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What I Admire about Godly Men – Part 1


I could actually write a LOT more than I am writing – but I am trying to not let it get too long!

1. The things I admire most about men in general are  –

  • The way they think so differently from women.  I LOVE learning how men work through problems and hearing how my husband imagines a scale and weighs the pros and cons, or uses a formula to plug in different variables to see what the best outcome would be.  I love hearing how some men don’t think in words, but only in silent movies or pictures.  I love learning how some men do think in words, but in a totally different way from the way that we women think.
  • I also love learning about how differently men process emotions from women.  That they don’t use words as they process the emotions, necessarily – and that it takes time for them to put their emotions into words.
  • I love the way so many godly men talk about how they want to be sure that the feelings and emotions they share won’t hurt their wives.  They take time to filter their emotions through a “respect filter” to try to keep from causing unnecessary damage to those they love.  I RESPECT THAT!  I am humbled when I hear men say that they would rather hold their emotions in than risk hurting their wives by sharing their emotions. I long for everyone in every marriage and relationship to be able to share their feelings – but I respect that so many men want to be careful not to hurt their wives.
  • So many men I have talked with seem to have a genuine humility about them.  They know they are sinners.  They understand that all people are sinners.  They are prepared to offer grace.  They tend to be so free with forgiveness – that humbles me and inspires me, as well.
  • The way they can literally think about nothing.  I am sometimes SO JEALOUS of that ability!  What a blessing to be able to just turn off all the thoughts and just rest and relax.
  • The way their influence on their children is SO POWERFUL.  When godly men use their influence as fathers – they keep children close to God, they keep them out of trouble, drugs, pre-marital sex, crime, gangs, etc.  Dads are their daughters’ first handsome prince – teaching them how they should expect to be treated by men and treasured.  Dads are their sons first heroes – teaching them what it means to be disciplined, responsible, mature and what it means to be a godly man.  What an incredibly valuable job.  No woman can be a dad.  We need men to be dads.
  • The way they so often think logically and don’t allow emotion to cloud their judgment.  I am thankful for this trait men have.  I’m glad that God made them to be the leaders in marriage and in the church.
  • The way they are often so emotionally and spiritually stable.
  • The way they often won’t allow themselves to be manipulated or controlled.
  • The way they can work in the most awful conditions without complaining – they focus on getting the mission or job done, no matter the inconvenience, personal sacrifice, or dirt involved.
  • The way they play and have fun sometimes.
  • Their sense of humor.

2. The things I admire most about my own husband are –

  • His endless patience with me, with our children, with projects, with working through problems or even just jig-saw puzzles.  He amazes me with his ability to maintain calm, poise, composure and just keep persevering no matter how tedious the task.
  • His amazing ability to do renovations on the house.  He does a beautiful job – better than the professionals a lot of times.  Our home is my dream home – built by his hands – every room he has redone reminds me of his great love for me and the hard work, blood, and sweat he was willing to endure to give me this gift to show his love for me.
  • That he will willingly work on plumbing projects under the house – and can be covered with nastiness and have to crawl on his belly with lots of bugs, mud, sewage and kitchen mess under the house and never complain – just gets the job done, and does it well.  WOW!  Um… we would be in serious trouble if I had to try to fix that stuff! 🙂
  • His godly wisdom.  Sometimes I don’t agree with him about a decision at the time – but almost every single time, when I look back much later in hind sight – I see very clearly that God was leading him, and that if we had done what I wanted to do at the time, it would have caused a big disaster.
  • His strong leadership.  Before December of 2008 – I thought my husband wouldn’t/couldn’t lead in our marriage.  I was SO VERY WRONG.  I just had to step down out of the way.  It has been the most precious experience of my life to watch God work in Greg to cause him to stand taller and to learn to be confident in himself and to blossom into an amazing, godly leader.  I am in awe.
  • What a wonderful dad he is.  There is nothing that warms my heart as much as seeing my husband in the back yard playing ball with our children – watching the HUGE smiles on their faces as he teaches them his ball-handling skills and as they talk with him and he bonds with them in this simple way.  Our children know they are loved by their Daddy.  Since I have learned to respect Greg as my husband and as a dad, we back each other up as parents.  It is WONDERFUL!  If I ask them to do something, and they hesitate or don’t obey me – Greg reiterates what I just said and then they get up right away and obey.  When we stand together united like that – our children’s behavior and obedience is just amazing.  And if he asks them to do something, and they resist, then I repeat what their Daddy asked them to do and ask them to please respect and obey their Daddy – and they go do what they were told. How incredible to work together as a team in unity and harmony.
  • My husband’s spiritual strength.  He is very private about his spiritual life.  I respect that now.  I don’t interfere with his relationship with God.  I pray for him – but in a way that shows I am on his side.  I don’t criticize him spiritually anymore – and Greg blows my mind with the things he has learned and the godly wisdom he shares with me and with husbands.
  • How calm he is under pressure and when there is an emergency.  He is my emotional and spiritual rock – I look to him when everything around me and in me seems to be unstable.
  • He is SO forgiving.  He keeps no record of my wrongs.

