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A Test

I’d like to invite you to join us in a discussion about spiritual tests at We ALL face spiritual tests many, many times in our lives. Are we prepared? Why do we have to have tests? What might God desire to accomplish when we are tested and when we go through trials? What does Satan desire to do in our lives through tests? How can we be well-prepared for the spiritual tests that are coming our way and how can we learn the most from them?

3 thoughts on “A Test

  1. Oh April….I really wish you could see the magnitude in which God uses you. Sometimes it is just beyond my comprehension completely. Right now I am a little in shock. Friday, God told me I had to go through a very hard test. He had been trying to show me this for a very long time. I won’t put details here. It won’t help anyone on this journey but it is a part of my journey. And then I wake up this morning and you posted this. Everything God needed to tell me in plain words. I am not looking forward to this test but how can I possibly deny it now….. Thank you once again precious April for letting God speak through you.

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