Happy Wives Club Book Review – by A Fellow Wife


I recently finished reading an absolutely fabulous book. It is a book that is going to be on my nightstand for quite awhile because I know that it will be reread and referred back to often after that. This book is chock full of helpful information to help you achieve the goal of a happy marriage.

So what exactly is the scoop on this book? What is it really about?

Happy Wives Club is a book written by the lovely Fawn Weaver. She has decided she has had enough with the prevailing universal negative attitude toward marriage and wants to make an impact on the world that marriage can be wonderful. She starts an actual online Happy Wives Club that you can join. I did and I love it! There is no cost and there are so many valuable resources on her website to give you fresh daily inspiration for this journey of marriage.

After Fawn makes the decision to start a Happy Wives Club, she sets out on a very in-depth adventure to discover what really makes marriages happy. She travels across 6 continents, interviewing happy couples that have been married for 25+ years to see what advice they can offer on the subject of being happy in your marriage.

  • What are their secrets?
  • What has made marriage work for them?
  • And most importantly, how can we learn from them?

She uncovers many wonderful pieces of wisdom you can learn from and put to work in your own marriage. Most of the things she discovers are practical tips that you can easily put into use. And I absolutely love this next part. At the end of the book, she gathers all of her information, compiles it and compares it. She finds some very common themes in truly happy marriages across all different cultures. I found this amazing.

Cultures are so vastly different from one another yet there are some very strong shared themes that happy marriages share.

I loved traveling with Fawn through this book. Not only did I gather some wonderful wisdom to use in my own marriage, but being a gal with a bit of gypsy blood, I got to travel along to places I may never see and experience them through her journey.

Fawn also shares some information about her own very spiritual journey she is on in her own life. I felt I could relate to her so easily. Lessons she was learning are lessons that I am learning. I found myself crying as I read at times when the lessons she was learning convicted me, too.

This book is an easy read and a quick one. (Mostly because I did not want to put it down!) Her tone in this book is that of a girlfriend you are sitting down with over a cup of your favorite coffee. You literally feel like you know her by the time you complete the book and that she is a personal friend of yours. That is not something you can say about every book that you read.

If you are looking for an uplifting book about marriage that also offers you some very wise counsel, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Happy Wives Club. You’ll be so glad you did. Happy Reading!


A general note of caution – please weigh the words of any human author against Scripture. I am not sure about the spiritual beliefs of the author of this book.  But even with my words or a Christian author, always “test the spirits” and discard any thoughts that are not of God.


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