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How God Has Led Me Through Greg – and BOOK NEWS!!!!!!!

April - a month after God opened my eyes January 2009
April – a month after God opened my eyes January 2009


This is a follow up to the post earlier this week “My Husband Doesn’t Have a Calling from God, How Can I Follow Him?”

When I dreamed about being a Christian missionary as a teenager, there was no internet. I could never have imagined that God would use me and my future life story to reach thousands and thousands of women (and men) around the world from about 200 different countries from my living room. I eventually prayerfully decided that God was leading me to become a pharmacist. But I always longed to be a missionary for Christ, too. It just seemed impossible for many years – the same years that I was cherishing a lot of sin in my heart, coincidentally, and not fully submitting myself to the Lordship of Christ Jesus.

I could never have imagined in December of 2008 – when God first opened my eyes to what an ungodly, controlling, disrespectful, prideful, selfish, self-righteous wife I had been – that He would use me to reach anyone at all. Ever. In fact, at first, I just wanted to go live in a cave and hide by myself for the rest of my life. I had no idea how to stop all of my sin, control, and disrespect or how to become a godly wife. I couldn’t even think or talk without sinning at first. It all seemed totally impossible! And it WAS totally impossible in my own strength.

There were excruciatingly slow steps. I spent 2.5+ years practically being a hermit – studying, reading, learning, growing, and praying alone with just God, myself, the Bible, over 30 books (about godly femininity, being a godly wife, respect, submission, and godly marriage), and my notebooks – every day for hours and hours – begging God to help me understand and to change ME.


Greg surprised me in April of 2011 when he looked into my eyes and announced sincerely, “I think you need to share what God has taught you with other wives.”


WOW! I didn’t see that coming! What an amazing encouragement! That is one of the moments I cherish most in all of my life. Makes me cry tears of joy every time I think about that night. God led me through Greg as I trusted Him to do so – even though I had no idea where we were going. Greg did not have an elaborate long-range plan – but God led us one step at a time. He is the One who has the long-range plan.

Of course, every couple’s story will be different and unique. Different husbands will have different personalities and leadership styles. Maybe some husbands will have things planned out way ahead of time. That’s great if that is what God shows them!


First, I began to write emails for the women in my Sunday School class at church about what I was learning. Eventually, I started sharing my ideas on my personal Facebook page. In January of 2012, God clearly showed us both that He wanted me to start a blog through the suggestions of two friends of mine – something I had never done before and had no clue about how to even begin, at first.

Greg was very involved behind the scenes – researching blogging, helping me with the technical aspects that confounded me, finding guest writers for me (in the beginning), giving me his perspective and advice when I got stuck, protecting me when someone on the blog got out of hand, listening to me talk about people I was meeting online, giving me advice as I fielded difficult comments, suggesting topics for posts, and listening to me hash through ideas. It was very much a team effort.

I could not have done this without Greg – or without God, even more importantly.

I was floored when Greg decided to start his own blog, for husbands. God completely blew my mind that day again! (Greg named his blog based on something I had said when I started my journey, “I don’t really know what all this respect stuff means, Honey, but someday, when I figure this out, I want you to feel like the most respected husband on the planet!”)

I started out on Peaceful Wife with about 10-20 hits/day – mostly from friends on my Facebook page and from my Sunday School class. I soon decided to leave the numbers up to God. I knew enough to know that I didn’t have much control over that kind of thing.

“Lord, just bring whomever You want to bring here. Speak through me by the power of Your Spirit. Flow through me like Niagra Falls. Use me to point everyone who comes here to Christ, Your Word, Your healing, and Your truth! Use me for Your glory. Use me in Your kingdom’s work. I am totally available and at Your disposal. I’ll do whatever You want me to do. I am not seeking money. I am not seeking fame. I just want You and Your will.”

That first year, there were about 100,000 views. Greg and I were very surprised. The second year, there were over 1 million views, and this past year, there have been over 2 million views – for a total of over 3.3 million views.  Peaceful Single Girl has had over 1.3 million views now, total, as well. My Youtube channel, “April Cassidy”, has had over 335,000 views at this point. I have had the honor and privilege of watching God draw thousands of people to Himself and change many, many women’s (and men’s) spiritual lives and marriages here.

