promise you that, my sister.

      My prayer is that one day you will be healed from the destructive thinking that has been part of your fixed beliefs for so long and that you will be free in Christ to believe only His truth! πŸ™‚

      Much love to you!

  21. Thank you, Sonadewodnerful! I am so glad to hear from you. I love The Excellent Wife. I pray God will use it to deepen your walk with Him. I pray for healing for you and your husband, my beautiful sister!

  22. Dearest April,

    I am forever grateful for all you have learned taught and shared. I found you 3 1/2 years ago; your teaching was monumental and totally changed my heart and my marriage. My process has not been smooth but I I am so grateful in the way your message has impacted my life. Thank you for being faithful to the message God has given you. A HUGE congratulations on the release of your book! May many future lives and marriages be changed! Much love…

    1. Emily C,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you!!!! I remember you! πŸ™‚

      How I praise God for what He has been doing and will continue to do in your life and marriage. I would love to hear more about what you are learning if/when you have some time. I never get tired of hearing about God’s miracles and the way He transforms lives and marriages.

      Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers!

      1. April, I would love to share more with you… Where to even start??
        Things are not perfect and I would never claim that they are. After being married for over 17 years we surely have the ups and downs in marriage. You’re blind was such a huge wake up call for me though. Things are not perfect and I would never claim that they are. After being married for over 17 years we surely have the ups and downs in marriage. You’re blind was such a huge wake up call for me though.

        One of the biggest moments I had was realizing that after I had kids I had started treating my husband like a child. And unfortunately I still fight it sometimes – but not intentionally. A huge hurdle for me was realizing that he is an adult and he is a man and he has a right to say yes or no. Additionally realizing that he is a parent also. He’s helping me to see how I should not always get my way… It’s hard to fight the selfish nature in me that is far more controlling than I realized and that always truly wants things my way.

        I’m also still learning how to bring my heart to him in a way that’s not nagging or whining when something is bothering me – whether it’s a feeling or something that he has done or something that I want. I’m still learning that he is on my side and he wants things that are best for me and that he is not intentionally being selfish or working against me. After being at odds for so many years it can be hard to remember that we are on the same team in working together for the common good for our family and each other. I had gotten so used to not trusting him that my first assumption was tending to be that he was acting in his own interest and not in our best interest. I see now that not only is he working for our best interest but he feels a huge weight of responsibility as the decision-maker and leader of our family.

        It is super hard to undo and rewire so many unhealthy habits and patterns not only from the early years of our marriage but from the model of my parents marriage and divorce that I experienced growing up. I am thankful that God continues to leave me and my husband continues to work – and I with him it is super hard to undo and rewire so many unhealthy habits and patterns not only from the early years of our marriage but from the model of my parents marriage and divorce that I experience growing up. I am thankful that God continues to leave me and my husband continues to work – and I with him.

        I feel like there is so much more to share but that’s at least a start πŸ™‚

        1. Emily C.,

          Yikes! I don’t think I responded. My apologies! I can relate to your story – obviously! I struggled with the same things you did. What BEAUTIFUL things you are learning! THIS IS AWESOME! Yes, there is a lot of pain and work to rip out the old ways of thinking and old fixed beliefs and lies and to rebuild on God’s truth. But it is SO worth it! I’m so grateful to hear about what God is doing in your heart and in your marriage. WOOHOO! Praising God for His goodness! πŸ™‚

          Thank you VERY much for sharing. You are welcome to share any time. πŸ™‚

  23. Congratulations! You are a blessing to many, and I hope this book is a new avenue to continue to bless others.

  24. Oh my goodness! I was literally, TODAY, wishing there was a book like the Surrendered Wife, but more Biblical, and was wishing you would write one. I don’t usually check my other folders on gmail but saw your blog pop up and thought I’d see what you’ve been posting. Hallelujah you wrote the book! I am doing a Bible Study at our church soon and knew I wanted to do it on Godly submission in marriage somehow. Now I have the resource. Thank you so much!! God was quick to answer that one! Congratulations πŸ™‚ And thank you for your obedience to Christ as a wonderful example to all of us wives! (Typos corrected).

  25. emotionalhealthforwomen,

    When I read The Surrendered Wife, it helped me more than any other book. But I kept having to filter things through Scripture and wished there was a similar book that was biblically based. About 3 years ago, Greg, my husband, asked me to write a book. So, it has been quite a labor of love the past 3 years. I’m so excited that this is a blessing to you and an answer to your prayers. That is an answer to my prayers! πŸ™‚

    Much love!

  26. HH,

    LOTS of things in my book would apply to husbands, too. But, obviously, certain things are more specifically geared toward wives. I think you will be able to replace some of the wife things with husband things in those times when wives and husbands have different roles.

    Yes, a book like that for husbands would be awesome!

    Maybe you will want to make some notes as you read in case God decides to have you help with that in the future? πŸ™‚

    1. HH,

      It is difficult to find the balance in some of these things. I think it requires years of wrestling, study, prayer, practice, and seeking God’s Spirit and His wisdom.

      Sometimes a spouse shows no response and no change. But their response is not our concern. God’s response is. I’m so glad you are finding freedom in not taking on responsibilities that are not actually yours.

      Praying for God’s continued wisdom and healing for you and for your wife!

