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Being Peaceful in the Face of Illness/Pain/Exhaustion


My Choice

As a believer in Christ, I know that nothing has come into my life by accident. Every trial is purposed by the Lord to help refine me and conform me to the image of Christ. Because I trust Jesus and His leading in my life, I know He is with me. I receive His promises to me. So I can look at things with new eyes.

I choose to be:

  • Spirit-filled
  • Joyful
  • Thankful
  • Peaceful
  • Full of faith in God
  • Full of praise to the Lord
  • Available to God
  • Dependent on Him

Verses that help me in any kind of difficulty:

  • Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:2-4
  • We also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4
  • Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor. 12:7-10

Verses about God’s healing that is available to me in Christ:

  • Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.  Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:14-16

And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people. Matt. 4:23

How Can I Respond to My Family in a Godly Way When I Am Feeling Awful?

When I face health issues, I can seek to remember that:

  • My exhaustion, pain, or illness does not justify me being grumpy, irritable, hateful, bitter, or entitled.
  • God is with me and as I look to Him, He can give me supernatural strength to respond in His Spirit’s power, yes, even when my flesh is very weak.
  • I can respectfully ask my family for what I need.
  • I can know my limits and may have to say, “I’m so sorry, but I am just not able to do X right now,” at certain times. I have to admit I am human and I need help sometimes, too.
  • I can be honest and vulnerable and share my problems with my husband when something gets worse or there is an issue. I usually only have to do that once. I don’t want to complain unnecessarily. Minor things, I try to keep to myself. But if something is a significant issue, I want to be sure Greg knows about it so he can adjust accordingly or help me if I need help.
  • When God wants me to do something for Him, I trust that He will give me the power to do it, even when I don’t have the power on my own.
  • I can lay all of these needs before Him and entrust them to Him.
  • I can ask the Lord for healing, provision, and wisdom.
  • I can surround myself with godly prayer warrior women and we can pray for one another.
  • I can praise and thank Him for the trials and invite Him to use them for His glory.
  • I can be open to anything He may desire for me to learn in times of difficulty.
  • I need my alone time with the Lord more than ever in those moments.
  • I can focus on my blessings and all of the good things God has provided for me.
  • I can look for ways to encourage others who may be suffering in similar ways and anticipate how many doors God may open for me to minister to others in the future because of this experience I am going through.
  • I can ask the Lord to show me if there is any sin in my life and if He may be chastising me for something specific so that I might repent and be healed.
  • My weaknesses remind me of my total dependence on the Lord and how I can do nothing on my own – that is a good place to be.
  • I can peacefully rest in God’s love for me and in His sovereignty over every aspect of my life.
  • I can joyfully receive all that Jesus is, the abundant Life He offers, all that He has done for me, and all of His resources for me.
  • I can meditate on God’s promises to me and hide His Word in my heart.
  • In Christ, I get to have all of His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
  • I can smile and speak words of Life to others, longing to be a blessing to them.
  • I can savor my time with my family, in spite of my difficulties, and seek to be fully present as much as possible.
  • I can ask God to love my family through me and to make me a blessing to them in the midst of my pain.
  • I can try to get the rest, exercise, and nutrition my body needs as I also graciously seek to be aware of my family’s needs, as well.
  • In Christ, I can love with His supernatural love no matter what my circumstances are at the moment.
  • Jesus determines my character, motives, thoughts, and behaviors as I yield to His Lordship. My illness and health issues do not.
  • I can ask the Lord for His wisdom and discernment about how to approach each trial in a way that honors Him.


How has God empowered you to live by His strength in the face of difficult health issues? Or, how would you like to approach your medical problems in a new way after reading this post? What is the Lord speaking to your heart?

Note – I’d like to keep the comments centered on our spiritual response to our medical issues, to God, and to our families as we face health challenges rather than people giving medical advice to others. Thanks for understanding. 🙂


Check out how the Lord has healed me this summer from a number of physical ailments in this post, A Summer of Healing.



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Divine Healing – by Andrew Murray (Something I am studying in July of 2017 myself and it has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new level of faith in the Lord as Healer)

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Disease was not part of God’s original design for us or for creation. But after sin entered the world, disease is now part of life because we are in a fallen world. There are several causes of disease, according to the Bible:

1. Disease exists because sin is in the world in general.

2. Disease can be a result of a person’s individual sin (i.e.: STDs, gluttony, addictions, anorexia/bulemia, etc… 1 Cor. 6:18-20, Romans 1:27, or other sins James 5:14-15).

3. Disease can be a result of another person’s sin (i.e.: King David’s baby with Bathsheba got sick and died because of David’s sin 2 Sam. 11).

4. Disease can be a result of Satanic attack (i.e.: Job 1, Mark 9:14-29).

5. Disease can happen if we take the Lord’s Supper “in an unworthy manner” (1 Cor. 11:27-31).

6. Disease can be in our lives so that God might be glorified when He heals us (John 9:3, James 5:14-15).

7. Disease (and suffering in general) can be a training tool and a test that God uses in our lives to refine us, grow our faith, and bring about greater spiritual growth (James 1, 1 Peter, Romans 5:3-5, 2 Cor. 4:17, Heb. 12:4-12)

8. Disease can result from the way we think (Prov. 17:22) – if we believe lies about ourselves and reject God’s truth, that can make us sick. (You are welcome to read posts here by  “Radiant”  – she was almost an invalid because of spiritual oppression and lies she had believed about herself, God, and others. When she began to receive God’s truth and love and reject the lies she had been telling herself, God healed her very dramatically.)

9. Disease/plagues can be a judgment of God in some situations (Gen. 12:17, Ex. 15:26, 1 Sam. 6, Rev. 6:8 ).

10. Disease can be part of the consequences of our own choices, maybe choices that are not even sinful. For example, sometimes we are exposed to radiation, lead, or toxins through no fault or knowledge of our own.

I don’t know exactly why any particular person may be facing an awful disease or suffering. I don’t have access to all of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

What I do know is that our God is sovereign. And He loves each of us beyond our ability to fathom. Nothing that enters into our lives may come without His permission. God, whose motives toward His children can only be good, promises to use anything and everything in our lives – all of the good and bad – ultimately for our good and His glory because we belong to Him. That is a promise to all believers (Romans 8:28-29).