Um. This is so obviously completely a God thing, not an April thing. I have to give Him all the glory and praise! I am extremely blessed and greatly humbled that God allows me to be part of this in any way!


Around January of 2013, God lead me – through Greg’s suggestion – to begin to write my first book. Yikes! I had never written a book. It was a bit overwhelming at times and VERY different from writing blog posts! The first book I wrote, I later completely scrapped and had to start over completely from scratch. God continued to lay His message on my heart and refined it over a year and a half as I constantly sought His wisdom, message, leadership, direction, and His words.

Last year, Greg encouraged me to slow down. I was still trying to email all the wives who wanted to email with me like I had done when the blog was much smaller. I was spending many hours per day just on emails. We prayerfully decided that I had to stop the emailing ministry (even though I loved it dearly) and that I needed to cut back on the frequency of my blogging. Greg helps to keep me grounded – and sane. I’m so thankful for him!


We weren’t sure how we should publish the book. Greg and I researched every possible option. There was a LOT of waiting and praying. Things moved at a snail’s pace, in my view, if they moved at all. But that was ok. God had taught me to wait and to be content in the waiting over the past several years. I knew that God would direct us in His timing if this was His will. I knew my tendency to run ahead and I knew that if I did that with this – I would make a big mess. I sure didn’t want to attempt to publish a book if it was NOT God’s will! And I didn’t want to rush things and miss hearing God’s voice and direction and publish a book that was not Spirit-led.

I thought for sure we would self-publish about a year ago,  but Greg stopped me – thankfully – after carefully researching the company we were looking into. He just didn’t find any positive information from authors who had used them. That was a God thing, too. I was disappointed at first. But then I was so thankful that God (through Greg’s wise leadership) kept me from leaping into something that would have cost our family thousands of dollars (during a time when my pharmacy hours had been drastically cut)  that may have not ended well.

Last February, I googled “Christian literary agents” and found the Steve Laube site at the top of the list. I liked what I read on their blog and their site. They seemed to be well grounded in God’s Word and well-respected in the world of Christian writers and publishers. I read about each agent and read everything I could about their expectations and how to present a book proposal. I prayed about which agent I should contact, then decided to submit a book proposal to one of the agents out of the blue.

I had never been to a writer’s conference. I had never spoken with any agent before. What I was doing was rather unconventional and not the “normal path” most writers take to finding an agent.

God led me to an amazing agent there, Dan Balow. I sent my proposal and was surprised to hear back from him quickly. I knew that it could be many weeks before he might get back to me if I ever heard back from him at all. Dan suggested that my book needed to be professionally edited, but that he might consider representing me if it was properly edited. That was great news!! But – whew! Professional editing was going to cost $1,000-$2,000. That was a challenge. I thanked him and prayed about God’s will and for His provision for this need.

A few months earlier, God brought a new friend into our lives who is a professor at the University in our city and a member of our church. She became a reader of my Peaceful Single Girl blog when we first met. One Sunday, I told her about my book and what Dan had said and was shocked when she generously offered to edit my book for free. She has publishing experience as a professor and did an incredible job. I am beyond thankful for all of her diligence and hard work. What a blessing she has been to me! I cherish her friendship greatly.

When the editing job was done, I got back in touch with Dan Balow. God opened the door for me to sign a contract with him last July. Then, there was more waiting and praying (on my part) as Dan pitched my book to various Christian publishers. What a blessing to be able to just rest in God’s peace and sovereignty during this whole process and trust Him to open and shut the right doors. I’m really glad that God prepared me to do a lot of patient waiting years ago at the beginning of this journey. That ability has been invaluable during this process!

God opened the door for me to sign a contract with Kregel Publications  in November!

And guess what?

My first book should come out sometime between this November and next January!!!?!?! God-willing, of course!