  27. HH,

    I spent the first many years of our marriage focusing on what Greg should be doing. I realize now that one person pointing at his/her spouse is ever going to be an effective approach for a godly marriage. Thankfully, whether it is the husband or wife whom God “wakes up” first, I believe a lot of the same principals will apply:

    1. A husband can allow God to help him do a sweeping spiritual inventory and evaluation and can allow God to expose every sin and can repent of it.
    2. A husband can humbly bow to the Lordship of Christ and can focus on the sufficiency of Christ.
    3. A husband can trash all of his worldly or unbiblical ideas about masculinity, femininity, leadership, and marriage and build from scratch on God’s Word.
    4. A husband can seek to love his wife because God is worthy of his obedience even when his wife is disrespectful or controlling.
    5. A husband can become strong in his faith and filled with the Holy Spirit so that God pours healing through him into the marriage.
    6. A husband can allow God to transform him to be more and more like Jesus and to find practical ways to express love to his wife that are meaningful to her, but most importantly, that honor Christ.

    I believe it is possible for a husband to use this book to reverse engineer things in many ways and to figure out a lot of things from a masculine perspective. But yes, it would be awesome to have a similar book for husbands. A husband can have great joy in following Christ no matter what his wife’s response, just like a wife can have great joy in following Christ no matter what her husband’s response.

    Absolutely God can heal a marriage like what you are describing. He healed my marriage after I tried to force Greg to lead and to love me and to do what I wanted him to do for over 14 years. God’s love changes people. His love is changing you. His love through you can soften her.

    I am praying for you and your wife, my brother!

    1. HH,

      I can’t recall if I shared about the book Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray? It is a powerful book about living in submission to Christ for all believers that has been a source of healing for so many people, men and women, on my blog. Here is a link to a free download.

      Also, an incredible book on prayer, The Necessity of Prayer, by E.M. Bounds. Here is a free download.

      A few more amazing books about living the Christian life in power:

      Radical by David Platt
      The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

  28. Wow. This website is amazing! I feel the spirit so strongly testify to me that these things are true. Love the Cinderella analogy! Brilliant

    1. azhotmom,

      It’s wonderful to meet you! I’m thankful God has used this site to bless you. Can’t wait to get to know you more and to see all that God has in store for you, my sister! πŸ™‚

  29. I think this book might be exactly what I’m looking for to improve my marriage. We have been married for a few years now and while our marriage is solid, I just feel like there is something more that we need to move us into the next level. I’m excited to read through this book and apply your ideas to my marriage!

  30. A friend suggested Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood by John Piper and Wayne Gruden. I love both of their writing, but I have not read this particular book. Blessings!

    1. Radiantandredeemed,

      I have read about half of the chapters in that book, and it is awesome! I would especially recommend the first chapter to all husbands and wives.

  31. Dear April,

    Congratulations! This is Kinuko, an official Japanese translator of the headcovering I’ve just published your wonderful article “Total Heart Change” on my Japanese blog and introduced your recent book to my readers, too!

    If you want, you can come and check your article in Japanese:)
    (It will be published on the, too!)

    May your life testimony inspires many suffering souls around the world! Amen.

    with love,

    1. japanesebiblewoman,

      It is such a blessing to hear from you, my dear sister! Thank you very much for sharing that post and about my book with your readers. I appreciate your work greatly! I pray God might bless you richly and that He might work powerfully to draw many Japanese women and men to Himself!!

      How amazing to see my article in Japanese!! πŸ™‚

      Much love to you!

  32. I have to say kudos on your first book. I believe it’s strength comes from your sincere devotion, counter cultural courage, common sense, and shared experiences. I loved the Van Battery Incident story. I resonated on your insights on how children learn respect. And I was amazed by our insight on how to encourage your husband out of his withdrawal and disconnection. Any man who reads your book will be conversely challenged to love his wife as much as you respect your husband.

    I noted you mentioned wearing a scarf during prayer according to the church’s long held tradition from 1 Cor 11:1-16. I think the western church’s relatively recent discontinuance of that practice has not only demonstrated our conformity to the world, but cost much in our understanding of his person and his design for our redeemed relationships. I would go so far as to say we are preaching a half-gospel: a gospel which restores our ability to walk with God, but only asexually – not as the men and women he created. I believe Jesus died not just to reconnect us with the Father, but also to reconnect us with each other. And I would concur with your recommendation on sermons by David Platt. His two part sermons on biblical manhood and womanhood are quite good.

    Finally, on the 1 Cor 11 matter, I wonder if you have ever considered the Bible’s use of the word “prohesy” as a broader term than simply inerrant future prediction. Mark Minnick develops the idea that prophesy is an umbrella term including everything from musical worship (1 Chronicles 25) to sharing insights in house church bible study (1 Cor 14:3). I would encourage you to listen to his March 22, 2015 sermon (Part 2 – The Disgracing of Spritual Headship). I’m not advocating head coverings 24/7, but I think it may extend to other modern day worship beyond only prayer.

    1. Greg Cowen,

      Thank for sharing your perspective, that is so helpful for me!

      I have been wearing a hat to church now throughout the whole service and Sunday School for the past few years. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

      Yes, we are missing the power of so much of the gospel in our culture even in the church today – it is heartbreaking! How I pray for a massive Great Awakening among us all. God is already beginning to do it, I can’t wait to see what He has in store!

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