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Let’s Pray Together for Our Nation and the World

I know this is “off-topic” to becoming godly wives in some ways – although the way we respond when a crisis looms does reveal our level of faith in God and it helps us to see if we have been trusting in other things. What better thing to do than to gather to pray together, encourage, support, and bless each other and talk together about what is going on. Let’s see the situation with God’s perspective and wisdom and let’s look to God together.

I know that things are looking very unstable in the world right now – and it would be easy to panic and be filled with fear.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

I realize that America cannot help but be headed for very difficult times in the future financially and morally. I don’t know when and how things will deteriorate. But I want us as believers to be ready. We have made so many sinful choices as a nation and as individuals – we have turned our backs on God. We have spit in His face. We have made it clear we don’t want God or His ways – we only want His blessings materially. And we pridefully think we can get those for ourselves without Him, too.

God does not ignore any sin. He does not sweep it under the rug. Either we will repent and return to Him and allow the blood of Jesus to cover our massive sin debt to God, or we will reap what we have sown for decades.

  • We have aborted over 57.5 million babies since 1973 in our country alone.
  • We stopped teaching the Bible in our schools and stopped prayer in our schools decades ago and now we teach children that there is no God and we worship the theory of evolution so that we don’t have to be accountable to God or His Word.
  • We have rampant immorality, dishonesty, idolatry, lust, porn/drug/gambling/alcohol addictions, abuse, hatred, prejudice, bitterness, gossip, apathy toward God, apathy toward the poor/widows/orphans/foreigners, corruption, impurity, pride, self-righteousness, false religion, stealing, embezzling, disrespect for God-given authority, killing, and every manner of evil.
  • We call evil good and good evil – which is great sin in God’s sight.
  • We have warped and destroyed God’s design for marriage in many ways over the past century. Not just in our recent approval of homosexual marriage. Our rebellion against God regarding marriage began over a century ago – in the way we rejected God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman and how we allowed a few feminist atheist leaders to undermine the existence of God, God’s Word, God’s authority, God’s design for femininity, masculinity, marriage, and the family. We supported no-fault divorce which was very destructive to countless millions of families and now we have a generation of young people who don’t even want to be married or know how to be married in a healthy way. We were determined to say that men and women are the same and that the roles in marriage are interchangeable. Well, if the roles are interchangeable and men and women are “the same” – the natural end result of that line of thought has to be homosexual marriage and “gender fluidity.” Where else could the trajectory go that was set many decades ago? Sin is always progressive – for individuals, for nations, and from one generation to the next. A sin that one generation begins to tolerate, the next celebrates so many times. What else would children think about marriage but that homosexual marriage, gender fluidity, bi-sexuality, immorality, and wives should lead rather than husbands if they have grown up in this environment where truth is subjective, there is no God, we can decide what is right for ourselves, and masculinity/femininity are interchangeable?
  • We don’t trust God. We trust ourselves, the dollar, the economy, the government, the president, our stuff… We worship sports, beauty, youth, power, self, autonomy, wealth, medicine, our understanding of science, gadgets, popularity, romance, happiness, marriage… all kinds of things other than God.
  • We have had unprecedented material prosperity and unprecedented greed. We have idolized money and materialism.
  • We, as a nation, have turned our backs on Israel.
  • We have been so prideful – thinking that nothing could ever destroy us. We began to take credit for making ourselves great instead of humbly realizing that God made us great for His glory and to accomplish His divine purposes. God is sovereign, not the USA. There is no mention of America in the Great Tribulation period of the end times. We will not be a world super power then. Something will take us down. If the end times are coming soon – and they may well be – we have to be out of the way.

God has very patiently given us many decades to repent, and yet, we continue to rebel against Him. We are storing up wrath and judgment for ourselves. The Old Testament is filled with examples of countries who rebelled against God and who refused to repent and were eventually destroyed. They chose destruction over God. They chose their gods over the true God. They chose their sin over God.

We do have the choice whether we will love and obey God or not – but we don’t have the choice about the consequences.

Besides our unsustainable and massive sin-debt we owe corporately to God – we have an unsustainable massive financial debt as individuals and as a nation. We abandoned God’s sound financial principles long ago. There is only so much money we can print before it is worthless. We can only borrow so much before no one will loan us more money and our creditors will demand that we pay them back. No one is big enough to bail us out. Our national debt is now about $18 trillion dollars. That is $154,000 per tax payer – which is quite a problem. And then we also owe much more in our unfunded liability entitlement programs. Some estimates say that what we owe in social security, federal pension plans, Medicaid, and Medicare is about the same or possibly double the dollar amount as the entire GDP of the whole world in 2012. (I have seen estimates of $80 trillion to $127 trillion.) Each tax payer would need to pay $500,00 to $1.1 million dollars just for the unfunded liabilities alone to pay for these programs.
The situation is beyond any human ability to correct. The system is too big. No president, government, or economist can fix this. They can make it worse, sure. Or slow it down a bit. But we have made unwise, selfish, greedy stewardship and spending decisions for decades – and there is a point at which the system cannot go on.