I don’t know the end of this story yet. I don’t even know the next step. I don’t know what all God has in store for Greg, our marriage, our family, our health, our finances, our vocations, our ministries, the blogs, or the book. Greg doesn’t have a written plan. I’m ok with that. I trust the Lord with all of it – every detail. I want to hold everything loosely in my hands and allow God to orchestrate things for His purposes. I want to be content in Him alone no matter what else may happen. I will continue to pray for God’s will and nothing but His perfect will. God is already in the future. He already knows what is coming. He is already lining things up for our lives. He already knows His plans for each of us. He is perfectly capable of orchestrating every detail.

This same sovereign God already knows His plans for you and your husband, too.

God could change things at any time. That is entirely His prerogative. Every day is a grand adventure with Him as my Lord. He surprises me constantly. It is such an exciting, fulfilling way to live in the center of God’s will!!! God reveals His will to us a step at a time, usually. All we really need is His light for today. Just like God can lead me through Greg, He can lead you through your husband.

We can trust God to work in our husbands’ lives and in our lives to accomplish His will and His purposes. We can rest in His sovereignty and ability to communicate with our men and with us. Yes, He can even lead a believing wife through an unbelieving husband! I have seen that happen many times. We don’t have to try to take over or run ahead. Our husbands don’t have to have everything all mapped out for months or years ahead of time.  Human plans don’t always work out when we make them 1 hour in advance, much less months or years in advance. God’s plan is what is most important! We can wait on God and His timing. We can serve, love, and praise Him as we wait. And we can pray for His wisdom and direction in our lives and our husbands’ lives for His greatest glory! I can’t wait to see what God has planned for your life and to see how our stories all come together for His glory!

NOTE: If your husband is involved in serious, unrepentant sin, is not in his right frame of mind (due to uncontrolled mental illness, drugs, or alcohol), or is actually abusing you and you are not safe – please seek godly, experienced, biblical counsel and appropriate medical, police, or legal help if necessary. It may not be wise to submit to a husband in such situations. If this is your scenario right now, please don’t read my blog but seek appropriate help. (The Salvation Army, Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, a trusted pastor, a trusted godly wife mentor, a trusted Christian counselor, etc…)



April and Greg – January 2015

64 thoughts on “How God Has Led Me Through Greg – and BOOK NEWS!!!!!!!

  1. April, I only found your site a few days ago I don’t even remember how i stumbled across it (I do now, that was God).

    I absolutely love the site and your videos. I can relate to everything you are saying and it’s almost as if you are putting into words what I cannot explain. I wish that we could chat but I understand you are very busy. If ever you get a chance please email me. I feel like my eyes are closed and I do not see all the things I am doing wrong. I see a few things but it’s like I cannot say or do anything. I don’t know where to start.

    Stay blessed and take care.
    My love to you. 🙏💙🙏

    1. Shola,

      It’s such a pleasure to meet you! I believe God led you here, too, my precious sister. 🙂 I would suggest reading the posts at the top of my home page first. I think that those are some foundational posts that are a great place for most wives to start. I’m right here and am very happy to walk with you on this road.

      What is your relationship with Christ right now?

      Much love to you! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much April, i have a lot of blogs and videos to go through so i will do that first. What i really appreciate is that you are not acting superior like some other bloggers or youtubers that make you feel like because they have changed then they are above you. Your videos are really on point and so simple nonchalant and full of faith. Please don’t ever change the way you give your messages. Please remain humble as you are!

        As for my relationship with Christ it could be better, i think what i need to do is pray more for God to show me all my sins and to let me absorb these messages which He is showing me through you. I think I am prideful and find excuses for the ways i hurt my husband.

        April, all men are different as are women. Don’t you think that a part of the reason why men stray or we are not happy in our marriages is because of this controlling. Do you think it could be cause and effect? The way the world is now you cannot really know if it is because of our behaviour and attitude or it is because of men. Hmmm I will need to pray on that one more.

        Thanks again and i will keep on keepin on with your posts and vids.

        Feelin very blessed to have found some of the answers i was looking for, trying to understand men is very difficult but you are making it so simple.