What Does the Bible Say about Suffering?

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58 thoughts on “Being Peaceful in the Face of Illness/Pain/Exhaustion

  1. I wish I could leave a comment to encourage others with perhaps more words of wisdom on this subject but I can’t. I only want to say a deep, heartfelt thank you, for encouraging me and giving me truth and wisdom to walk in my true identity regardless of the condition of my physical body.

    Thank you x x x

    1. Sharon,

      You are most welcome. This attitude toward our suffering and pain does not come naturally – or easily. But what an incredible blessing to be able to see these things with new eyes – with eyes of faith. Living for Christ is an adventure. When we invite Him into every aspect of our lives, He has so many incredible surprises in store. Praying for Him to empower each of us to yield our diseases and infirmities to Him that He might use them all for His greatest glory and our greatest good.

      Much love!

  2. Hi April – Thank you for your blog. i have found it really encouraging and helpful over my time reading it. I was just wondering your thoughts on when you said “As a believer in Christ, I know that nothing has come into my life by accident. Every trial is handpicked by the Lord to help refine me and conform me to the image of Christ”.

    I think I used to believe the ideology that God would place suffering in our lives but now I believe that it is actually the enemy who brings suffering and that God can then use it to refine us. I have found that Christians have a variety of views on this but found that when I faced very real tragedy it was important to know where I stood on it and to know that God is a good Father who does not bring about death, disease etc. to teach his children but that when the enemy brings these things God will give us the tools to withstand and overcome trial and will use all suffering and persecution for good for those who love Him.

    1. MO,

      I invite you to check out the bottom portion of the post where I mention the causes of disease and suffering. 🙂 And also, I invite you to check out some of the related posts on God’s sovereignty. These are such important issues for us to wrestle with and to seek to understand in light of Scripture. It is critical for us to seek to understand God’s good heart toward us and to see these issues rightly. Thank you so much for sharing!

      Much love!

      1. Yes, sometimes Satan does attack us with illness. But God permits anything that Satan does to us. Satan may not go past the sovereignty and boundaries God sets on him in our lives. THAT is good news! (We can see this truth in Job 1.)

        Also, God may choose to use certain trials for our benefit – whether it originates with Satan or not. Anything Satan uses to try to hurt us, God can and will use for our good as we trust Him. But we are to endure hardships as discipline. There are so many amazing verses about suffering and how God uses suffering in our lives to help us grow in our faith and mature spiritually.

        God may choose to send particular ailments at times, as He did with Paul, to accomplish His purposes in our lives.

        God doesn’t cause evil. He doesn’t think evil thoughts.

        But any evil that is permitted into our lives – God will use for blessing for those who belong to Him.

    2. MO,
      To me “handpicked by God” helps me remember that God is totally sovereign over all that happens to me. I have free will. Others have free will. It is comforting to know that nothing can come into my life without God’s permission and nothing can thwart His purposes. His purposes WILL be accomplished in my life. No person and no trial can separate me from Him and nothing can prevent Him from doing His will and using all for good in my life.

      But, I can change it to, “God’s purposes will be accomplished through every trial in my life.”

      I just want to be sure I remember that Satan is not sovereign. God is!

      I love what Joseph said to his brothers when they finally did come to him and bow before him in Egypt, “What you intended for evil, God meant for good…”

      You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen. 50:20

      Whether it is Satan’s intentions to harm me, or another person’s intentions to harm me… God intervenes and uses all of the pain and suffering for my ultimate good as His child and His ultimate glory. Everything has to go through Him before it can reach me.

      1. I had no idea you had so many health problems, April! I’m so sorry. I have had a lot of health problems the last 30 years as well but when my children were young, I decided that just because I was miserable didn’t mean that I had to make them miserable so I LEARNED contentment even in my pain by focusing on hymns and spiritual songs and reminding myself that the JOY of the LORD is my strength. Blessings to you, my friend.

        1. Lori Alexander,

          Thanks for the love, my sister. Thank you for sharing some of the treasures the Lord has taught you. May He be greatly glorified in your life and in each of us, no matter what trials we may face!

          Much love!

      2. Hi April – Thank you for taking so much time to respond. I think I agree with most of what you are saying and these are such complex and core issues that I have been wrestling with for years. I think often it comes down to language as well. I know God has certainly used suffering for deep transformation in my life but I believe that the idea that God “causes suffering” was something that kept me from God on a deeper level for many years. Christa Black Gifford’s podcast “Is God Really Good?” was a refreshing look at some of these issues for me. At the end of the day I have given in to not having full understanding of these issues but can rest in the full and true knowledge that our Father is good. I thank Him for wholeness in your body in the name of Jesus and pray blessing over you and your family for your patience and obedience to the Lord.

        1. MO,

          It is a very delicate balance to understand the causes of suffering, evil, sin, free will, God’s sovereignty, judgment, and His goodness. I don’t believe God tempts anyone to sin against anyone. Scripture is clear about that. And God can’t have evil motives. It is so easy to veer too far to one side of understanding on these issues or the other, instead of proper balance. I do believe scripture supports the idea that God brings judgment on sin – which can involve disease, war, famine, etc…

          God doesn’t cause evil/sin. But He can and does use it for His good purposes.

          A right understanding of God’s sovereignty vs. people’s free will is so important. God is sovereign AND He gives us free will. We experience consequences from the poor choices and sins we commit. Some suffering, we bring on ourselves. And at the same time, God is sovereign. If we put too much emphasis on free will of man, we end up thinking God is a wimp who can do nothing with our circumstances. That is not true. If we put too much emphasis on the sovereignty of God and try to negate free will, we believe that people are robots without real choices and God is a dictator. That is not true.

          I don’t want to say that God is impotent against suffering. He is sovereign. And yet, He doesn’t cause evil or sin. Wayne Grudem does a great job explaining this in much greater detail in Systematic Theology. There are podcasts if anyone is interested. 🙂

          I tended to believe, earlier in my life, that God was wimpy and couldn’t overcome some things. Now I realize, that is not an accurate picture of God at all.

