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A Call to Prayer – for Ourselves



Most of us, even those of us who claim Christ, are living in spiritual poverty, and we don’t even realize it. We have the truth in our hands, but we are not living out God’s Word and seeking Him passionately above all else. We are operating in our own strength, not the power of God’s Spirit. We are holding a little half of a teaspoon in our hands, and we are afraid to ask for more than a drop or two of spiritual riches, when God has redeemed and adopted us as sons and daughters and our Lord Jesus Christ has given us access to ALL of the spiritual riches and power of heaven. It is already ours if we are in Him. We already have total access. We have Niagra Falls 10 feet away from us, and we are too timid to ask for more than a drop or two of God’s Living Water once a week. Let’s run and get the biggest containers we can find – and hand them to God and ask Him to fill them to the brim with His Living Water, power, truth, and Β love.

It’s time for a change, y’all. πŸ™‚ God is calling all of us to a much deeper, much stronger faith in Christ. He is calling all of us to a more intense level of fervent prayer and unshakable trust in Himself. He is calling me, personally, to go much deeper, and I am REALLY excited about it! I have so much more to learn, to explore, to understand, and to appreciate. Β I have much room for growth.

We can’t give what we don’t have. Before we can pray mightily for others, we must pray first for ourselves and experience God’s power ourselves.

Let’s be still on our faces before the God of the universe who made the heavens, the stars, the galaxies, and who created chemistry, biology, physics, marriage, family, love, truth, artistry, music, language, and beauty. Let’s seek Him with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength in fervent, persistent, passionate, Spirit-filled prayer. Let’s wait on Him together. Then, let’s do what He directs us to do by His power, for His glory, and for His kingdom. Let’s be the extension of our Head, Jesus. Let’s be sensitive to every impulse He sends to direct us in doing His will.

Let’s go as deep as God will take us each day. Let’s pray for the biggest possible sized faith a believer in Christ can possess. We know that faith the size of a mustard seed can move God to move mountains. So, how big can our faith be? What is the maximum size? I have no idea. But, let’s ask for THAT! Let’s pray that God will empower us by His Spirit to live holy, lives. Let’s pray that God will work mightily in our midst. We have access to Jesus and everything He is and all that He has. And we are living in spiritual rags, our souls are starving to death. NO! This should never be!

I know we haven’t had many examples of people with powerful faith who know how to pray and shake the heavens. That’s ok. God can bring some examples into our lives from Scripture and from church history. And He can bring some mighty prayer warriors into our midst, too. Let’s seek the deep things of God together. Let’s hunger for spiritual meat and not be satisfied with milk alone. Let’s desire God far above everything this earth has to offer.


Almighty God,

You are the Creator of heaven and earth. You alone are God. There is no other. You possess all majesty, glory, honor, authority, power, love, and truth. You are Real Love. You are Real Life. To know You through Christ is to be spiritually alive both now and forever. You went to insane lengths to make it possible for us to access a relationship with You. You allowed Your one and only perfect Son to die in our place on the cross. You destroyed death and sin through Him. If we are in Christ, we died that day in Him to this world and our sin. We are no longer slaves to sin! You bought our freedom. We now belong to You. We thank and praise you for this priceless gift!!!

Open our minds to begin to fathom exactly who You really are according to Your Word, the Bible. Help us begin to understand what an immense sin debt we each owed You and the crazy, outlandish, lavish grace, mercy, and forgiveness You have given us that we don’t deserve at all. You gave us this Gift because of who You are, not because of who we are. We deserved hell. We deserved condemnation and punishment at Your hands. We sinned against You – the only God there is. You are eternal and perfectly righteous. And You cannot tolerate one speck of sin in Your presence. You cannot ignore sin or gloss over it. But You loved us so much that You couldn’t watch us be separated from You with no hope of reconciliation. If there was another way for us to be made right with You, Jesus prayed that You might provide it. There was no other way, or You would have spared Your Son. Thank You for the priceless, precious gift of Jesus and His death for us. Help us to begin to wrap our minds around who You are, who Jesus is, who we are and the unspeakably glorious gift You have offered to us.