        Gives me the hope that i had lost 🙂

        1. Shola,

          My precious sister, I have seen the mountain of sin debt I owed to God. It was not just a 2×4 beam in my eye. It was a mountain with a whole forest on it. I have seen that I didn’t owe God $200. I owed Him billions and billions for my years of daily unbelief, pride, self-righteousness, rebellion, disrespect, hypocrisy, lack of faith, idolatry (of self, of control, of my husband, of marriage, of happiness, of romance), my constant sinful motives that went on every waking moment for years and years, my resentment, bitterness, gossip, unforgiveness, hatred…

          I can call myself the chief of sinners.

          I have been forgiven MUCH. Now I am able to love Him and others MUCH by His power working in me.

          When I see Christ for who He really is and myself for who I really am apart from Him – and how desperate I am for Him – there is no room for any pride. The ground is level at the foot of the cross for all of us. We are all wretched sinners completely dependent upon the mercy, grace, forgiveness, and power of God in our lives through Jesus’ work on the cross on our behalf.

          As Gary Thomas says in Sacred Marriage, “We are most tempted to sin when we are sinned against.” Of course our sin of control and disrespect help to motivate our husbands to sin. And of course their sin of passivity or harshness or their being unloving helps to motivate our disrespect and control. But ultimately, we are each responsible for ourselves before Christ no matter what our husband or wives does. God does not give any of us a free pass to sin even when we are being sinned against. He calls us to respond in the power of His Spirit and to live holy lives not to repay evil with evil (Romans 12).

          Dr. Emerson Eggerichs in Love and Respect talks about the Crazy Cycle. A wife’s disrespect motivates her husband to be more unloving. A husband’s unloving response motivates his wife to be more disrespectful. And around and around we go. BUT – a wife’s respect can (in time) motivate a husband’s love. And a husband’s love can (in time) motivate a wife’s respect. And then we are on the Rewarded Cycle. But one person must decide to stop sinning and to begin to selflessly give the other person what he/she needs even if that person’s own needs are not being met at the time. AND – God will bless our obedience and reward our obedience no matter how our spouse responds. Ultimately, this is about our relationship, submission and obedience to God – for husbands and wives.

          I pray for God to reveal all that He wants you to understand about your own sin and that He might lead and empower you to become the wife and woman He calls you to be for His greatest glory!

          Sending you a huge hug!

          1. Oh that was deep April and made absolute sense. I have a looooot of work to do on myself.

            Love from Switzerland to you x

            1. Shola,

              You are most welcome, my beautiful Swiss sister! 🙂 We all have plenty on our own plates to focus on. God is able to work in our husband’s lives without our help. And, as we obey God, we get out of His way so that our husbands can hear God so much more clearly. You can’t do this on your own. But God can do the changing in you if you will trust Him fully and surrender control completely to Him!

              Sending you a big hug from the USA!

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad to hear how The Lord has led you both through this difficult process, and am looking forward to reading your book when it is released. Thanks for the update!

    1. RG,
      I want to thank you for the feedback and insights you shared with me as I worked on the book. I’m very thankful for your wisdom and expertise! 🙂

  3. Wow April, I have to say that your story is very inspirational. I am blessed to be one of those 3.3 million. I am also blessed to have had your one on one advice. You have a lot going on in your life but still make each and every reader feel special through God. I can’t wait for your book to reach even more lives! God leads in so many ways we can never expect. That is the talent of such a sovereign God! He knows the gifts and talents of his children and sends them to help each other. Thank you for sharing and tell Greg he is a God filled genious for helping you start the blog. I found Jesus through your blog, became a much better person and hopefully saved my marriage as well. I know God led me to your blog in this same way…strangers that needed each other. Thank you for allowing God to be the captain of your ship! Much love and support!

    1. Jessica,

      Well, your story sure brings tears of joy to my eyes! How WONDERFUL that God drew you to Himself!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! I praise God for what He is doing in your life. I’m so thankful He allowed me to be a little part of His supernatural work in your life and marriage. May God be greatly glorified in your life and marriage, my precious sister. 🙂

      Much love to you!!!