          For anything to reach me, it has to go through God. It has to be permitted by Him. And then He will use it all ultimately for my good.

          I do believe that God disciplines us, as scripture describes. And that discipline can be uncomfortable. He teaches us and uses suffering as training to help us become stronger in our faith. But at the same time, He is completely good and can’t have evil motives in His heart toward us at all. Anything He allows or does in our lives – is out of His love for us and for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory.

          I agree that a lot of the detail of all of these topics is probably way over our heads as humans. I absolutely rest in the knowledge that God is good. And that He is in control and nothing can touch me without His permission. And that if He allows something in my life – He will use it for my good.

          Thank you for your prayers and for this important discussion.

          Much love!

          1. Link to Wayne Grudem’s podcasts Systematic Theology. Grudem is the general editor of the ESV version of the Bible, a theologian, and a theology professor at Phoenix Seminary.

            Check out the podcasts on:
            – God’s Providence
            – The Character of God

            There is MUCH to understand in these important topics. May God help us see His truth and His Word clearly more and more as we seek Him and desire to understand Him, know Him, and love Him for who He reveals Himself to be.

            1. As we think about these critical foundational topics about our Lord, it is so important that we remember ALL of God’s character and not only emphasize certain aspects of His character. Grudem describes how all of God’s attributes are all true all the time and all relate to one another. The words we use do matter. I want to be extremely careful because I don’t want to slant anyone’s views in an unbiblical direction.

              God is:
              – holy
              – just
              – good
              – completely incapable of evil
              – love
              – kind
              – all-wise
              – all-powerful
              – all-knowing
              – wrathful against sin
              – sovereign
              – filled with grace for those who will receive it
              – forgiving to those who repent
              – eternal
              – One
              – infinite
              – awesome

              All of these things are simultaneously true. If we focus only on one attributes, or a few attributes, but leave out others, we get a warped view of who God truly is.

  3. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love God so much for pulling on your heart to write about this. This week some physical ailments came upon me and it’s the first time I have experienced it around my husband and struggling. You answered a lot of the questions I had and also helped with the frustrations. Thank you for being a vessel. I am going to take your steps and write out answers to your tips to help me get through this. This is a sensitive area and just unexpected, especially when the ailment effects your husband as well. Thank you. God bless you for being used by Him and your faithfulness.

    1. CMN,

      This is a tough topic, for sure. We can be blindsided by physical problems and illness sometimes. Praying for God’s wisdom, discernment, healing, and glory in your life and in your husband’s life! May He use this trial to create His beauty in your lives for His good purposes. 🙂

      1. Thank you! Your post was a God send!!! I pray God continues to bless you and show you favor for your obedience. Your story is for His glory and you are definitely revceiving your crown for that.

        1. CMN,

          We all face so many different kinds of challenges in this life. Suffering is not fun. But if we can see God’s hand in the middle of it, and that He is going to use it for good, it makes all the difference in the world! May He be greatly exalted in each of our lives even in our weaknesses. 🙂

  4. The timing astounds me with this article. Over the last few weeks I have really been praying about the new physical ailments I am dealing with. Up until recently, I have been pretty healthy. Now, I have IBS, heart palpitations, chest pressure, unexplained rashes and headaches. I suspect stress from these marital issues i have been dealing with are the culpret. I am also trying to research PMDD (really bad PMS) and thank you, April for the 2 PMS links above from this article.. they are helpful.

    About 1.5 years ago, April, you had mentioned 5 things that are a detriment to responding in godly ways and we need to be aware of in ourselves and others:

    Being hungry
    Being tired
    Being in pain
    Being sick
    Being hormonal

    Ever since I really put those 5 things into my focus, I see them much easier, especially in my kids and husband. It helps give me grace, mercy and understanding when dealing with them. But it’s so much harder to see those things in myself. The emotionalism that comes as a result is tricky. Even my husband, who deals with severe sleep apnea rarely realizes how exhausted he is when he doesn’t wear his mask, he was tested at 17 minutes of sleep, or if he has a cold and cannot wear it, things are much worse because he is literally sick AND tired!

    I will say, though, that I have a Dr. appt coming up to address this as well as the hormonal stuff (hopefully). I don’t think I would be surviving this stuff if it were not for my spending more time with God and working hard to fight off the lies from the enemy. I try to keep a close log of emotions and monthly periods to look at if I feel very emotional. Sometimes I look at the dates and an Aha! monent is then evident. I dont feel emotionally safe enough from my husband to ask for help from him, but im praying that in time i can be. I’m trying to teach my 15 year old daughter about how God can help as well. The results are limited. I may get farther with her in a few more years, but I’m trying to plant seeds at least, right now with her.

    The guilt that comes when I blow up or feel rage-y is very heavy. My family is so sick of hearing me appologize deeply, then turn around and muck it all up again a month later.

    When I can truly look at all the God given gifts my Father-God has given me, health, a wonderful family, home, job, money, friends, sunrises, birds chirping, breath to breath etc., then I find my ailments do lessen and I can feel more stable. But if I slip into living in a pity party attitude, or look around seeing red with who I can blame for my out of control emotions, I am left very alone and miserable. So God has definately saved me from how bad it COULD been since I was renewed. I know I could be better, but I am so much better than I was in the past!

    I am recently wondering if it is this very “out of control” response from the past that has shut my husband down. He doesn’t have sisters, his mom never had pms issues, and he is not a person who handles emotion well…even his own. So i can imagine the whole female emotion thing throws him for a loop. With my husband, there is happy or angry, and not much else in between. I question if out of control pms has destroyed my marriage?

    When I am sick and yearning to be taken care of, and my husband continues to stay at work 18 hours a day, does that trigger me with expectations of being nurtured and causes me to be angry? I feel left alone in this martiage to do it all by myself.

    I obviously dealt with sleep problems while my kids were very young and up all hours of the night…did I react mean then too? Most definately.

    God never promises that we won’t have conflicts, but the verses April quoted in this post are so very relevant. I see, now, how in spite of what ails each one of us, we can look to God to overcome it. But if we keep pride and control sins too close, we think we are right in feeling the way we do and we try to force all around us to see things our way.

