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A Lightbulb about Loneliness

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6 thoughts on “A Lightbulb about Loneliness

  1. That was awesome! Don’t you think it could be the other way around, too? That a man, even married, could be seeking his wife’s love, more than God? Do you know of a Man’s blog?

    1. Rose,

      Yes, of course men can and do have idols, too. They can make idols of anything, just like women can: their wife, love, respect, money, power, sports, hobbies, luxury, popularity, control, looks, cars, nice things, children, etc…

      “The human heart is an idol factory.” John Calvin (lived in the 1500s)

      Brent Riggs has a great blog for believers – men and women, to help disciple and teach Christians.

      David Platt and John Piper have many resources and sermons that can help disciple men and women.

      The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee would be a fantastic book for men and women to read about growing in Christ.

  2. I am sure as a married woman that all women must focus first on their relationship with God, otherwise their relationship with an imperfect husband, or their life as a single person will leave them with a hole in their heart only God can fill. Sin, maybe, temporarily can fill that hole, but then it is only worse.

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