Help us to experience and access all that Jesus has already done for us on our behalf. We can’t obey You in our own strength. We can’t live for you in our own power. We can’t even have faith in You apart from You giving it to us. Help us to see that the work is finished. We don’t have to try harder. We just need to receive what Jesus has done for us and rest in Your provision, Your love, Your sovereignty, Your mercy, Your promises, Your Word, Your forgiveness, and Your wisdom.

We pray today for ourselves and our own walk with You and we come boldly before Your throne of grace to find mercy and help in our time of need to ask You for:

  • a clear understanding of how repulsive all sin is in Your sight
  • hatred for our own sin
  • grief over our sin and others’ sin – godly sorrow that leads to repentance and freedom from worldly sorrow that leads to death
  • Your agape love for all people in our lives
  • BIG faith in Christ
  • ever increasing trust in YouΒ 
  • a realization of any idols we may have – that we might see the things we are trusting in more than we trust You or the things we want more than we want you, that we might repent
  • an all consuming passion and desire to know You more, to have more of Your Spirit, Your presence, Your will, Your power, Your mind, Your heart, and Your vision
  • a willingness to lay down all that we have and all that we are before You in full submission
  • the power to freely forgive others as we have been so freely forgiven by You
    the power to evaluate each thought and take them each captive for Christ
    an incredible amount of love for Your Word
  • a deep, abiding hunger and thirst for Your righteousness
  • Your power to forgive
  • us to live holy, Spirit-filled, God-honoring, Christlike lives daily
  • us to live in the victory over sin that Jesus has already graciously and abundantly provided
  • openness to Your correction, discipline, instruction, and rebuke through the Bible, Your Spirit, and others
  • ears that hear Your Word and Your Spirit very clearly
  • hearts that are eager and willing to do Your will and to obey You in all things
  • the power to humble ourselves before you and to be free from all pride
  • a burning longing and desire to spend time alone with You in Your Word and in prayer, where we beg You to change our hearts, to prune us, to refine us, to sharpen us, and to transform us to be more and more like Jesus – even if it is painful and costly
  • eyes to see the treasures and resources of heaven at our disposal and eyes to see the true value of those things compared to the lack of value of earthly things
  • hearts that long for more and more of You and that care less and less for worldly things
  • Your wisdom to discern lies from the Truth
  • Protection from the evil one who would seek to steal, kill, and destroy us, our loved ones, our families, our friends, and everyone around us
  • a longing to abide in You constantly and to have Your Word and Your Spirit abide in us

In the Name and power of Christ Jesus,



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32 thoughts on “A Call to Prayer – for Ourselves

  1. Good morning, April,

    This prayer is not only beautiful but very thought-provoking. If only I could keep all the unseen as powerfully in my conciousness 100% of the time as i do when I am in earnest prayer, which is not enough of the time. We truly would not worry if we could do this perfectly. One thing that has really helped me do this is a weekly Bible study with friends who also really love God and are seeking his truth. I so enjoy your posts as well. They help keep me on the path i should go, and help me see when I need to make changes.

    1. Elizabeth,

      I am so thankful that this was a blessing to you and I praise God for what He is doing in your life, heart, mind, and soul for His glory. πŸ™‚

      It is SO GOOD to surround ourselves with strong believers who will keep us accountable and who are willing to encourage, love ,pray for, and rebuke us when necessary.

  2. Very beautiful prayer. I think we all can get to the meat of the word if we are willing. Sadly the church buildings today are only preaching lukewarm milk messages where people are comfortable in their sin. A lot of people may say well my pastor preaches straight from the bible; but does he really? We as christians need to take the bible read from genesis to revelation to receive the truth for ourselves if we want to inherit internal life. The truth is there is no trinity, being catholic and following a priest and mary is not being a christian, the trinity has derived from paganism and the Lord reveals it throughout scripture, you cannot remarry if your ex spouse is still living its adultery, we must obey Gods word as it is written, and not say well that’s no longer for us. The whole bible is for us and we must ask Jesus for understanding. As women we need to learn in silence in the church and we cannot call ourselves pastors and apostles. What april is doing is fantastic, she’s teaching women how to be Godly wives as we are suppose too. This message is not to condemn anyone its just to take alook at what’s being preached in your churches and see if it matches the word of God. Its time ladies that we are awaken to the truth and stop walking around living off of dead bread. The word is life and it brings forth life. Watcch and pray ladies as the times are going get more dark. Be blessed this day.

