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What We Admire about Men


I am getting such WONDERFUL answers from the ladies to my questions yesterday – I think I may have to run multiple posts!  That is a GREAT “problem” to have!  Thank you to the ladies who contributed.  I know many other wives, marriages and husbands will be blessed.

Here are the questions I asked on Friday:

If you would, please answer one or more of the following questions for me to possibly use in a post:

1. The things I admire most about men in general are  –

2. The things I admire most about my own husband are –

3. What fascinates me about masculinity is –

4. Masculinity helps me to understand God’s nature better by showing me –



1. Men are BEAUTIFUL and FASCINATING creatures to watch.

2. My husband is The Primo Alpha Male. He doesn’t back down from me. Through his leadership and dominance, he patiently teaches me submission.

3. It is wild and undomesticated that says, “Women and children first!”

4. I’m more balanced when I take into consideration both sides of God’s personality. Being female, I tend to lean naturally on God’s feminine qualities, which brings me to the image (which I’m sure you’ve all seen) of Jesus carrying the little lamb: relationally nurturing. However, there is the flip side to the God coin, the masculine. If it wasn’t for my husband’s interpretation of David and his Mighty Men, I wouldn’t understand the warrior heart of God, you know, “The God Who wars” and “God-of-angel-armies” –yes, God’s heart of vengeance.


1. The things I admire most about men in general are – the way that they are so protective of women in general. It is in their nature to protect.

2. The things I admire most about my own husband are – He is an amazing father. He works so hard to provide for our family. He works overtime so that I can stay home with my baby because its what feels right for us. He balances me out and makes me feel safe. He is also a wonderful leader for me and put family.

3. What fascinates me about masculinity is –
How different it makes men. There is such a difference between men and women.

4. Masculinity helps me to understand God’s nature better by showing me – Strength. Men just seem to have a strength about them. Physical and emotional. They use their strength to be strong for others.


Hi April, Great idea.
1. I admire the way they think, so methodical and focused, and of course their masculine bodies! I even like the way they (blush) smell!

2. It would be a very long list if I wrote everything I admire about my husband, but mostly it’s his patience, and perseverance. He does not quit. He’s also a brilliant man to have around in a crisis. He stays calm and takes charge with grace and finesse..makes everyone feel better. I love that he’s a brilliant man, with a very creative mind, that makes our life so interesting and exciting… I can honestly say because of his mind and dreams , in 40 years of marriage it has never been dull and I’ve never been bored.

3. Great question! What fascinates me about masculinity is focus. We woman can be great multitaskers, but I love the calm steadfast focus of a man at work. It inspires and touches me…

4. steady and reliable, and faithful and consistent God is.. How safe are the arms of God.


Hi, April! I love what I’ve learned from your blog about how men mirror the role of Jesus and women the role of the church. It has changed the way I think about gender roles in my marriage. Just one example: it is true that my husband gets a thrill out of providing for me! I used to feel guilty, or not worthy of, receiving things like an expensive dinner out or what we call “frivolous” money, but he is happy to give those things to me, so I have learned to accept the gift with graciousness and enjoy it! That’s not to say that I deserve God’s gifts to me; it just illustrates that sometimes there really is a “free lunch”–I don’t have to do anything to be good enough for it.  (From Peacefulwife – I am SO glad!  LOVE THIS!  Our ability to accept and receive the provisions of our men graciously is a gift to them!)

One thing I admire about men in general is that (in my observation, anyway) they are less likely than women to do things out of guilt. They seem pretty clear about the boundaries on their time and relationships, so they don’t have the hand-wringing, “I don’t WANT to but I SHOULD” episodes that women can have regarding extra commitments and unhealthy “friendships.” I like how straightforward men can be about keeping those things in check.

7 thoughts on “What We Admire about Men

  1. God bless these women, who are open to and thankful for the distinctives of their husbands. Unless they’ve kept their appreciation a secret, their husbands are being motivated to be even better husbands and fathers by their wives’ admiration.

    Wife # 4’s struggle with accepting gifts reminds me of a time in my marriage. We had gone through (and were still in) a long stretch of financial stress while trying to start a new business. We had some unexpected bonus money come in — not enough to make any kind of a dent in the total debt we had, but enough to do something I’d never been able to do before (all our monthly bills were met already). In part because I’d always wanted to do it, and in part to express my thanks for my wife’s suffering through our financial drought, I bought her some (small) diamond earrings with ruby surrounds (or whatever you call them). Didn’t go well. She thought it was a waste and argued with me about them before reluctantly accepting them. The kicker is that when she divorced me 10 years later, she kept them.

    1. David,

      Thank you for sharing!

      MOST controlling women are awful at receiving gifts! I was, too. Laura Doyle’s book, “The Surrendered Wife” had a whole chapter about what a gift it is to our husbands when we graciously accept and appreciate the gifts they give to us and don’t complain, return them, or insist they can’t afford it. She is not a believer – I advise women to always weigh EVERY human author’s words against Scripture. But that chapter helped me immensely!

      I hope wives will understand that refusing a gift our husbands give to us hurts them, and that joyfully accepting their gifts is a blessing to them.

  2. I am so glad that I read this post as I had not realized how important it is to a husband to give to us. This will help me to enjoy my husbands gifts wholeheartedly. 🙂 He just showed me the progress he made on a lattice trellis he is putting in our garden tonight. When he gets home from buying more cement for the posts I am going to thank him hugely!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Wendy,

      That would be VERY wise of you! 🙂 When husbands feel their efforts are appreciated – they tend to get even more generous! They LOVE seeing their wives happy!

      Thank you for sharing! You are a blessing to me. 🙂

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