I Would Love to Hear Your Stories about Honoring Your Husband As a Father

Greg and our daughter at church in 2012
Greg and our daughter at church in 2012

Father’s Day is coming up in America in about a week or so. I would love to spend a few days talking about how we can honor and respect our husbands as fathers. I may use your comment anonymously in a post (or possibly in my book) if you share.


Would you please share your stories about one or more of the following:

1. How God has shown you to uphold your husband’s authority as a father and how you make sure to present yourself with him as a united front to the children

2. Some specific ways that your husband feels most respected as a parent

3. How you seek to train your children to honor their father


Would you please share:

1. Your perspective about how a wife can bless her husband as a dad

2. Any stories of how your wife inspired your children to respect and honor you that deeply impacted your heart

Thanks, everyone. 🙂

May God richly bless your walk with Christ, your marriage and your family!