    1. Submissive,

      We do need to carefully study and seek God ourselves and to study His Word and to be careful what preaching we listen to, yes.

      I do know quite a number of Catholics who are born again believers, so I want to be careful here. Yes, there are some who try to turn Mary into a god to pray to. But there are some Catholics who are walking with Christ in the power of His Spirit.

      There are things that churches teach today that are not Scriptural, so we each need to study and read and prayerfully seek God with all our hearts and seek His truth ourselves, yes.

      Much love to you! Thank you for encouraging us all to seek God and His Word with all our hearts and to seek to walk in obedience to God by the power of His Spirit.

      1. Good morning april. Yes there are people who seem to be walking in Gods spirit, but when we have Gods spirit He will reveal all truth to us. He will let us know if we are walking in error. As you stated let’s go before God and seek Him with all our hearts so he can reveal His truth to us. Yes we must be careful in all things and we must always ask God if He is pleased with what we are doing.:)

  3. Hi April.I am so very thankful for your blog and how you are allowing God to speak thru you. Thank you.I love Jesus so much but I know there is soo much more.My deepest desire is to allow Him to live thru me and bring honour and glory to Himself in me. there is one obstacle in the way-“me”.! I want with all my heart to be completely surrendered and I feel like I cannot find the door to open all of me to Him and to let all of me out.

    it seems soo overwelming -this “old me”,”old patterns” wanting my way-deep hurting that I hurl from my mouth to them keep getting in the way.lies that i know are lies but seem so sound like I am using “old me” as an excuse,I have searched me- I am not.there is something that has deeply rooted-(flesh)?? it seems bigger- it is bigger than me BUT I know it is not bigger than my Lord.

    my husband of 25 yr.-May 28,1988! and we have 4 young adult- ,whom I love dearly.we are all believers but not walking in love with Jesus or each other.I want to know God love deeper and deeper so I can love them His way.mine does not work.I know healing for me is in His love.Sorry this seems all over the place- its my first time commenting-I do not usually reach out-I am used to people reaching to me.but I cannot give what I do not have anymore.I believe this is a refining fire- without a doubt. I just want to lie still enough to let it burn. Thank you so much for your deb

    1. Deb,

      You can pray that God will help you, my precious sister! As you seek Him with all your heart and seek to give Him total access to all of yourself, He will help you open the doors and help you get rid of all the SELF. It is painful! BUT SO WORTH IT!

      Something that helps me is to write down all the self talk in my head, write it all out – all of the fears and things I tell myself about God and myself. And then compare that to Scripture and purposely reject all the lies and purposely embrace God’s truth. I think of it as shoveling out all the sin and lies into a big dump truck until all I have left is the foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word and then rebuild my life, my mind, my heart, my wisdom, my understanding of masculinity, femininity, marriage, Christ, God, living for God, being a believer, on His Word and on Christ alone.

      May 28 is our anniversary, too! πŸ™‚ How cool is that?!?!?!

      Here are some things to search on my home page:

      – fear
      – bitterness
      – idol
      – idolatry

      Most likely, one of these issues is holding you back.

      I am praying for you! πŸ™‚

      Much love!

      1. Hi April- Thank you so very much for responding- I realize as I read, that my response was not in sync with the passage but I really needed to share with you and have been wanting to for some time. I am in total agreement with surrender to God and my husband. God has used you mightly in my life .I love being under submission to my husband. I am learning and Jesus is changing me into the Godly woman
        He has made me to be.long,long process and I am so very thankful He is soo patient.