    I’m sure my husband has felt criticized throughout our 20 years of marriage. I have too. He has a sleep problem, thyroid problem, arthritis. I have responded to his perceived grumpiness as an attack personally. Only until I asked God to open my eyes was I able to see these sources and stop taking things so personally. I was also able to see my own sins and bad attitude. The challenge is seeing them in ourselves…raking the log out of our own eye. I am very humbled at the thought I may be dealing with some issues that I thought I could overcome on my own. Pmdd, depression, or hormone imbalances, stress. Maybe in time I will be better at this… with God’s help. But God has also allowed us to have doctors and medicine. I will be praying about which path He wants me to take. But no matter what, I need to keep close to God through it all.

    Thank you April. Many prayers to you to stay in good health, heal and live a godly life, even with our “thorns”.

    1. LMSdaily115,

      I’m so glad this was a blessing for you. Health issues can so easily sap our joy and cloud our thinking. They also create a ton of friction in our relationships. We all need extra grace when we are hurting, sick, hormonal, and exhausted.

      I actually used to have PMS pretty badly for a number of years. I can remember getting into fight with Greg almost every month, even when we were in high school and were dating, because I suddenly believed he was purposely trying to hurt me and felt we needed to completely change the relationship. Eventually, he was onto me and said, “April, your period is going to start tomorrow. You’ll feel a lot better then.” I would get so mad! But then, my period would start the next day and all was right with our relationship again. Whew! And when I was pregnant, oh man! I was tough to live with. 🙁 I started fights with people at work, then, too. Greg did point that out to me at one point, and I apologized to our store manager. But when you are super hormonal, it is just so hard to see that your feelings aren’t accurate and that you can’t trust them. So, I feel you on this!

      Eventually, as I began to learn more and grow in Christ over recent years, PMS settled way down to just a little ripple or not even hardly being noticeable many months. THAT has been a wonderful blessing! Of course, I am coming up on peri-menopause, so I know I will be tested a lot more with this issue in the coming years. I pray God will empower me to walk in His victory even when those hormones go totally crazy!

      Goodness, your husband is dealing with a lot, too. 🙁 Those health issues make relationships MUCH harder. Did you also say recently he had ADD? All of those things make a huge difference in how people relate to others in relationships and how they deal with conflict and negative emotions. If you want to talk more about any of those issues, just let me know! The severe sleep apnea is a big deal. If he can’t use his CPAP, his brain becomes majorly oxygen deprived. And the rest of him, too. It is difficult to function well when you don’t have enough oxygen going to your brain and muscles. I have a family member with sleep apnea and have seen what a difference the CPAP machine makes. I also have a family member with thyroid issues, and if that thyroid dose is not just right – whew! People can get really hateful when their hormones aren’t right. It’s easy to take that personally instead of realizing, “Hmmm.. maybe your thyroid medicine needs to be adjusted.” I think all of these issues are why the Lord commands us not to judge others. It is so easy to assume they have evil motives, but when there are medical things going on, they may just need some help medically. They may need to rest, or need different medication, or need to eat.

      I’m so thankful for all that God is doing in your life! I pray for His wisdom, discernment, and healing for you with your emotions and for Him to use all of these issues for His glory. I pray you will be able to trust Him deeply and let go of fear and any resentment. Those things affect our health profoundly in very negative ways.

      Sending you the biggest hug! Most of all I pray you will be open to all that the Lord wants to do in your life even through these challenges and that you will allow His Spirit to be in full control.

      Much love!

  5. I’d love for those of you who are discouraged with painful health issues to check out the way God is powerfully using some of our brothers and sisters who have extreme health issues for His glory:

    – Nick Vujicic was born with a severe birth defect. He has no arms or legs. Only one “foot.” As a child, Nick lashed out at God in anger and became very depressed, to the point of contemplating drowning himself. I hope you will check out his story and see how Nick lives in great joy in Christ now. He is an evangelist, a motivational speaker, a husband, and a dad. He has a difficult life physically, but he has such incredible riches in Jesus! God uses him to reach people exactly because of his disability. When people see his beautiful faith and positive attitude in spite of his challenges, they are drawn to the Lord, too.

    Life without Limbs

    – Joni Eareckson Tada was 17 years old when she broke her neck after diving when she was swimming. She was paralyzed from the neck down. She had her own crisis of faith and struggles accepting her new reality. But for many decades now, God has used her to minister to countless women. Her physical suffering and pain have opened countless doors for her to speak to others. Her words carry so much more weight because of her life experiences and her medical situation.

    – David Ring was born with cerebral palsy and orphaned at age 14. Everything seemed to be against him. But for many decades, he has been speaking to audiences, even though his speech is very difficult to understand, at first. Yet, God has used him in mighty ways because of his disability and his suffering. He often asks the crowd, “I have cerebral palsy. What’s your problem?” His health issues and trials have brought him closer to the Lord and he encourages us to walk in Jesus’ victory in our challenges, as well.

  6. Would you be so kind as to reply to me with the link to the post you mentioned by Radiant, I’m trying but can’t find it. Thanks x

  7. Great article April!

    I may share this with my readers if I have your permission! I have lived with a spinal condition since the age of 28. ( Injury with my 4th pregnancy). Was bedfast for ten years with 4 sons 8 and under. All I wanted was to be healed, but God had different plans. Instead he used my disability to show of His ability in me. And my company, Cheerful Hearts was born from it!

    I have also been living with Celiac disease for the last several years and can so identify with your comment about food. But all of the things you mentioned above in how we can behave and honor God are things God has also taught me. A complete dependence on Him certainly keeps one humble. We can choose joy and allow GOD to be glorified and His strength is powerful!

    Blessings to you sister in Christ,


    1. LauraBeth,

      Thank you so much for sharing what God has done in your life and how He has used your disability for His glory. That is amazing! It is such a blessing to hear a bit of your testimony. 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your story, dear April, and for these beautiful resources which I look forward to diving into at length! The body is matter and susceptible to all the elements of nature, in addition to all that the enemy through others or our undiscerning mind and heart can throw at us.

