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How I Journal and Conduct My Quiet Time

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Some women have asked me to share how I have my Quiet Time with God. Let me say, there is not one “right way” to journal or to have a quiet time. There are many different ways of doing this, and that is ok!

Usually, I try to have my time of Bible reading and prayer in the morning with breakfast and coffee. That is not a magical time, it is just what works best for me.

I use spiral notebooks for my journaling.

I need to have quiet in the house – no TV on, no children talking and asking questions (ideally), no noise. I don’t want this to be something to check off of my to-do list. I want to know God more and more deeply. It is about relationship. I love to have at least 30 minutes, preferably more time if possible.

I start writing first, usually. I don’t have a set method of journaling. I don’t go by a set of rules. Mostly, I just write out my thoughts, my concerns, my questions, my ideas, my cares, my sins, my prayer requests for myself and for others. I also write out praises and thanksgiving to God.

If I am upset about something, I write out all the thoughts I am having in as much detail as possible and ask God to help me see my true motives and to reveal any sin in my own life to me. I look up applicable verses.

Then, I usually read at least a chapter of Scripture. I usually go through a book at a time. Sometimes I alternate between the Old and New Testaments.

I write verses that speak to me as I read. And I write any insights I feel God impress upon me.

I long to be still before God, to not rush, to listen carefully.

I pray scripture sometimes.

I lay my whole life, all that I have and all that I am before God and give it to Him each day. I want to be fully available to Him and I desire His greatest glory in my life. I ask Him to fill me with His Spirit’s power so that I can walk in obedience to Him.

I love to sing praise songs to God throughout the day when possible. And, if I can, I love to listen to or read David Platt sermons or John Piper sermons if I am doing chores or doing a lot of driving by myself.



How do you approach your quiet time with God? What works for you?


20 thoughts on “How I Journal and Conduct My Quiet Time

  1. April,

    I appreciated reading about how you develop your relationship with God. I love early mornings, too. Ideally I arise early enough to have coffee in solitude and think and read about spiritual issues. With a biblical background I’m often able to remember the context of scriptures, so enjoy reading your blog that contains scriptures pertaining to a certain topic is enjoyable and helpful for me. Often it makes me rethink things from God’s perspective and I find myself thinking about that issue throughout the day. I so love the encouragement and fellowship I receive from reading this blog! It’s like a refuge from the storms of life.

    As for other Bible study, my husband and I started a weekly Bible study with another couple almost a year ago, and it has become the true highlight of our week and grown to include anyone else who would like to come. Although most of us attend the same church, we’ve called this a community Bible study and it’s open to whoever who like to come. We gather with 10 to 12 others who want to read the Bible and discuss it without any other literature. It is our safe place, a place where we can ask questions, pray together, and see things differently without condemnation or judgment. We laugh, cry, and pray together and have experienced what it truly means to have brothers and sisters in Christ. These friends have become our real spiritual family and of course we help and hold each other accountable. As time goes on, we marvel at what God is doing and how this study time has helped us all deepen our relationship with God and each other. We meet an hour early and everyone brings a dish so we can eat first. It’s like Thanksgiving every time!

    Thank you again for all the encouragement here, and much love to my dear sisters as we begin our day.

  2. Good morning!

    I also love mornings; I get up early to spend time with God, in the word and most days a podcast. I usually have about 40 minutes on weekdays. Saturday mornings I can spend more time – I try to journal on Saturday, find or work on a study or catch up on your blog.

    …have a great day everyone!

    1. I love this… that you feel God when you ride. I am in awe about how he romances each person in their own way <3

  3. I find God on a horse…I was riding in the hills above my town in So. Calif. It was a clear day (Santa Ana winds blew the smog away) I could see the mountains in the distance, the clouds in the sky, a gorgeous day.

    A few years later, riding in Texas, another beautiful day. I heard God say, ” I made this day for you to enjoy.”

    Another time riding, I heard God say” What would you like me to do for you?” I remembered a certain scripture about one of the OT characters asking not for material things but for more of God. That is what I asked for.

  4. Whilst I am not a Christian, I have always kept a small book under my pillow or under my bed that I used for prayer. Even as a “too cool for school” wannabe-witch, I would write my prayers and hopes and gratitudes into the book, addressing them to whatever God there is to listen. I still write down my well-wishes for others, my hopes for the future and my thanks for my blessings in it. It’s just a simple book full of stories and prayers and schizophrenic-like scribbles of the names of everyone I pray for and I throw it away when I get to the new one. But I feel that it is read and that my concerns and prayers are answered as they need to be. It’s something beautiful, to share things like those with something higher than myself.