        I would like to ask your opinion on this:I was asked to be an elder in our church maybe 8years ago. it took me a year to agree. I personally do not believe it is Gods plan for a woman to be in a place of elder in a church( I would be happy to share my revelation of what God has shown me on this if anyone likes) I asked my husband (who is very discerning spiritually but sometimes handles things he discerns thru his flesh) he agreed, but not with his whole heart. our pastor kept telling me I was already walking in the position…. Our pastor does not ask the men of our church to participate in things as much as the women.

        it turned my marriage upside down and I really struggled with my husband not telling me from the beginning that he really felt it was wrong( I do not think he knew his position as my authority and did not want to be bossy to me-but also knowing my reactions in the past if he went against my own desires it could become world war 3 in our life!) after a year he stopped coming to church-it was so hard-all the fighting and bickering and ofcourse- me – not giving in even though I felt I was not honoring God either.we left that church( we had helped start that church) now 4 years later we are back. God has led us there.

        new problem- another woman who replaced me- is an elder. because of what the Lord has shown dear husband and what I expereinced in that time. As I have been reading thru your blog and learning about our proper God honouring places in our marriage and our homes and church and also what I am seeing inour church, it is very concerning to me. I have always prayed and trusted God to show our pastor what we see but it is becoming more apparant to me that this structure in our church is not really honoring God. I am interestd to know your thoughts on this as I believe you desire to honor and obeyGod with your own life.Thanks so very much for all you do in allowing God to speak thru your life and use you to encourage us all. what a precious blessing you are in your faithfulness.

        1. Deb,

          I praise God for all that He is doing in your life and in your marriage! That is awesome. πŸ™‚

          I have never been part of a church that asks women to be elders (or deacons). I would not be willing to take such a position, knowing what I know now. I would also have concerns about a pastor asking the women much more than the men to be involved in leadership.

          I’m glad that you and your husband were able to resolve things and it sounds like it was wise to leave, at least for a time, due to the circumstances there.

          What does your husband believe y’all should do about women being in positions of elder at this church? That may be something to prayerfully allow God to show him?

          I have a link to a post written by a dear sister in Christ who was, at one time, a pastor, in her church. Might be interesting, “They Called Me Pastor.”

          There are places where women can absolutely serve in the Body. But – it is my understanding of Scripture that it is to be men who take positions of pastors, elders, deacons, and teachers over men.

          Much love to you!!!

          1. Hi April-Thank you for your reply- what a confirmation for me to finally hear another woman voice what God has been saying in my heart- it encourages me so very much. My husband does not agree with women in leadership over men- I , at one time thought he was just being controlling but that is not his nature-his reason- God was not being honored according to His casts a shadow over everything we learn in our church when we see Gods word not being honored.we just talked about this and we both believe God has placed us back there for His purposes.we will continue to seek God for His will.Thank you so very much for your prayers.I thank our Lord for you April and what you are teaching us thru Gods spirit. May our God continue to use and bless you according to His love and designs for you and your familyxo

          2. Dear April,
            Hi, this is Kinuko (! Thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my blog yesterday. I was deeply encouraged. April, do you remember that I had asked your permission to translate your head covering testimony into Japanese last year? It has been inspiring Japanese sisters since then!! Thank you so much. I cherish your deep love for Christ and your passion for prayer. I was touched by the conversations between you and Debo and I went to read Selena’s post (They Called me Pastor). Reading her testimony healed my spirit because I had also suffered because of the leadership position in the church before (but I did not know any other women who passed through the same journey). I really thanked Him for who you are. It seems like the streams of healing have been flowing from your blog. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you and your family. From your fellow sister in Christ, Kinuko

            1. Kinuko,

              I recall that conversation! I’m so thankful to hear that God has been using my story somehow to inspire my precious sisters in Japan. How amazing and good our great God is!

              I praise God for Him leading you to Selena’s story. I love her story and thank God for her, as well.

              God is at work in such mighty ways, Kinuko! I pray daily for a Great Awakening, a massive movement of His Holy Spirit among my readers and in His church around the world on every continent. And He continues to amaze me with His power, His healing, His truth, His love, and His miracles in people’s lives. I can only exalt my Lord, Jesus and thank and praise Him for His goodness!