Questions 3 and 4 will be continued tomorrow!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my husband, Greg!

And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

Happy Unofficial Men Appreciation Day to all the men.

I am so thankful for godly men – for husbands, for fathers.

I am so thankful for God’s wisdom in creating men exactly the way He did to accomplish His good purposes.

And I am so thankful for the way that godly masculinity and godly femininity combine to create unity and teamwork for the glory of God!

7 thoughts on “What I Admire about Godly Men – Part 1

  1. I need some help with a horrible situation I’m trying to deal with. My step son is 16. I’m 36. He’s at our house on weekends. It started with him making me uncomfortable, watching me, stareing at my breast, brushing against me, used to say I was the perfect woman, etc. He is a porn addict. He has stolen most of my panties (and his sisters) out of the dirty clothes!!!!! We are renovating our bathroom and the tub surround has been removed, waiting on the new tile to come in. I was bathing one evening. My husband walked to my step sons room and turned the lights on. I looked up at that moment and saw something that changed my life and may destroy my marriage…. My step son’s eye watching me bathe. I’m very modest and can not accept that he watched me, who knows how many times, naked. He lies non stop when he is confronted. He steals all the time, even from my neighbor days after her husband passed away. He seems to not care about anyones but his own feelings and knows no boundaries. My husband and I fight about this everyday. He thinks I’m making to big of a deal over “normal teenage behaviors” because I was molested when I was a child. Maybe so but I feel like he doesn’t care about my feelings. I think s. son is mentally ill and needs help but my hubby said I was being cruel for saying so. Step son acts like all the problems are my fault.

    Ex. I got him in trouble with his mom. I made him give his sister his birthday money to buy new panties, so it’s my fault he didn’t get a ps3. I took his bedroom door, so HE has no privacy. I put a block on my computer, so he can bareley look at anything. I made him return things to our neighbor and apologize, so he hates me and doesn’t care what I say. I make him keep both hands on the cart at the store, so I’m treating him like a child. He acts like he’s a victim and I’ve done something wrong!

    I don’t know how to fix this. I feel like my heart is hardening to my husband and I can’t even look at my step son. I feel horribly violated. I catch my self snapping at both of them and thats not me. I don’t think I’d feel worse if he rapped me…. How do I live this way? I can’t even sleep with him in the house! I have no one else I can talk to. Do you have any advice?

    On Jun 16, 2013 4:01 AM, “Peacefulwife's Blog” wrote: > > peacefulwife posted: ” I could actually write a LOT more than I am writing – but I am trying to not let it get too long! 1. The things I admire most about men in general are – The way they think so differently from women. I LOVE learning how men work through proble” >

    1. Patricia,

      Is your husband aware of the panties being taken, him watching you bathe, his porn addiction, how he brushes against you and all of these things?

      What does your husband want to do about these issues?

    2. Patricia,
      Is your husband a believer in Christ?
      Are you?

      Would your husband be willing to talk with a Christian counselor with you?

      The things your step son is doing are very destructive. I pray your husband might see that and act to correct these issues. I am not sure that you can be the one to try to correct him. You can tell your husband what you want, respectfully, and how violated you feel. You can say what you need to feel safe. But your husband may respond best if he feels that you support him as a father and feels respected by you as you are asking.

      You may have to establish healthy boundaries for yourself. How is it that it was possible for your stepson to watch you bathing? Maybe the doors need to always be shut and locked when you are in the bathroom.

      I pray for all of you! A blended family is very difficult. Children often don’t take discipline from their step parents. As much as possible, I pray you and your husband might show a united front with this boy. Is there a godly man who might be willing to mentor him?

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