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Forgiveness Stories

Hey, there!

I am looking for forgiveness stories – experiences you have had in your life where God has empowered you to forgive something you never thought you could ever forgive.  And then describe how forgiveness affected you and your relationship with God – as well as maybe other outcomes because of your forgiveness that brought honor and glory to God.


I will collect the stories I receive and may use several of them in a post next week – if I have enough, I may make more than one post on this important topic.


If you are struggling to forgive someone, you may want to check out this post on forgiveness.


By the way:

If you started The Respect Dare, but got stuck on one dare or ended up losing focus or not staying with it every day – that is ok!

I would much rather you stay on one dare for a few days or a week or even a few weeks if necessary  -and listen to God and really dig deep than to gloss over something important. 🙂

If you are feeling overwhelmed – take a break and focus on God.


Or – you are welcome to leave a comment!


Much love to you all!

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness Stories

    1. Thank you! Would it be ok if I call you “Espresso”? I might share a bit from the first comment you gave me about your situation and how God empowered you to forgive your uncle. Is that ok?

  1. I am glad that you mentioned if you lost your focus or got stuck to take a break. I was doing so well for three weeks and then I just didn’t put very much effort towards the dares each day. Thankfully, I’m getting back on track though!

    1. Lori,

      Sometimes, we have to go a lot slower and take one per week or even less. Listen to God. Don’t rush through these dares. Refocus on Christ.

      Much love!

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