              I am so thrilled to hear from you! May God continue to richly bless you, your family, and your ministry for His glory, as well. I look forward to meeting you one day, whether here on this earth, or in heaven. πŸ™‚
              Much love and a big hug to you, my sister!


  4. thank you, april! i’ve found that it takes a while to learn a new habit of establishing the org structure as i call it. Christ is over all of us. then my husband over me. i’m always bringing myself back to learning this new style of life of coming to christ daily and submitting all to him. there are so many things that get me distracted. my tendency is to think i need to solve other people’s problems, but i am not ready. i am still in training and learning to come to christ daily. it does take a fair amount of time to establish it and make it a habit that happens naturally and without thought…i know that you waited until you had learned all your new ways before you started sharing and teaching others. i have learned so much from you because you have explained everything in such a way that i have never heard before. i don’t think that churches preach enough about the org structure as i like to call it. submitting the throne to christ and not self and loving him and following him. then submitting to your husband. i love my new way of life! it is so wonderful. if i had never come across your website, i don’t know where i would be now!! much love to you, April! oh and thank you so much for sharing your love for the Getty’s music. i love listening to them so much!

    1. Monica,

      I like that – the org structure. Yes. God’s organization structure. πŸ™‚

      I did not begin to teach wives until about 4 years into my journey – and about 6 months after my husband asked me to share what God had shown me with other wives. It took me over 2.5 years to BEGIN to feel like I had any clue what respect meant. And it took another 6 months before I was even at a beginner’s level with submission. It was very slow progress. A total mind, heart, and soul transformation. That takes time. First is the ripping out phase. Then the reconstruction.

      My prayer is that God might use me to put the dots closer together for those who come behind me. I felt like I was trying to reinvent the wheel.

      Submission to Christ is the most amazing thing ever. We don’t talk enough about that or about submission to God-given human authorities. God’s ways are not our ways, and they don’t make sense to us at first. But how blessed we are when we walk in His power, wisdom and love.

      You are most welcome. I am in awe that God allows me to be part of your life and that He is pouring through me into you. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. April,
    I have never commented on your website before but I wanted to say how very grateful I am for your obedience not only in your marriage but in broadcasting a biblical truth that is currently very unpopular. I have been digesting your blog for about a year and a half. Coming from a home of violence and a world of spiritual abuse, submission was the last thing I felt safe doing. However, the evidence doesn’t lie and my life, being mostly about the sins of self-protection and control, would not settle. It wasn’t until I began to practice and seek God regarding this issue that I ever experienced any level of peace or relational restoration. The more I am on this journey, the further I realize I have to go but your testimony, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that I now feel on a daily basis, makes the journey worth it. It was practicing these principles that made my boyfriend of 5 years propose to me last year, and we were married two weeks later. lol. When I asked him what moved him to act after all this time he said it was my willingness to let go of control, continue changing, and the level to which I began to prioritize respect. It still hasn’t been all smooth sailing for us but at least now I have a baseline for Godly womanhood in relationship to my husband. The reason I felt led to post now is that this week I had coffee with a Christian friend and satan has used some of our conversation to shake me up regarding this issue. She speaks very strongly about the concept of “mutual submission” based on Ephesians 5:21. She does not hold to any kind of “women under men” theology. As I began to research this concept online I found a lot of Christian support for this view and it overwhelmed me. I do not personally believe this view is biblical but even as someone who has studied this topic extensively I was overwhelmed with feelings of doubt about whether I was honouring God with my approach. I was in tears over whether I was truly honouring God’s intention for my marriage. I so long to do what God commands. I don’t want to miss His will. I was wondering if you would consider doing a post about this topic as it the opposing view to male leadership and is becoming increasingly popular among Christian women today, I know you are not a theologian but I would love to hear how you would respond to Christian women who are pushing this view or contemplating this type of submission in their marriage. Sorry for the long note. I have a lot to say after a year and a half. lol God Bless!