    Yet we should never fear, for God is indeed using our suffering for our ultimate good and His glory! Our pain, our tiredness and our suffering are temporary, and God’s grace, as he said to Paul, must be sufficient. Bless you for reminding us always to adopt an attitude that is pleasing to God so that we may be filled with his peace, love and strength in the face of our inevitable difficulties as women warrior of God!

    Bless you dear April, praying for your health, family, and ministry as you have prayed so lovingly for mine.

    1. Hope,

      I love what God is doing in your heart and life! You have a TOUGH situation. With intense spiritual warfare going on. But our God is stronger than all of the challenges you face. He can give you the power, wisdom, love, discernment, and direction you need. I pray for His continued healing for you and your husband, as well as your marriage. And for Him to make something very beautiful from the mess.

      Thank you for your prayers! They are such a blessing to me.

      Much love!

  9. Thank you April for sharing your health issues with us. It’s so wonderful we have our Lord to get us through tough health problems. I think you made a typo and said you are 44 years old.☺ I was thinking you are only 34
    years old!

    1. Regina Shea,

      Ha! Nope. That was not a typo. I was born in 1973 and Greg and I will be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this Sunday. 🙂

      So glad the post was a blessing.

  10. Thank you for this post as I was thinking about this. My husband and children are often sick and it wears me down sometimes. Thanks for pointing me to God’s Words and heart on this so that I can be patient with them.

    1. Ms Min,

      Praying for all of us to receive God’s power and Spirit to give us the ability to love with His love and to respond in godly ways. May these scriptures be a wonderful blessing to you and your family!

  11. April,
    I am going to honor your request and not give any body else medical advice but want to share what is working for me too, a 46 year old female.

    – I have been living by the Whole30 diet (seriously anti-inflammatory) and acupuncture has really helped me.
    – I also have an app on my phone called CALM and it really helps me fall asleep at night.
    – I also use some essential oils to help with relaxation at night. I fall asleep right away, but wake around 3am and have a hard time to fall back asleep.
    – Meo Energetics Vagal Tone – helps with sleep and digestion for me.
    – And spiritually I pray, a lot. When I can’t fall back to sleep at 3am, I say God you are sufficient and will sustain me if I sleep 8 hours or 5 hours. And HE is and does.

    I really struggle with PMS and want to read the article above. When I feel like that, I just pray and pray. It passes. OH and I SMILE more and you taught me that! And there are other angels that God puts in my life that will just “magically” text me to smile and I do because I know the LORD used that friend to text me. He is there is our suffering, we just need to refocus on HIM.

    1. Stephanie Reynolds,

      Thanks for sharing what is helping you. 🙂 That is awesome!

      I had a lot of struggles with PMS in the past. This weekend, I know I was hormonal. Now, all Greg has to do is say gently, “April, I don’t think this is the best time for you to try to make any major decisions,” and I just receive his wisdom and leadership and rest in God’s love and Greg’s love and wait. When possible, I try to avoid making big decisions those few days before my cycle should start. And I look to Greg to help me figure out if I can trust my feelings at the time or not. This has made the biggest difference ever. I used to just believe all of my feelings all the time and assume they were always accurate. That caused me to crash and burn.

      Let me know what you think of those posts.

      Smiling does make a difference. It is a blessing to those we smile at AND to ourselves! God is SO good!
      Also, for me, singing praises to God at the top of my voice sure helps a lot, too.

      And praying, yes! Focusing on praise for God and on all of the things for which I am thankful. Those are good areas to focus in those hormonal times, and all the time!

      Much love! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Dear sisters and brothers,

    I come back often to April’s insightful post about pride as being the a sin that underpins all the others. April, this may not exactly how you said it, please feel free to edit/comment/clarify.

    Anyway, pride and illness, in my opinion go hand in hand.

    This is where the passage mentioned above 2 Corinthians 12, 7-10 comes into its own.

    Let us always remember to give up our pride believing that we can get through something in our own strength. The Holy Spirit and the servants of Our Lord can give you tender and loving care.

    I pray to you all in *adversity dear sisters and brothers,

    * a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune

  13. From Radiant…

    Dear friends,

    As we come to Jesus today, we come wounded. The vast majority of us have been beaten up and robbed on this battlefield of life. Our joy and peace have been stolen. The crucial truths about Who He is and who we are in Him – stolen, plundered and destroyed in most of the Church for centuries and left in ruins.

    Our true identity has been stolen – and much like Edmund when the White Witch tempted him with becoming a prince of Narnia through obedience to her – we have believed lies of the enemy, and slipped into a frozen, dark prison. Bound in fear. Starving for nourishment. Always thirsting. Unable to breathe. Hearts racing. Bearing heavy loads. Harassed and helpless, like sheep without a Shepherd. Thinking we walk in the light (we have the Word!) as we walk in darkness and despair. Expecting ourselves to meet every standard of God’s law in our own strength, and living in constant defeat and condemnation when we don’t.

    If you are like me, you might be angry at anyone who suggests there could be real hope. We believe we have tried. We have prayed. We have had elders and family and our church pray. We have done everything possible that we know to do and been to every doctor and tried every oil and diet, researching things to death– and yet we are still stuck.

    Still sick. Still alone. We have felt like victims. Victims of others’ abuse, of marriage, of politics, of the medical community, of the school system, of the food supply, of the Church. Of our culture. Sometimes we feel like victims of God. We start to believe the best we can hope for is for someone to understand our pain – that we have been abandoned by God, the Church and hope.

    But, what was Jesus’ response to the sick, beat up, paralyzed, blind, hungry, poor and dead? If you are ready -let’s start looking at what Jesus really said and did, rather than filtering His healing or deliverance through sermons we have heard, experiences we have or haven’t had, or our current theology. Can we dare to ask Him to open our hearts to Him – the Lover of our souls? Can we invite Him in to heal and free our bodies, minds, spirits, relationships and hearts?

    Our Jesus told of a man who was beat up, robbed and left for dead on the road; and the Christ-like response was Someone who picked him up, wrapped His own clothes around the wounded man, bound up his wounds, poured salve on his cuts, carried him to a safe place of rest and healing; all paid for by the Christ-like one out of love and compassion.

    The One whose Cleanness was so contagious, He could touch lepers and they would be made clean. The One whose compassion always moved Him to heal every sick, lame blind, possessed or oppressed person who was brought to Him. Every.Single.One.