  4. Hi April,
    CONGRATS and GLORY TO GOD!! 😄 what exciting news!! I can’t wait to read
    your book! Thanks so much for your time, efforts, and prayers! May God continue to bless you and your family!

    1. andra_sn5,

      Thank you for praising God with me! It is such an honor to me that God allows me to share the treasure that He is and that is in His Word with my dear sisters. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the publication of your book, April! I have no doubt that our All-Sovereign Lord will continue to use you in a mighty way for His Kingdom through your book…just as He has on this blog!

    Much love to you,

  6. Hi April
    Great to hear how God has and is using you and what an encouragement. It is so hard to trust God and be patient but that is what he calls us to do and he wants the best for all of us, whatever that looks like. Its so exciting to hear how God has used you and created this wonderful ministry for you. I’m trying to sit tight and wait. Have just ordered the respect dare and will be getting love and respect that you mentioned.
    God is really increasing my faith through my current trial but it is hard letting go of my human desires and craving for love.
    Much love sister x

  7. Thanks april, you are so right and that is exactly where I am at right now. I know I have to stop idolising pete and learn to accept Gods love. It is so hard, especially when he is mean to me. On the good days I can handle it, when I’ve been working and am tired I can’t and it triggers all sorts of emotional pain in me. I have had some great conversations with God and I know he is teaching me to turn to him and no one else (I’m good at relying on others to make me feel better). Praise our Lord.
    Once of my several mantras currently is: Actions before feelings, actions before feelings…grrr. haha 🙂

    Have a great day xx

    1. Liz,

      It is painful. And I can’t imagine how much more painful it would be if a husband was being mean. Greg was not really mean as much as he was just completely shut down. That hurt, too. But – my heart just breaks for the pain you and your husband are both experiencing. Sin – our sin and our husband’s sin – hurts people. It hurts the one who sinned. It hurts the one who was sinned against. And it deeply grieves the heart of God.

      I long to see you both walking in the power of God’s Spirit, in obedience to Him and full submission to Him. My prayer is to see your marriage healed and both of you completely reconciled with God and then with each other.

      I’m so glad that we get to be on this journey together!!!

      Yes, obedience comes first. Actions come first. Feelings are not the most important thing. Feelings can be an indication that there is a problem. But the ultimate goal is not our happiness, it is our holiness and God’s approval.

      Much love to you!

  8. OMG!! April I cannot wait for the book! Your blog has made such an impact in my life! I have applied the principals you have written and my marriage has been changing. Even my husband noticed and mentioned something to me recently. This blog continues to be a blessing in my life and I cannot thank you enough. When I was in a dark place, God led me to this blog and just blew my mind. You have written things I had never heard of growing up. Many women, especially younger women need this more than ever. Because of this blog I one day would like to start a group to share this information to women of my same background. This information is just unknown to where I am from. I am in my late 20’s and just learned about being a Godly wife less than 2 years ago. Thank you so much for what you have and continue to do. May God always bless you and your family!!

    1. Kat,

      Yes, this is some seriously mind blowing stuff. And – sadly – it is information that I believe we should have all learned in church and in our homes growing up. But – we didn’t. How I thank and praise God that He is getting this important information and truth from His Word out to us. What a blessing! His wisdom is infinitely higher than our own.

      I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and how He plans to pour through you to bless many others. 🙂

      Much love!

  9. April,
    I am so DELIGHTED your book will soon be published! I’ve printed some of your blog articles and will be very happy to have something similar in print form for the bookshelf, and to share with others. God’s principles for living harmoniously in marriage make so much sense, and your book will make it that much easier to spread the word. I will always be deeply grateful for your reminders, clarification, and encouragement; they made all the difference at a very critical time in my own life. Much love to you as you carry out God’s will. Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth,

      Thank you, my sweet sister! My prayer as I began this blog ministry and the book was that God might somehow use me to put the dots much closer for those who come behind me. I felt like I was having to try to reinvent the wheel without ever having seen one! It was SO FRUSTRATING! But – what a blessing that God might choose to pour through me into your life and that He might allow me to have the honor of getting to know you and sharing this journey together.

