Looking for Stories for “The Peaceful Mom”!

I will be finishing up my second book, tentatively titled, “The Peaceful Mom,” this fall. I am ready to add some real-life stories to the book for anyone who feels led to share! So many of us who have been on this journey to become Peaceful Wives have realized that becoming the women God calls us to be changes our relationships with everyone, not just our husbands.  Our relationships with our children are greatly impacted, as well. We will be talking about this more on the blog in coming months.

Please join with me in praying that God will send the stories He wants me to share to bless the readers of this book for His glory. You don’t have to send me a story for every topic. If there is one topic, in particular, that really jumps out at you – share about that one. 🙂 (Unless you really feel led to share about multiple topics, and that is fine, too.)

Also, if you want to share a comment, but don’t want your comment to be in the book – you can do that. Just specify that you don’t want your comment to be published in the book.

I would appreciate receiving all stories by the end of September, 2016, please.

Some of the topics for which I could use stories include:

  • Who Is on the Throne?

What have you learned about the Lordship of Christ that has benefited your children and your parenting? How has your living in God’s peace as a mom impacted your children’s lives?

  • Putting on My Oxygen Mask First

Has God shown you how you need to take care of yourself spiritually and physically so that you can have an overflow to give to your family? What was your lightbulb moment? How has that realization changed the dynamics in your family? How do you demonstrate to your children what it means to be a good steward of your body, your health, and your spirit?

  • Purifying My Thought Life

How have you found freedom in Christ from sinful thoughts, negative thinking, lies, people pleasing, and/or perfectionism – and how has that impacted you as a mom and your children?

  • I Am Responsible for My Spiritual Health and My Emotions

How have things changed in the way you treat your children and relate to them as you have taken responsibility for yourself spiritually and emotionally? When you handle hatred, out of control emotions, and rage in the power of God now – how are your children impacted? What things have changed in your home for the better?

  • Closing Ranks with My Husband

Has God given you insights into how to do this so that you and your husband present a more united front to your children? How have your children been impacted?

  • Demonstrating to Our Children Who to Respect Those in Authority

Have you had a chance to model respect for those in authority to your children that you would like to share that had a great impact in your family?

  • Modeling Respect by Treating Our Children with Respect

Has God shown you how to speak to your children respectfully and to treat them with respect to model how you desire them to speak to and treat others? How has this approach impacted your children, your marriage, and your family?

  • Thinking Rightly about God, Self, and Others

Has God shown you any lies that were tripping you up in the way you thought about Him, yourself, or others? How has His truth healed your heart and empowered you as a mom to teach your children His truth and to live it in front of them?

  • Can I Love My Children Too Much?

Did God give you a lightbulb moment where you realized that you had made having children into an idol or that you made your children into idols? Has God empowered you to find victory over this issue in Christ that you feel led to share?

  • Laying Down My Greatest Dreams for My Children and Family

The path to sanity and serenity is to hold everything but Jesus loosely as I entrust everyone and everything in my life to God. What has God shown you in this area that has really tested your faith and deepened your faith? How have you learned to lay down your expectations and dreams for your children and trust God with everything even if you must face your deepest fears?

  • Seeing the Big Picture

How has God helped you see the eternal perspective in your day-to-day parenting so that you don’t allow the little things that ultimately won’t matter much to eclipse the things that truly are important?

  • Avoiding Some Common Mistakes

If you have seen the problems caused by trying to motivate our children by loving with strings attached, trying to control them in unhealthy ways, using guilt, or playing the martyr – I’d love for you to share. You can share your own experience as a child with these issues and how they impacted you. Or you can share times you did these things and the results in your family. And if anyone has stories about how God helped them to change these approaches to more healthy approaches, you are also welcome to share.

  • Counting Trials As Joy

Has God given you an opportunity to teach your children to do this with you during a difficult time that was meaningful for your spiritual growth and/or for theirs?

  • Living Out Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace in Our Own Lives

Has God given you an opportunity to lay aside bitterness and resentment and to demonstrate His grace to someone in a way that impacted your children for good?


If you decide to submit a story for me to share, please be sure it hasn’t been published in any other copyrighted work. I would like stories to be anywhere from about 100 words through about 1000 words, please. Make sure it is okay with your family for you to share – or write it in such a way that it is anonymous enough that no one would be able to tell who it is about. If you share a story here with me, you are giving me your permission for me to use the story in this book or in a blog post if I am able to use it. I cannot guarantee that all stories that are shared will be published in the book. Thanks for understanding! And thank you so much for your willingness to share things that God is showing you in your family that may be a blessing to many others! I love that we can learn and share together. 🙂

You may submit your story here in the comments or you may email it to me under the “Contact” tab at the top of my home page. 🙂