    The One who sings over us and made us His beautiful Bride. He seated us in heavenly places with Him – and He holds us close to His heart. He draws us into the Throne Room to dance with Him as galaxies spin around Him. He whispers to His shy Bride, “In My throne room, we dance!” He moves His Bride from the shadows of condemnation, to the Light of His love and grace. This is the One who loves us with all of His heart.

    We were blind –but He wants us to see. We were dead, but He raised us with His resurrection power in Him. He has moved us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light with Him. He has made us royalty with Him. He placed His Spirit inside us. We have His DNA! He gave us His name. He wants us to proclaim and declare His truth and good news and power over creation – that His Kingdom come and His will be done in every heart, home, marriage, child, neighborhood, church, dark place and nation as it is in heaven.

    As we speak it out in faith – He accomplishes it! He and His angel armies are on the edge of their seats, waiting and watching for those of us who will dare to praise Jesus in our trials and speak His will and power and authority into the dark places. The power of life and blessing is in our tongues! He loves to answer!!

    He is our Supply. He is our portion. Our inheritance. He is the Initiator who whispers His promises, love and joy into our hearts- that we get to echo back to Him in faith. He is Good. He fights for us. And He loves us with a pure, holy and infinite love at all times. He does not leave us but holds us close.

    No, I don’t understand everything about how suffering, sickness, disease and injuries work. But as a former ICU and recovery room nurse who has been healed by Jesus of things Man couldn’t touch – I see that things are not as clear cut as I once believed. I can’t neatly divide the body into the digestive system or the nervous system as the obvious root of a problem. I can’t divide life into merely physical versus merely spiritual.

    There is no such division as secular or sacred. There are truly emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects tied up together in much of life. Things connect. People connect. There are root causes of things that go back generations. Words and actions have power for blessing or cursing, for life or death. Jesus says “Choose Life!” “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

    Jesus has shaken up my worldview. And I am so glad He has!! I see Him calling out to His Bride, who has been sick, frail, in tremendous pain, weak, wounded, plundered and left for dead.

    He says over us, “Dead bones, little broken fragments of dried- up life (your own life, dead families, dead churches), – come together. Be joined and built together.” And there is a rattling sound happening now. Now. Today!

    “Bones, be put back into a body with every connection and organ and cell in place working properly. Body of My Bride- be brought together and be made whole.” And the Bride is coming together, being healed and being united. She is being given the strength to stand on the Truth with Jesus.

    “Breath of the Spirit – fill my Bride with Life! It is time. Now is the time for her to Live. Arise My Love! The grave no longer has a hold on you! It’s time to dance!! Sing to me as I sing over you, My beautiful one. Praise me and see what I am about to do! The bells of Freedom are ringing over you!”

    Holy Spirit – we invite You in. Open our cold and hard hearts and spirits to You. Help our unbelief. We invite You into our bodies, minds and hearts. Strengthen our spirits to be able to receive revelation of who You really are and Your great love for us. Open the dusty drawers, dig up old rotting things in our closets. Cleanse, purge, prune us of all that is not of You. Reveal to us the places we are full of unbelief or pride, fear or doubt, anger or bitterness. Root it all out, Jesus. Plow up our hearts to be ready with good soil for all the seeds of Your Word You want to plant in us. Fruitful, beautiful things from You that need dead rotting things to be cast out.

    Help us take up the weapons, tools and authority You have given us to take every thought captive for Christ. To reject all that is not of You. To receive everything that is of You, even if it is very different than how we are used to thinking. To the praise of Your glorious grace!

    You are loved!

  14. Wow, that was beautiful. But I do have a question. What do you think about healing? Why do some people receive healing from the Lord and not others? My church emphasizes healing, and hanging onto God’s Word, but I think that there needs to be a balance of accepting the thorns in our flesh as well.

    1. The Min Story,

      I think there is a balance here. And I don’t claim to have a full understanding of it, at all.

      Radiant and I were discussing this very thing this morning.

      It seems to me that it comes down to several factors. Things like:

      – Our motives
      – Our faith
      – If we ask for healing or not
      – God’s purposes
      – His will
      – His sovereignty
      – His glory
      – What is best for the kingdom

      God does heal some. Others, He does not. I don’t have access into the “why” of all of that. As Job declared toward the end of his experience, some things are too wonderful for me to know.

      On my end, I want to be sure I don’t have sin in my life that may be involved with an illness. I want to ask God to expose any wrong thinking or motives or sin in my life. I can absolutely ask for healing from the Lord in faith and trust Him to do what is best for me. I can know that He is able to heal me and if He does heal me, I can rejoice. If He chooses not to heal me or wants me to wait, I can continue to trust Him and invite Him to use this trial for His glory and to help me grow stronger.

      Much love!

  15. April,
    I love your balanced and Christ honoring approach to this topic of healing. God bless. Your friend from Ohio 😊

    1. Karen,
      It is so great to hear from you! 🙂 I pray God gives us His wisdom and insights into this incredibly important topic. May we receive all that He has for us about this and about all things. 🙂

  16. Hi April,

    Thank you for this post and for the links you provided. I have been struggling with a crippling condition for 3yrs with no sure explanation just learning to manage it. It involves my tendons and ligaments but no real diagnosis. I just clicked on Nina’s story and I’m in shock as it describes me to a t! Today I had a specialist appointment regarding an autoimmune disorder they thought I may have had but I don’t. I was diagnosed with SPD but then other ligaments and tendons started to break down. My husband had actually mentioned quite a while ago that what I have seems like a connective tissue disorder. Now after reading Nina’s post I am really seeing this. I know that this post isn’t about diagnosis etc, but just had to share.

    In regards to the post I have been learning not to get into self-pity, anger, and frustration when people seem insensitive but actually just don’t understand. It has challenged me spiritually as there have been times I’ve wanted to give up but overall I have had to learn to trust God more and rely on Him for my every need. Prayer and staying in the word is so essential and yes not letting sickness and pain define who we are. Also to keep serving the Lord by serving others even of we aren’t in great condition we can ask God to show us ways he can use us.

