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Gratitude Exercise

This exercise is simple – but POWERFUL!  It can be applied toward any relationship or situation in life.  But today, I’d like to focus on our gratitude for our husbands and for their strengths. Sometimes coming up with a list of a husband’s strengths can really be difficult for a wife – especially if her mindset […]

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But My Husband NEEDS My Help!

That’s what I used to think.  I am “helping” him!  That sounds noble and godly, right?  That is what I told myself.  Many women believe their husbands couldn’t survive in the world without them doing things for him and telling him what to do and critiquing him constantly and keeping a running account of all […]

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Baby Steps towards Submission

Ahh- Submission!  The word every woman loves to hear, right!?!  This one word is so misunderstood- it can provoke a lot of women to seething anger.  Let me tell you something interesting about this concept before you decide for sure to throw it out and never consider it for your life and your marriage. Submission IS […]

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