  5. Thankyou April. That does encourage me to journal more. I’m always worried someone will read my journaling so I throw it out immediately. I also have Dr Michael Youssef’s app ‘leading the way’ on my phone and I get so much out of listening to his sermons.

  6. I lie in bed with my ipad to have my quiet time. I have subscribed to a verse a day on my Ipad bible so that usually sets the tone and direction. Sometimes I have a song on my heart and play it on youtube to start my devotion. I log into this blog and read one or more articles and reflect on it. Then pray. I don’t have an order- my focus is to get a min of 30 mins with God. Depending on the day it could be focused on one thing. I’ve started writing down things on April’s recommendation: visions/verses/prayers/thoughts that come to me- I have a breakthrough/reflections note on my ipad which I write in. That way throughout the day I can flipback into my notes and add/edit and reflect. 🙂

  7. In the morning before work I listen to my Bible CD ( I have the entire bible on CD) I pray and talk to God. I spend time with God usually at lunch at work or in the evenings after work. I used to use flash cards and write down scriptures that I felt God was placing on my heart really heavy. I would then carry those cards around and recite them to remember scripture. (I need to go back to that). I have just started back in my journal (Always been fearful that someone would find it and read it). I’m trying to have a more consistent relationship with God.

  8. Ladies,
    Thank you all so much for sharing! Many try to attempt this journey to become godly wives apart from the power, truth and presence of Christ and apart from the power of His Word. But He is our true power source. Apart from Him, we can do nothing good. I am so glad to hear that y’all are feasting on His Word and spending time listening to God.

    For the first few years of my journey, I would eventually throw away my journals. I wrote down my raw feelings, and many of them were ugly. I had so much bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. I worked through those things in my journal with Scripture, prayer and God. I definitely didn’t want people to read that if something should happen to me. Sometimes, I immediately ripped up what I had written. Other times, I waited until I was done with the journal. Fortunately, my handwriting is so messy, I doubt anyone else could read what I wrote!

    In the past 3 years or so, God has changed my thoughts so much. I usually don’t think disrespectful things. And, by God’s grace, I don’t usually cling to bitterness. Now, most of my conversations with God could be read by others, and I wouldn’t be ashamed. But, if I am struggling with something that I know could hurt someone later, then I can rip it up right after I write it.

    I also share some of my struggles and temptations with Greg or my prayer partners. I don’t want to isolate myself in sinful thoughts.

    I hope that might be helpful?

    Much love!

    1. Julie,
      I LOVE hymns! Some of the words are such so rich with spiritual truths, meat, praise and thanksgiving. What a beautiful idea! And I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard, your husband falling asleep, cuddling with you while you were singing hymns to him.


      Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Jesus Christ really loves us very much, He love us with an unconditional love. It is only us that He is waiting for to come to Him and glorify His Name. Our Hearts are sometimes so hard that we cannot accept real meaning of our existence.

  10. One of the craziest things my wife does it keep a daily journal with one thing she loved about me each day. Apparently she’s been doing it for a while and just told me about it. How amazing and humbling is that?!?

    Journaling can be a key part of the emotional undressing process.

  11. Seein as how I have 2 little ones in the house, my 2 1/2 yr old & my sisters 22 month old its difficult at times. Growing up in a big family (im the youngest of 5) one of my adaptations is to tune out noise & focus on what im doing. So I put disney jr or nick jr on mid morning & get comfy in the recliner to read my bible while the kids are occupied with cartoons. Im almost constantly thinking of questions for God & prayers. Ive also started listening to christain music as much as possible & a lot of the time God speaks to me through songs. After ive put my kids to bed I go outside & reflect & repent of any sins that day. I have only journaled once the other day an issue I developed & held onto for way too long & it was as if I unloaded that burden & left it behind on those pages & for the first time I finally feel completely free in christ. I still have a ways to go but I will get through it with God clearing the way & guarding my rear. I will probably use journaling again its only been a few days.

    1. Nicole,

      That is really awesome that you can tune out noise! When I had younger children, I would let them watch 20 minutes of Thomas the Train or something while I had my quiet time. I love hearing how you connect with God throughout the day. So beautiful!

  12. Also since I started this routine change, my 2yr old will randomly walk up to me & ask me to read my bible to her & shes started sining the christain songs on the radio, it just melts my heart. I also believe God is speaking through her occasionally, monday we went shopping & she randomly said “Daddy is good enough” & we were talkin about pigs, the night before I had a big revelation about my husband id come to the realization that he never changed but I did. God works in amazing ways, even through babies.

  13. I developed a Bible study method for myself…… then that taught inside my church and now I am bringing it to other churches!

    April – your ministry is awesome and I am so glad a good friend pointed me to your blog! Praise God for you – God has used you in a powerful way to change my marriage and take it to new heights! Keep on preaching sista!

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