    1. Megan,

      You are most welcome. I actually know about 8 people with this condition. It is extremely difficult. But it would be such a blessing just to know for sure what you are dealing with. Perhaps Nina’s experience may lead you to some answers! That would be awesome. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing about how God is helping you learn to respond in His power. Sometimes, I think He uses things like this to make us slow down. I know He has done that with me. Whether it was a significant back injury, mono, walking pneumonia, or whatever it may be… sometimes He will use these health issues to get us to be still before Him and to listen. It also sure does show us how little control we have and how dependent we are on Him. That is the best place to be for all of us.

      Please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing. How may we pray for you today?

      Much love, dear sister!

      1. Hi April, yes it would be a blessing to get an accurate diagnosis and understanding of whats happening. Life has drastically changed from being fit and healthy to having debilitating pain and mobility issues but my relationship with God has grown stronger and yes I agree that He can use our suffering to teach us and bring us to Him. Thank you for asking, it would be great to have prayer for God’s wisdom and to be in peace not fear. Btw just wanted to thank you for your blog and your faithfulness in serving us! I refer to your older posts on different topics regularly and they have helped me and blessed me greatly:)

        1. Megan,

          Of course we will pray!

          We come together and lift up Megan to You in the throne room of the highest heaven. We ask for Your wisdom, Your leading, Your peace, and Your healing for her as she faces this extremely difficult trial. We pray for Your greatest glory. We pray for her life to radiate Christ. Thank You for the way You have been using this trial to help Megan to grow in her faith and in her walk with You. We pray for You to empower her to be and do all that You desire her to be and to do for Your will to be done in her life. Set her free from any toxic way of thinking, any fear, any anxiety, any doubt. Let her be unshakable in her faith. Use her to shine brightly for Jesus in her family, her church, and to everyone she meets.

          1. Thank you so much April! I pray for all of the ladies on here struggling with sickness and fatigue also, that the Lord would strengthen all of them in Jesus name.

  17. I have only just found you, from an older blog post. How Divine, to be lead in just the place I needed. Thank you for what you do. Thank you God for your Hand in it. Many blessings to you and yours.

  18. This is a great perspective on the matter with very relevant references from His word. This triggered something for me: I might be taking my health for granted and that I should be more grateful for not having any serious health concerns – None that I am aware of anyway. I do have my fair share of challenges in life though – more than I sometimes think that I can bear. But God is gracious.
    I am dealing with some sort of sleep deprivation or an interrupted sleep pattern. I would either struggle to fall asleep or wake up somewhere in the middle of the night or very early hours of the morning 2 – 2.5 hours before I should get up (This is the more regular pattern). I would just like to share a few observations, realizations or conclusions:

    1. Not all people (and even children) need the same amount of sleep to cope and be refreshed and maintain health. If I am generally refreshed and not feeling that my health and immune system is constantly under strain, I believe that I am getting the sufficient amount of sleep on average. This might vary over time due to various factors (like fitness level, stress and other emotional matters) and should be monitored and managed. Some persons are also light sleepers and could easily be awaken by numerous things.

    2. Having sleepless periods in a night might be due to various reasons for me – anxiety / stress, excitement, things that require some reflection and thinking which might not always be negative. I am an introvert, so this might be some mechanism to “catch up” on reflecting time which I am deprived of during my busy daily schedule.

    3. Best for me is to ask myself if a particular “interruption” in my sleeping time has a negative source. Relevant challenges in my life might also be positive. These might include specific responsibilities that I have that I need to take action on. The negative ones are the ones that do not seem to have real relevance, require specific action from myself or are driving my thoughts towards the negative side, self-pity or outright sinful thoughts. Negative ones could also be masked as seemingly relevant ones, but which are not my responsibility and require no action from me – I do get caught up in them some time.

    4. The best way for me to deal with the negative ones is to take it to God as soon as possible as the further I go, the tougher it seems to let go of it. I would ask God to relief me from this negative thought pattern, calm me down and put me back to sleep or reveal to me if I should take note of something.

    5. The positive ones might not always feel so positive, but would be very relevant matters that I need to take action on. This might be an opportunity to also hear God’s promptings on a matter where God are revealing things to me or giving some guidance. I certainly did get some revelations as well as practical guidance in my daily challenges at work and at home and my spiritual journey. I am not pretending to be very spiritual and would also love to hear very clearly from God like some people seem to hear. No these manifest as somewhat subtle “ah-ha” moments that I doubt are coming from my own reasoning or cleverness. It would just put matters to rest in a very positive, constructive and uplifting manner and give so much peace. It would either conclude just in time to switch off my alarm bell before it would go off or allow reasonable time to get some rest. If it is negative or destructive it is simply not from Him.

    6. On a practical side with the negative scenario (or for some other reason) it is helpful for me to get up and go to the bathroom (without switching on a light), take a sip of water and get back into bed

    7. As I am writing this I am realizing that these interruptions might be a very special time for me to connect with God and that I can cherish it and tap into it as a blessing in this hurried and busy world we live in as oppose to aim for a less interrupted sleep pattern. Thanks Jesus and may Your will be done. All glory to You and richly bless the Peaceful Wife and Husband ministry for your purposes

  19. A blessed day Ma’am April, I’m just new here, God lead me here, to read some articles here as well as wonderful comments had been imposed by your avid followers… I actually focused on your way back topic on “When your husband says i’m done”… And now I received new posts from my email, and gave me the chances to give u my greatest thanks in this site.

    I am currently struggling in my marriage and continue to read your topics here and it really helped me a lot, I am really enjoying reading … I sent message to share my story, if I had the chances to do so…Yet I am still trying to figure out to familiarize this site since I am not really used to visit certain sites… But God gave me wisdom to do the simple task…To testify how God worked on me…My passion now as a true disciple of God. I wanted to reach out the broken wives to share my testimony in my sufferings, though it wasn’t really a suffering. It’s really a grace from God.

    Now with this new topic, while I am struggling so called the greatest pain I had ever encountered, I manage to carry the peaceful face while I really had to do it because I am a front liner staff. And nowadays I still wear my smile though it really hurts inside, because as God gave me the chance to live another day, God wanted me to overcome the world. Illness, pains, and exhaustion will never be a threat especially that we claim that God is the mighty physician to give us the exact dose of our faith.