      Much love to you!!!!!

      Thank you for your prayers. How I long to be completely obedient to God in all things.

  10. Free Indeed!,

    And I praise God for all that He has done in you. His work in your life is so beautiful!!! I’m so glad that we get to share this treasure of God together. 🙂 How can I possibly keep the treasures of heaven to myself? I cannot! I want every person on the planet to experience God this way!

  11. What fantastic news! You have been such a blessing to me and my family already; I can’t wait to read your book! (And it’d be REALLY awesome if you did a book tour and came to the West Coast and I could meet you in person! 🙂

    Thank you for being so mindful of the Lord’s will in everything you do… you don’t rush into anything, but do everything in prayerful consideration. I appreciate that, because I need that modeled to me in order to get better at it myself! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hi April! I’m looking forward to reading your book. My journey with you through Christ has been a miracle. Many revelations that lead to peace. God bless your family and ministry.

  13. April,

    This is such exciting news. Congratulations! I am so blessed to have found your blog and videos. It’s amazing to see just how God brought each of your readers to your blog. For me, it was googling “turning your finances to your husband” that led me here. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the impact googling that could bring. I read through your blog and found myself reflected in what you were writing. Blew my mind! I can’t wait until your book comes out. This is one that will definitely be coming home with me! Thank you for all that you do. You have no idea what it means to get some accountability from someone who has already walked the path you are on.

    Many blessings to you and your family!


    1. Macu,
      Sometimes I just look at the thousands of search terms that have brought different people here. It is mind boggling! How thankful I am that God brought you here, my precious sister! How I praise God for the changes He is creating in you.

      I didn’t have a godly wife mentor on this journey. It was just me and God and the books I read. This is a tough journey. It is so very helpful to have someone with flesh and blood that you can ask questions to and who will pray with you. Of course, I am still learning myself and have a long, long way to go on this road. I will not be done until I take my final breath. I want God to allow me to learn and absorb all that I possibly can! And then I want Him to pour His treasures out through me to all of you. My prayer is that God might use His truth and His Word and His Spirit here to make the journey more smooth for those who follow. That maybe He might allow things to “click” more quickly for y’all than they did for me.

      We, in our culture today, have veered very, very far from God’s narrow path that leads to life – even in the church. But God is so faithful. He is calling us back to Himself. I picture all of us walking on a long cross-continental journey, all heading back toward God’s path. The group is getting larger and larger. What joy there is in having fellowship with each other and in praying with each other and encouraging and exhorting each other to cling to Christ and to trust and obey Him and to allow Him to radically transform each of us for His glory.

      Much love to you!

  14. This just brings happy tears to my eyes!! I am so happy for you and so proud of you!! Can’t wait for the book!! I want my copy signed so when you are famous, I can say I knew you when…… 🙂

    1. Daisymae,

      Ha! I’ll see what I can do about the signed copy. 🙂 You know what is so funny? My father-in-law is a pastor – and for the first 12 years of our marriage, we went to the church where he was pastoring at the time. There were about 300 people there. I remember being so shocked by how much everyone watched everything I wore, everything I said, and everything I did so very closely. I grew up being an identical twin and was used to people watching me. But never THIS much! There were times I wished I could just be unnoticed and unseen. I remember begging God not to EVER let me be famous because just being the preacher’s daughter-in-law was too much fame for me! Eventually, God taught me to be more gracious and to handle that spotlight with love for my church members. How I cried when Greg’s dad retired and it was time for us to leave.

      That experience was actually a good one in helping me to prepare for this ministry. Turns out God knew what He was doing! Imagine that?!?!

      I remember reading Radical Womanhood about 4.5 years ago or so by Carolyn McCulley. And as I read about the handful of feminist atheists who the enemy used to completely derail God’s design for marriage, His design for masculinity, and His design for femininity in our culture – I was very upset. I realized we had all been robbed. These ideas robbed me in my walk with Christ, in my femininity, and in my marriage and family. I wept uncontrollably over the damage done by just a few women who undermined God, the authority of God’s Word, and who set out to destroy God’s design for families, churches, marriages, and for us as believers. I had no idea how many of their ideas I had absorbed and embraced through our culture throughout my lifetime, not even knowing where those ideas came from, not even realizing I should question them.

