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A Wife Battles Pride

Here is an email from a wife that I think many other wives will relate to!  Thank you to this wife for sharing your heart!  This is part of how this journey looks as God shows us our sin and we hash through these issues, seeking to learn all we can and to humble ourselves and allow God to change us.  She read some of my posts about how I used to act towards my husband:
One  (post I read) was your incident with the A/C guy and “cleaning the garage”. WOW, did THAT speak to my heart. I praise God for putting you in my life. It’s like we speak the same language (pride). If God changed you I BELIEVE He can change me. You give me hope and encouragement.

I got mad at my hubby AGAIN today. Yes, the root was pride. It took a while for God to expose it, I just kept hanging on TO WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE. I kept hearing, “Do you want to be right or be happy?”. “I want to be right!” was my response.

You see, that’s one of my big problems. I think I’m right all the time. Being like that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to have peace with others.  (From Peacefulwife – that was me, too!) You’re in a dark room BUT insist that you see clearly and everyone else is unable to see. Now that God is showing me how deceived I’ve been (in my own pride and need to be right), I realize the battle is within.  It’s like I’ve been conning myself all these years, the flesh, you know?

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. The truth about me is a very freeing thing, but sometimes this flesh doesn’t want me to see or know the truth. It convinces me I am the victim and I DESERVE better. Or, it makes me think that “if only he saw it my way” everything would be good. He’s wrong, and when I show him how wrong he is then we can be okay again.

I get hung up on his role…..this is a very bad habit of mine. Thinking how he ought to be as a husband.

I kinda know I’m being disrespectful, but I’m so blinded by my own desires I can’t see straight.

It took the Holy Spirit about 20 min or more to finally convict me of why I was so upset.  It’s weird because I see God CHANGING ME FOR GOOD, but He just keeps digging deeper, showing MORE AND MORE sin.  God will not settle for second best. He wants the very best for me and He will keep chipping away….burning off that dross so I will reflect Jesus.

Why do we have SO MANY LAYERS OF PRIDE????

I talked it out with my husband (sadly we were both yelling at FIRST). Then I apologized and admitted my struggle. I shared where it was coming from, but I also confessed that I have a problem wanting HIM TO MEET MY NEED. I want him to value me (like Christ tells us a husband to). I just let it all hang out 🙁   My hubby was so sweet and kind, just listening.  I gave him a big hug and told him I knew we both loved God and that we are going through a LOT, the house being under construction, my mother in-law moving into our home and his work being unsteady. There are so many uncertainties in our life right now. God/Jesus really is our Rock and we have been standing on Him and it IS NOT HOPELESS. We might fail, but God is there lifting us up and changing us.

April, I used to get so DISCOURAGED and believe it was hopeless. I just wanted to throw in the towel. We are in 8 and 6’s on the drama scale. God keeps them to a 2, but every once in a while the heat turns up and it feels like a 10. I find myself falling on my face, needing His grace….

I also read your blog about not complaining…OKAY that is a HUGE problem for me. It kinda comes and goes?

I will try for 2 weeks to not complain, even to God. With the Chronic Fatigue and stuff, I will need to use discretion on when to say something? Because even there, not everyone wants to hear I’m tired or hurting. So, God can help me with that too.

5 thoughts on “A Wife Battles Pride

  1. Wow! I can relate to this SO much! thank you, to the wife that shared this and allowed you to post.

  2. I can totally relate I’ve been fasting and I’m one of those people who get irritable when I’m hungry and on top of that I’ve got my per pms symptoms. I got home from work and my husband wants to start cleaning house at 915pm I don’t even get to sit down and catch my breath ! My husband is a godly man we have worked through so much in our 2 years of marriage and there are still a lot of scars that raise their ugly heads around pms time. Well my husband made a hard statement and I automatically took to the defense and flew off the handle even though he really didn’t mean to upset me. I don’t have problems with admitting I’m wrong in an argument, my problem is that once I get in an argument I go defenseless and don’t say anything I just let my husband lecture me down which makes him mad cause he thinks I’m not acknowledging him and so he keeps badgering me till I cry or do something rash. I’m not good at all at talking through problems. I feel like ill never win anyways cause my husband always thinks he is right and I just automatically take the defeated side.

    1. June,

      I LOVE fasting – but I get very irritable with low blood sugar, too. So, to honor my husband’s request – and because my blood sugar bottomed out when I was driving one time and my husband had to come get me – I only fast for breakfast now, and I eat before I drive. This way, also, I am not grumpy with my children or my husband. That kind of defeats the whole point of fasting if I am a big mess. But that is the conclusion I have come to. Maybe your husband might have a suggestion about how he would like you to handle fasting?

      Your husband helps you clean the house??? THAT IS AWESOME! Sounds like you do have an amazing man!

      If you would like to tell me about the argument, we can dissect it and talk about possible ways to handle things like that respectfully in the future – and in a way where you can say what you need to say, too.

      I am so glad to meet you!

      Much love!

    1. That is a great idea! I have done juice fasts- but my blood sugar bottoms out too fast. Milk is sometimes an option, but if my sinusitis is acting up, I can’t do milk. But chicken stock sounds like a great option! Thanks, Lisa!

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