Learning to Follow


From a precious sister in Christ – Fallenshort – her response to the post “My Husband Won’t Lead in Our Marriage – Part 3”

Yahweh is soooo impressing this issue upon me lately!!! For me, it is one of the biggest ways I have been disrespectful. Just going along at my own speed and not his speed. . .I know that has been so stressful for him :(

Yesterday I was on the respect dare 35  that speaks about making him feel important. I realized how unimportant I have unintentionally made him feel. I wept so hard to think THAT is what i’ve been communicating all of these years!! UGH!

Today we had an early appointment and we needed to drive separately. We’ve both been to where we were going many times, so normally I wouldn’t have thought twice about who led the way. This is not something we’ve ever discussed or pondered over in our family. As we left the house I felt a strange nudge to back up and let him pull out in front of me. No big deal, so I did. . . But as we were pulling away I felt this strange sense of accomplishment! And I clearly heard the Lord speak to my spirit and say “YES!! THAT’S IT!! GOOD GIRL!!! LET HIM LEAD!!!”.

I said nothing, but a few minutes later my teenage son said, “Ugh! Why did you let dad lead? He always drives so much slower!”. I thought it very strange that he would say anything about that. But before I could even process his question, I said to him, “Dad knows exactly how fast to lead our family. Dad is patient and careful. If we were to push him faster that would be reckless. For many years I have done just that and I know from experience that it would be better for all of us if we follow dad’s lead.”. And I know the words did not come from me.

I drove down the road with a heart full of praise for the One who knows me and meets me exactly where I am in the middle of all the small stuff! And it was so strange when we got there, I am convinced that my husband, who witnessed none of this, was standing a little taller today. . .




What an incredible opportunity to communicate truth and repentance to your son.

This brought tears to my eyes!

It’s so funny that you mention this. I used to always just take the lead myself if Greg and I drove separately, too. But since I have been working on respecting his leadership, I also back up and allow him to lead, and I follow him instead of going my own way.  I also allow him to lead when we are walking in a store or a park or somewhere.  And, I encourage the children to follow BEHIND him, not to run ahead.

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!