      I was beyond upset. And I remember praying, “God, if Satan can raise up a few women to cause this much destruction in churches, in marriages, and in families – I know that You can raise up some of Your men and women to tear down the lies and to rebuild on the truth of Your Word. I am fully available to You, Lord. Use me however You will to do the work of Your kingdom. Whatever the cost may be to me. I don’t seek fame. I don’t seek money. I don’t seek comfort. Use me and others however You will by the power of Your Spirit to cause THIS generation to rise up to become a godly generation, a holy generation, an obedient and set-apart generation for You.”

      I will continue to pray for this Great Awakening that is already happening here, and many other places, to grow and for God to draw millions to Himself for His glory and His kingdom.

      SO EXCITING! I can’t wait to see all that God will do!

  15. So thankful for the heart and vision God has given you and Greg and excited to get my hands on your book!

  16. Congratulations, April! So happy for you! I’m sure God will continue using you in a mighty way through your book and I look forward to reading it. I wanted to comment on your pictures because they really are part of your testimony. I remember one you posted from before God worked in you, and there is a noticeable difference then and now. Just like this picture just a few months after God revealed you the things that needed to change… There is a softness about you now that was not there before… You can really see the transformation! I am really glad God is using you for His glory and giving us hope, through your testimony, that we can also be changed by Him. God bless.

    1. Aixa M.,

      Thank you so very much, my dear sister! I appreciate the encouragement.

      YES! God changed my heart, mind, and soul. He transformed my character. And He changed my very countenance. My twin sister noticed that at some point maybe 6 months or so into this journey – that she could see the peace on my face. Before, I was consumed by worry, anxiety, and fear. God changed me so much that even those closest to me could see the very real difference on many levels.

      God is so good!

      Much love to you!

  17. April-huge news! BIG CONGRATS!! And a personal thanks. I have been working hard on my relationship with Christ. I dont comment very much but wanted to tell you thank you. From me to you. You have given me some keys that have opened doors that I didn’t even see. I can’t describe the wonderful changes in my heart, my marriage, my health, my kids and my other relationships since Jesus has become my only idol. I thought I was so great. I wasnt!! I am so excited to see what else God has in store. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you!!


    1. Kelly,
      I am so thankful for what God has been doing in your life! WOW! Isn’t God so very good – His treasures are powerful and precious! Jesus can’t be an idol – thankfully! He’s the REAL DEAL! He is GOD. 🙂 But I know exactly what you mean.

      How I praise God for all that He has done and how He is transforming your life in every way. I wish I could hug your neck, my sweet sister!

      1. Of course! LOL. I get so excited about this that I misspeak. What I’m getting at is, I had soooo many idols before and I didn’t even realize it. My husband, money, success, the way others saw me, vacation destinations…the list goes on and on. It was hard giving everything up initially and it’s still something I have to remind myself to do sometimes. It’s a process for me.

        I’ll never forget the first morning I woke up with Jesus there again after laying everything down in front of Him and asking him to take it all. I was truly excited for the first time in so many years. And so thankful for His love and forgiveness. He really does make all things new. Much love to you!


  18. That is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this testimony. It gives me hope with my controlling self!!!! I’m looking forward to the journey that God is so clearly leading you and your husband. What an inspiration! I’ll be sure to support your book! And thanks again for your diligence and faithfulness.

  19. I praise God for all that He has done through you both and this ministry! What an amazing testimony! We are praying for His continued success and fulfillment in your lives…signed…a peaceFULL wife 🙂

    1. Dianne,

      Aw! Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. I appreciate the prayers more than I could ever say!
      God’s peace is extremely addictive. Once you have experienced it, you don’t want to go a minute without it! I know I don’t!

      And isn’t it wonderful that there is no limit to how many peaceful wives God can create!?! We can all share in His peace as we trust in Him and submit to Him as Lord. God is so very good!

