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Catch Up on My Latest Videos on my Youtube Channel, “April Cassidy”

When a Guy Wants an Inappropriate Relationship with You –  a 9 minute video


When Your Man Says, “No.” – an 8 minute SKIT video


Someone Spilled Something… AGAIN! – a 3 minute SKIT video

2 thoughts on “Catch Up on My Latest Videos on my Youtube Channel, “April Cassidy”

  1. Thanks for the new videos. I have been following your blog for the past several years and read your book a couple of years ago after going through the Love and Respect book. I was really convicted of a lot of ways I was acting disrespectfully towards my husband. My husband was unfortunately very negatively affected by pornography prior to our marriage, and I did not realize the extent of the damages done. Intimacy went very poorly from the start. I took it so personally, craving to be wanted and accepted. I did not respond to him well. After I read your book I recognized a lot of sinful patterns in my life that I had justified (I felt VERY guilty once I had seen how I was acting and blamed myself for how my husband treated me) and began working on those areas. Then, almost one year ago, I discovered that my husband had been actively using pornography for about two years during our marriage, and was involved in an affair with a co-worker. He left me and our kids for several months and became involved with several other women. The Holy Spirit got a hold of his heart and softened it, and my husband moved back in 4 months ago. He says he has been saved his whole life but was not walking with Christ and was just so far from Him. He is working hard towards identifying specific areas of sin that led him to leave me and our kids and chase worldly pleasures and is trying to make things right. We are getting counseling, individually at first and now together, and I am a part of a Bible-based affair recovery course. I now recognize that much of the guilt I felt prior to the infidelity was because of the blame shifting and emotional abuse, I’ve learned a lot from Leslie Vernick’s material about emotionally destructive marriages, and recognize how I could have acted respectfully without being taken advantage of prior to the infidelity. Now, I really struggle with feeling as if my “heart-change” prior to the infidelity (that I thought was conviction of the Holy Spirit) was actually a result of emotional abuse, at least to a degree. Will you pray for me that I can know what was the Holy Spirit convicting me, and what were the lies from Satan attempting to use guilt to slay me? And pray that I continue to learn to be respectful of my husband, and not live out of fear as I continue to learn who I am in Christ and rebuild my life? I want to honor and respect my husband just as God has asked me to even though he has not earned it, but I don’t want to accept blame unnecessarily. I think the key in my situation will be directing my hope and trust and identity 100% towards God and not to my husband, and I think your material is excellent at emphasizing this. Thank you for allowing God to use you and your story!

    1. Anonymous,

      My precious sister! How my heart breaks at what you have gone through and all of that pain. 🙁

      I am SO thankful that you are getting counseling and that you are in a Bible-based affair recovery course.

      I never want women to blame themselves for things that are not their responsibility. That can be difficult to figure out if you are dealign with emotional abuse. There is such a fine balance in a situation like that to respond appropriately to address a husband’s sin without sinning against him.

      I am very glad the Lord its healing you both.

      There is another resource I am excited about that is helpful in situations like this, Nina Roesner’s 11 week eCourse “Strength and Dignity.”

      Thank you for sharing. I long of women to look to the Lord alone for security, hope, trust, and identity. Yes. And not to idolize their husbands or themselves.

      Much love to you!

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