    1. Just Walking Home,

      WOW! Your testimony brought me tears of joy. God has done such an incredible work in you!

      I have seen the Mutual Submission concept often. It is the most popular view today among believers. But – here is my problem with it. Ephesians 5:1-21 are instructions to the church as a whole. Verse 21 does not address husbands and wives at all. Those who try to teach Mutual Submission focus entirely on that one verse, verse 21, that doesn’t even specifically address husbands and wives and marriage, and they then tend to ignore all of the verses 22-33 that DO specifically address marriage, husbands, and wives.

      Then there is the issue of Jesus and the church – that is the picture that marriage represents. Does Jesus submit to the church? No. He submits to God. Now, He does SACRIFICE SELF for the church – yes. And He does what is best for the church – in God’s sight – as He walks in obedience to God. He considers her needs, feelings, desires, etc… Yes. The church can pray and ask for what she needs. But ultimately, Jesus’ submission is to God. And a husband’s submission is to Christ. A husband serves his wife in humility. He lays down his life for her and is not selfish. He is not harsh toward her, or his prayers will not be heard (I Peter 3:7). But he is the head.

      I Corinthians 11:3 explains this very well. The authority structure God gives is:
      God > Christ > husband > wife

      Women and men have equal value – Galatians 3:28. But husbands and wives have very different roles in order to properly display the relationship between Christ and the church to the world.

      And what happens when a wife does not honor her husband’s God-given headship?

      Titus 2:3-5
      3 Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. 4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.

      Of course the enemy wants to destroy God’s design for authority and headship in marriage. He hates God’s picture of Christ and the church in marriage and he wants to take out the godly leadership. And Satan is happy to use the Bible to try to twist God’s design to destroy it. That is not a new tactic of his.

      I will certainly prayerfully consider writing a post about this.

      Much love!!!!!!

      For more detail, please check out Spiritual Authority at the top of my home page. πŸ™‚

  6. Not to sound picky,But in your intro, you said living water twice. Lol. Great prayer April. As mothers, we often tend to think about others,or other things before ourselves. What a great reminder!

  7. April,

    Thank you for responding so thoroughly! I spoke with my husband about this last night too and showed him the research I had been doing and he agreed that the Bible is very clear about male headship. What a blessing to have his covering and protection, even when it is involves well-intentioned sisters in Christ.

    I can only imagine what it is like to keep up with comments on a blog as large as this so I am grateful to have gotten to “meet” you lol. Praise God for restoring “the years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25)! I look forward to meeting you face to face in heaven one day.

    Here are some verses I am meditating on today. I hope they encourage you and others as well. I pray God is putting women in your path as well that are pouring as much love into you as you are into others.

    Psalm 119:50, 71

    “My comfort in my suffering is this:
    Your promise preserves my life.”

    “It was good for me to be afflicted
    so that I might learn your decrees.”

    2 Corinthians 4:16-18

    16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

    1. Just Walking Home,
      I am so glad you have God’s peace and assurance through His Word and your husband. πŸ™‚ I love your heart to love and know and obey God.

      Love love love those passages of Scripture! Thank you so much for sharing!

      Please pray that God might continue to empower me to minister to everyone He brings my way here on the blogs. How I long to exalt Him alone!

  8. Ten years ago, when I was in college I remember digging into my Bible and I just soaked in the goodness on every page! Just so much there, just exquisite wisdom that just rung of absolute truth and the answers.

    And yes, all that we can ask God for spiritually! He’s so patient to meet us where we are:

    James 1:5
    If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

    We can come to God right from wherever we are to ask for wisdom!
    1 John 5:15
    And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.

    I have worked through a lot of doubts and remembered the power of just believing God is a God who answers prayer.

    Matthew 7:9-11
    β€œWhich of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

    I’m going full-circle in many ways lately, including going back through a lot of unfinished healing. The world is a little different today.

    God has also taught me a lot how not to feel condemned even through the learning process too. “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Yes, the matter of repentance and conforming to God’s will is absolutely urgent. And yet, not in perpetual condemnation, but trusting in God for everything.

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