    Ma’am April I am praying that I will be given the chance to share my testimony…Have a blessed day ahead!!!!

    1. Darl1982,

      It is wonderful to meet you and to hear from you. 🙂 I’m so thankful that the Lord has used some of these posts to bless you.

      I’d love to hear about your story and to see if it is something I might be able to share with our sisters in Christ.

      Goodness, I hate to hear that you are experiencing such great pain. 🙁 How may we pray for you?

      Much love and a big hug!

      1. Once, they (woman) persecuted me, later they plotted unending transgression against me, (husband & the woman) now, they sow from the fruit of their deceptions. The wickedness never runs out, and indeed they succeed to give me the greatest pain ever (the woman got pregnant).
        I kept my knees fall down before God, and in my daily quite time with him he turned the page of Micah 4 verse 10 stated ‘The LORD will redeem you out of the hand of your enemies’. And he continued to turned the pages Micah 5 verse 9 ‘Your hand will be lifted up in the triumph over your enemies, & all your foes will be destroyed’
        In spite in the invasion of the agony, he lead me to Zephaniah 2 verse 3 ‘ Seek the Lord all you humble of the land, you who do what he commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger’ and Zephaniah 3 verse 17 ‘The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he would quite you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing’
        In his revelations I’ve testified how God worked on me; I could attest how he defended me, & he even uses me to reveal his own character (the confrontation) I shed tears because when my soul was lost and found he came along to claim it and dying on the cross he was not worthy any piece of our sin, I cried out loud because he told me who he really was. He showed me the result of the opponents’ (confronting the woman & my husband) disobedience; I’ve seen the burdens, the sufferings, the guilty heart & the troubled souls. I was trembled yet I was amazed because he blest me through his fascinating grace, no guilt and shame will chase me, because he gave me a pure and a brave heart.
        I and my husband established our relationship for almost 16 years, and then we were both Christian. It was a saddened story because my husband was used to be at the worship team, and he wins me, my son and my family to Christ and now he turned out to God because of his rebellion act against me. I know I had many lapses as a wife; I pampered my husband in his worldly desires. Now it gives me hardship to correct everything, yet I already entrusted to God everything my marriage, & for being a wife, my desire now is my Gods desire.
        Nowadays God revealed to me what was his desire for my ministry, to reach out the mistress, the battered wives, the abandoned wives, and my heart really seeking for these people. To testify the goodness of God, and to tell them that I or we can move on our life not in the hands for another man but in the hands of God. What would be the benefit if we follow our flesh if God will return and claim what he owned? We all knew we owe everything in him.
        This is my living testimony, I might say life was so unkind but in GOD’s LOVE was the key for everything. And I will shout out his name from the rooftops I will proclaim that I am with him, and no one can stand against me because I know God is with me.
        Ma’am April you asked me for a prayer request? Please pray for my husband that May God’s word will touch his heart & he will be remembered how he encountered God the day he hug the cross so tight, let us pray for him that he will restore his relationship to Christ, let us pray for a genuine repentance and a genuine forgiving heart be upon him. And let us pray for the woman, that she will choose the righteousness in spite of her pregnancy as she claimed that my husband was the Father. Let us pray that God will reveal himself to that woman, that she will receive mercy and pure love from God. Let us pray to rebuke her understanding that she don’t believed in marriage and she must restore her relationship to her first child and to her family. Let us rebuke the spirit of selfishness, worldly desires and unkind thoughts… God exploded his heart to gain the love from these people… Kindly pray for me as well that God will give me more strength to overcome, conquer and endure the pain nowadays… May God give me more wisdom in my ministry, and lead me to the broken people to win them back to God….

  20. April! Your posts are a blessing and I will pray for your continued health! I live in a field where my faith plays such solid role. Every day I see people at their absolute worst health-wise, sometimes emotionally vulnerable, even mentally ill. I know it is my faith in God and His word that keeps me hopeful, healthy, positive, optimistic, and places me in just the right place to reach these people. I believe that God not only wants them to see His love in me, but to teach me more about Him through the experiences I have with His many children. Through it all He gives me hope, when I am ill, tired, sleep-deprived, I know it is a passing moment and my feelings are not truth. He gives me the wisdom in a whisper to not waste a moment or an encounter! Blessings to you and your family, thank you for your wonderful words!

    1. B Resilient,

      SO thankful for those in the health field who have compassion and can respond positively and in loving ways to those who are at their worst. What a blessing that God has you in this place!

      I love the things you have shared.

      We have had some more tests this week in our family. I had a pretty nasty heart arrhythmia because of an OTC med I was taking, and didn’t realize how bad it was until this week. Our daughter had excruciating ear pain Tuesday night. Poor girl missed her last day of school. She finally felt better today and was swimming at my parents’ house with her cousins when she fell backwards off the back of the diving board and broke her arm. First broken bone in our family.


      But – all of these trials are opportunities to trust God more and to praise and thank Him to see what He will do for His glory. It is a blessing to be able to remember that in the midst of it all.

      I love what you shared!

      Much love!

  21. All,

    I have been on an internet break for a few weeks and am planning to continue to be on a break until August. But I found an incredibly challenging resource – Divine Healing by Andrew Murray – that I wanted to share.

    I just finished reading it today. It has caused me to rethink a lot of the ways I have dealt with illness in my life. It has shown me how much faith I have put in doctors and remedies rather than relying on God. Something that God showed me a few days before I read this book in my devotion time as I read 2 Chronicles 16:12:

    “In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from the physicians.”


    I have not figured out exactly how to think rightly about everything and am still in the process of hashing through and praying through things.

    But I decided that I have been lacking faith in the Lord in this area in my life and have been trusting too much in other things.

    For the past 9 days, I have been doing a fast from all of my supplements and I have not been following the strict diet I had been on for 2 years. I decided I have been way too negative about eating and too anxious about what foods not to eat. I don’t plan to eat junk. I want to be a godly steward, but interestingly – I have been doing great. Praising God!

    Stay tuned… I hope to share more of what God shows me in the coming weeks and months.

    Much love!!!

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