  20. APRIL!!!!!!!!! 😀

    I was in tears and praising God for this!!! 🙂
    I have not commented for months now following God’s Prodding to be SILENT, so He can talk to me in the silence of my heart…. but I had to break that imposed quietude to CONGRATULATE you, sister!!!!! 🙂

    YAY! WOOHOO! Cartwheels!!!!

    I cannot wait to have an autographed copy of the book, sis! God be praised! <3

    Love you!


  21. April, you rock!!!! I’m so excited for you, your family and so many who will be touched even more by your wisdom through that book. As you would say, “woohoo!” I praise God for you and how He used you to save my marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Fantastic news April!!!!

    I don’t really remember how I came across your blog but I know it was an answer to prayer for a mentor.

    Looking forward to your book 🙂

  23. Wow, April. God bless! So inspired and sooooo proud of you! May God continue to bless the work of your hands!

  24. April I am so excited for you and Greg and your new book adventure! I’m still learning this while process of becoming a godly respectful wife. Things are 80% better between us than last time we chatted and I can tell you that your teaching of dying to self and putting your problems at the foot of The Cross, praying for God to change YOU not your husband and to honor God by honoring and respecting our husbands has been right on the money. Easy to be done? Not always. I kept trying but would continue to try to help God out and can I tell you He does not need my assistance! I am seeing God do a mighty work in my husband and I know we will one day have a better marriage than I ever dreamed. I give Him all the Glory and Praise! April I couldn’t begin to list all the things I learned from you and I thank God often for you and Greg and the tireless work and prayer you have put into teaching us to stop our controlling, criticism, disrespectful treatment of our hubbys. You are an amazing gal and I’m proud to call you my sister in Christ and my friend. I am praying for Gods guidance in my life to teach other wives this unknown and much needed information. Will be watching for your book!

    1. LearningToLean,

      None of God’s instructions to us as believers are the things that come naturally to us. That’s for sure! That way we have to completely depend on Him because we sure can’t do it in our own strength!

      How I praise God for what He is doing in your life, your husband’s life, and your marriage. I love being on this journey together. I am still learning every day, myself! And I will always be learning. But how incredible that God allows us to share His treasured Word, His Spirit, His wisdom, His love, and His power together as a Body.

      I pray for God to direct your steps and that He might greatly bless many through your life and His Spirit working through you, my sweet sister!
      Much love to you!

  25. LMD,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. How my heart breaks to hear the struggles and trials you have faced. Especially as a young child! 🙁 But how I praise God for what He is doing in your life and in your husband’s heart and in your marriage! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so thankful we have such a powerful, good, loving God.

  26. April, your book will have a positive impact on so many women. I am so happy for you and I am looking forward to purchasing my copy! I am a follower of your blog and have grown closer to God through your teachings. My husband is reaping the benefits of God’s love through my obedience to Christ. Keep up the good work, April! You are a signpost to Jesus!

    1. W.,

      Thank you for the encouragement! That is my prayer – that Christ might be exalted here and that God might use me to point others to Himself! 🙂 I’m so thankful for what God is doing in your heart and in your marriage!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  27. April, I am SO excited about your book!!! I have encouraged many women to read your blog, but there are so many who are not online very often and would never subscribe or visit regularly. BOOKS, on the other hand, are universal! I am looking forward to having the opportunity to give copies of your book as gifts! While my marriage can definitely be rocky at times, it would be a thousand times worse had I not found your blog to meet and learn from you. I am so grateful for that, and grateful that I’ll be able to share it with some of the women I love, too. Congratulations!!!

    1. M,

      I like to have paper books in my hand so I can underline and make notes in the margins and bookmark pages. That is what I hope to do with this book. I will have chapters dealing with different areas of showing respect to our husbands with lists of ideas of ways we can show respect and honor. I think it would be a great resource to go back to for more ideas to prayerfully consider.

      I’m so thankful for what God is doing in your heart! I can’t wait to see how the story continues. 🙂 Much love, my sweet sister. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I pray that God will get this message into the hands of every woman He desires to read it in His timing for His glory alone.

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