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A Minivan Update!


This is a follow up to my first post about the possibility of selling my 2006 minivan and how I trusted God and my husband with the outcome. I had wanted to possibly sell my minivan because we don’t really need so much space now that we aren’t lugging strollers, pac-n-plays and high chairs around. And the gas milage isn’t the best on my van – just 18 mpg.

I know you are all on pins and needles! 🙂


I cleaned the inside and outside of the van to the best of my ability. It was a bit of a birthday gift to myself  (I don’t splurge on car washes very often!  And the one I go to has a FREE VACUUM that works really well).  I also figured I would be prepared in case we did end up trying to sell the van.

I waited patiently several days to see if my husband mentioned anything. He didn’t.  That’s fine.

I looked online to see what the blue book value of the van would be.

It’s SOOOO CLEAN inside!  Mostly! 🙂



Wednesday night, I said (in a pleasant, cheerful, nonchalant voice), “I looked up the blue book value of the van today.”

He said, “$7,000 – $8,000”

I was surprised! He had already looked it up, too. 🙂

He said, “The kind of car that would really save money on gas would be something pretty small that I don’t think you would be very happy with. If we got a car like that, I calculated that we would save about $1000/year on gas. But it would probably cost us $10,000 – $12,000 more than what we would get for your van to get a car that would be that good on gas milage. There are some other cars that would get slightly better gas milage, like 25mpg, but the savings on gas costs wouldn’t be very significant just changing from 18mpg to 25mpg.”

So I said, “Thanks for checking into that! I really appreciate it. Hmm… I see how the gas savings wouldn’t really pay off right now.”

I love how my husband often gives me an explanation for his reasoning. That helps me understand and trust him more. But there are some times when husbands don’t have the time to explain their reasons for things, and I still cooperate with my husband now even if he doesn’t explain.

I didn’t allow myself to get super attached to the idea of selling the van and getting something smaller.  That is a HUGE reason why I can have peace no matter what way decisions go now.

There was no argument. There were no raised voices, stomping or slammed doors. I didn’t try to force my way. I didn’t take over and just make a decision on my own. I didn’t freak out or worry at any point during the week. There was no resentment on either side. Each of us felt heard and understood. And I believe we have a great decision for our family!


In 1996 my husband and I visited Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta – the same year that the Olympics were held there. A man started running past us with a gun drawn. I totally panicked and took off running away from the gun guy. Greg tried to stop me, but I didn’t listen and kept running away from the man with the gun.

What Greg realized, and I hadn’t  – was that the man with the gun I had seen was an undercover cop/government agent. And  Greg also saw that there was another man with a gun – the bad guy – and I was running TOWARDS the bad dude.

Thankfully, Greg got to me and steered me to safety. No shots were fired that I know of.  Greg whisked me quickly away.

My point?

There are some times when I just need to listen to Greg without an explanation. He will probably tell me his reasoning later.  Then I can thank him for being my HERO and the best husband in the world!


I will call the gentleman who was interested in buying our van in a few days and tell him, “My husband is not interested in selling, but thanks for the offer!”

And then I will enjoy my van, my children and my husband. 🙂


If you are new to my blog – you may not have seen some of my other real life examples.  That is the kind of thing I think would have been super helpful to me 4 years ago when I was first learning this stuff.  Check out these posts, too:

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So – it was a really bad idea (in hindsight) to ask my daughter to draw a birthday card for her cousin 2 summers ago and leave the crayons in the car armrest when it was over 100F outside.  I tried to chisel the melted crayons out this week – not working.  Any suggestions?


16 thoughts on “A Minivan Update!

  1. Boiling water and some kitchen towels? Or (slightly more dangerous) open the door and put a lit tea-light in there (you know the little candles with the metal container) and see if you can melt it bit by bit and then mop it up. Hope you figure something out.

  2. The crayons are a great analogy for how long we can let things go until we are getting ready to “lose” something 🙂 (2 years in your case here!). My marriage was like crayons in the sun until my husband gave me a wake up call (someone else wants the van :))! And then I had to get out the chisel!

    1. Merrie Beth,
      Ha! that is a great analogy!

      I actually had tried numerous times, half-heartedly, to get those crayons out. But quickly gave up because the mess is several layers deep and I was getting nowhere!

