How God Used an Old Truck and a Wife’s Great Faith


This is a reader’s response to my post about the opportunity I had to sell my minivan.  (You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here from that series)  I LOVE her story!   This is a beautiful real life example of how obeying God’s Word, showing respect for our husbands, honoring their leadership and taking our desires and needs to God in prayer give God opportunities to do miracles in our lives!  This is a GOOD one.  I know many wives are about to be greatly blessed!  Thank you to this precious wife for sharing!


I would like to share a testimony of God working in my marriage.  This happened over 10 years ago, so maybe I am remembering it simply for my own encouragement! It seems we never stop learning!

We owned an old Toyota pickup truck that had been very useful but we had come to a point that it really was a spare vehicle (my husband had received a work vehicle through employment that was only to be used for his job). We needed to have some work done on our house, which required a certain amount of money that would be due to our insurance agency to pay for the deductable. We did not have the money to pay the insurance deductable.

One morning I believed that God had put it on my heart that by selling the Toyota (which we really no longer needed) we would then have the amount needed to pay our insurance company so that we could repair our floor beam in the bathroom. The tiles were beginning to pop up and the tub was beginning to sink! It was not something that could continually be put off!

Any time I would talk to my husband about either issue, (the truck being sold/ or the bathroom problem) he would not really listen to me or give any suggestions. It was very frustrating. One day I told him that I believed we should sell the truck. He disagreed and said that he liked that truck and didn’t want to sell it. He never came up with any other options.

One day as I was talking to the Lord, I mentioned to Him that possibly I misunderstood what I believed he had put on my heart. After all, why would he give me the impression in prayer that the truck would provide the necessary money if my husband would not sell the truck? I did not mention selling the truck any more.

I simply told God that I knew that if selling the truck was our answer, that He could certainly sell it without even a for sale sign on the truck!

Well… a few weeks later (I had forgotten that I have even talked to the Lord about it) my husband and I were sitting in our living room and a man knocks on the door. My husband gets it and when he comes back into the room he explains that some man was asking him if he would consider selling the pickup truck in the driveway. My husband told him “NO, it is not for sale”. This truck at the time had probably close to 200,000 miles on it, not in mint condition, had no air conditioning!

Immediately, I remembered my private time with the Lord, and I got tickled! At this point I did mention to my husband that I had been praying about the truck and what to do. Well, quite a bit of time went by and we did nothing. The bathroom continued to get worse. The same man stopped by another time when I was at home alone asking me if my husband would reconsider selling the truck. Nope, my husband had no interest in selling.

One day I was driving with my two older sons and felt someone was following me. I quickly turned into a convenience store and the car followed me in. I went inside with my sons and purchased them Slurpees. The same man approached me and with exasperation said, “Would you PLEASE ask your husband if he would NOW sell that pickup??? I have cash with me. (he was offering twice what we paid for it) I will meet him right now in the parking lot if he will simply bring me the title it could be a done deal!!” I couldn’t believe it! I went straight home, it was a late Friday afternoon. Told my husband that now this man had met me at a convenience store and was asking to PLEASE buy the truck. You know what?? That day, the offer was perfect for my husband!!!

He found the title, signed it, met the man in the parking lot. The rest was history! I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS STORY THE REST OF MY LIFE!

God can make an old pickup look like a shiny diamond to someone. He doesn’t even need a for sale sign!!!

…..and yes, I finally got my bathroom taken care of! Thank God!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!  

Obviously – God DID lay the idea of selling the truck on this wife’s heart.

And what a beautiful example of respecting her husband and submitting to his leadership she gave here – even though she was frustrated with her husband’s lack of action.

  • What if she had tried to force things?  
  • What if she hadn’t trusted God?
  • What if she hadn’t prayed?
  • What if her heart was so full of unforgiveness/bitterness/pride/wanting control herself that she hadn’t heard God to start with?
  • What if she tried to override her husband?
  • What if she complained and nagged and pressured him about selling the truck?

I think this story would have had a very different outcome.

Please notice:

  • God WAS able to lead this wife even though her husband was passive.
  • God used this situation to increase the faith of both the husband and the wife  – and now many hundreds of other people as well!
  • There was a long time of waiting involved for the wife – but it was for God’s ultimate glory!
  • God does miracles in proportion to our faith.  Where there is little faith, there are few miracles.  Where there is big faith, there are big miracles – not always what we expect or pray for – but when we seek God’s glory – He will work mightily in our lives!

When this wife was living in obedience to God, was full of His Spirit, able to hear His voice, had faith and took her concerns to Him in prayer, told her husband what she believed God wanted them to do, respected her husband, cooperated with his leadership (even though she didn’t agree with him) – look at the miracle God did!  WOW!  It required a lot of patience and waiting on her part.  But it was WORTH it!