      But yes, the idea of someone wanting to buy my van and seeing that mess was the motivation I needed to try a little harder! 🙂

      I like how you compared that to the mess in the marriage. Thanks! 🙂

  3. A few years ago, if I remember correctly, we were able to get melted crayons out of our van (which happens to be light blue too!) on a cold day when they were really solid and more brittle. It was impossible when it was warmer. It’s cold this morning here, so I’m sure it is in Columbia too. Maybe it would work by chiseling again this morning? If the van surface is rougher, you might have to use a stiff brush to get the remaining bit out, and i read online that a little dawn dish soap can get the remaining “grease” spot that might be left. Enjoy your CLEAN van!!

  4. Try using a blow dryer to melt the crayons and then sop them up with brown paper bags. This worked on our carpet.

  5. Hi April, I live in Wisconsin. It is about 20 degrees in daytime right now. If that van were in my garage right now, I would use pressure to crack it, take a thin metal spatula, get under it and pop it out. So, my suggestion… keep putting ice in and replacing it until frozen and freeze it out!!…. or road trip to Wisconsin! It should work 🙂

  6. Good morning! I would like to share a testimony of God working in my marriage. This happened over 10 years ago, so maybe I am remembering it simply for my own encouragement! It seems we never stop learning! We owned an old Toyota pickup truck that had been very useful but we had come to a point that it really was a spare vehicle (my husband had received a work vehicle through employment that was only to be used for his job). We needed to have some work done on our house, which required a certain amount of money that would be due to our insurance agency to pay for the deductable. We did not have the money to pay the insurance deductable. One morning I believed that God had put it on my heart that by selling the Toyota (which we really no longer needed) we would then have the amount needed to pay our insurance company so that we could repair our floor beam in the bathroom. The tiles were beginning to pop up and the tub was beginning to sink! It was not something that could continually be put off! Any time I would talk to my husband about either issue, (the truck being sold/ or the bathroom problem) he would not really listen to me or give any suggestions. It was very frustrating. One day I told him that I believed we should sell the truck. He disagreed and said that he liked that truck and didn’t want to sell it. He never came up with any other options. One day as I was talking to the Lord, I mentioned to Him that possibly I misunderstood what I believed he had put on my heart. After all, why would he give me the impression in prayer that the truck would provide the necessary money if my husband would not sell the truck? I did not mention selling the truck any more. I simply told God that I knew that if selling the truck was our answer, that he could certainly sell it without even a for sale sign on the truck! Well… a few weeks later (I had forgotten that I have even talked to the Lord about it) my husband and I were sitting in our living room and a man knocks on the door. My husband gets it and when he comes back into the room he explains that some man was asking him if he would consider selling the pickup truck in the driveway. My husband told him “NO, it is not for sale”. This truck at the time had probably close to 200,000 miles on it, not in mint condition, had no air conditioning! Immediately, I remembered my private time with the Lord, and I got tickled! At this point I did mention to my husband that I had been praying about the truck and what to do. Well, quite a bit of time went by and we did nothing. The bathroom continued to get worse. The same man stopped by another time when I was at home alone asking me if my husband would reconsider selling the truck. Nope, my husband had no interest in selling. One day I was driving with my two older sons and felt someone was following me. I quickly turned into a convenience store and the car followed me in. I went inside with my sons and purchased them slurpees. The same man approached me and with exasperation said, “Would you PLEASE ask your husband if he would NOW sell that pickup??? I have cash with me. (he was offering twice what we paid for it) I will meet him right now in the parking lot if he will simply bring me the title it could be a done deal!!” I couldn’t believe it! I went straight home, it was a late Friday afternoon. Told my husband that now this man had met me at a convenience store and was asking to PLEASE buy the truck. You know what?? That day, the offer was perfect for my husband!!!
    He found the title, signed it, met the man in the parking lot. The rest was history! I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS STORY THE REST OF MY LIFE! God can make an old pickup look like a shiny diamond to someone. He doesn’t even need a for sale sign!!!…..and yes, I finally got my bathroom taken care of! Thank God!

    1. S Johnston,
      THAT is an awesome story about the power of prayer and living by faith and trusting God. Would you please allow me to use it as a post? I want many wives to benefit from this! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story of God at work, submission, respect and answered prayer. I love it!

  7. I have a town and country too 🙂 Maybe a hairdryer would melt it enough that you could wipe the melted crayon out?

  8. Did you fix the crayon mess? I would try ‘melting’ them with a hairdryer or in the hot son and as soon as it softens whipe the crayon away bit by bit… There is also a produce here in Australia specifically for removing sticky things at those large stores that sell everything for gardening/home maintenance they can work wonders

    1. ‘Product’ I mean – its designed for taking stickers off windows and its in a spray … I was amazed how quickly it melted away really stubborn stickers that were set firmly into glass by the sun …

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