What will this mean? I don’t know exactly. But I believe there will be very difficult economic times ahead for all of us like none of us have probably ever seen before at some point.

BUT – God is sovereign. And He is in control. We don’t have to face this with fear or panic.

No matter what happens, let’s cling to Him. Let’s obey Him. Let’s seek Him far above all else. Let’s worship and praise Him. Let’s rejoice in our suffering and trials (James 1:4-5). Let’s depend totally on God and His wisdom. Let’s get things right with God and with others. Let’s seek to get out of debt and to make wise stewardship decisions. Let’s pray that God might empower us to be obedient and faithful to Him no matter what may happen or when. Let’s pray that God will prepare and equip us to shine for His kingdom. Let’s be about our Father’s business. Let’s disciple many for Christ. Let’s share the Good News of the Gospel while we have freedom and the ability to do so. Let’s pray for and reach out to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ and to those in need! Let’s make the most of every opportunity for the Kingdom!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

We all need You desperately! We love You and we trust You. You are our Ever-present Help in trouble, our Refuge, our Strength, and our Shield. We trust our countries, our world, the economy, our families, and our lives into Your loving, sovereign hands. You are good. You are in control. You hold the supply lines for all of the nations in Your hands – for our food, water, oil, gas, electricity, internet, and everything. You are our Provider. You know what is ultimately best for Your people, Your Kingdom, and the world. Your kingdom come, Lord! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Increase our faith. Refine and chisel us to become strong and mature in Christ. May we hold the things of this world very loosely in our hands – and cling to the treasures of heaven instead! May we fully submit to Christ as Lord of ALL! Let us have Your Spirit’s power to do Your Kingdom’s work. Use our lives for Your glory, Lord! Give us Your wisdom and direction for each step we need to take. Cause THIS generation to rise and become a godly generation – bring a Great Awakening like we have never seen! Let us know You and live holy lives that are worthy of You by Your power working in us. Bring many precious lost souls to Christ! Make us faithful!!!
In the Name and power of Christ our Lord,

29 thoughts on “Let’s Pray Together for Our Nation and the World

  1. Amen, and thank you for leading us in prayer, April. I saw your post on Facebook this morning and it was a great tool to redirect my thoughts and desires this morning.

    I keep being reminded that to suffer well requires us to prepare our hearts well in advance. To make eternal values the thing that rules our daily lives. May our suffering serve His purposes. May it turn others’ hearts toward Jesus Christ when they see the hope and assurances we have.

    1. J,

      I know most of us have never experienced extreme suffering. I really don’t want for any of us to experience that. But – if we must – how I pray that God will accomplish His good purposes through it in each of our lives, for many who are lost, in the church, in our nation, and around the world. I believe it would only be through a very significant crisis that some people may turn to Christ to be saved. I don’t want to waste one drop of any trial. I want it to drive us deeper and closer to Him. May He prune us spiritually for His glory that we might bear much fruit – fruit that will last and bring praise to Jesus!

  2. April,

    The timing of this post could not have been better, or the encouragement and wake-up call more needed. We do indeed need to see with eyes of spiritual discernment where things are heading–and trust in God rather than quake with fear. When one reads the huge list of our sins as a nation, the horror of it is almost mind-boggling! The fact that God has put up with this mess for so long bears witness to his great love for people and his patience with them. BUT, his patience will, as the scriptures predict, come to an end.

    My husband and I have observed many people we know seeking to live “off the grid” and stockpile many of the necessities of life in hidden locations. While it’s great to be self-sufficient, if the world were truly to have massive food shortages in another great depression, how could a Christian not have great compassion for others who were hungry and share their food? I think we could go crazy trying to physically stockpile physical necessities–rotating food stock to keep it fresh, hide it from others, protect it from deterioration and theft, etc., but how much better, as you suggested, to get out of debt and live with financial wisdom now, trusting that God will provide life’s necessities. Whatever physical assets we have stored up and put our trust in–whether bank accounts, food, or homes–could be stolen, burned, or made utterly worthless, literally overnight! We will have to wait upon God and utterly trust him with our lives. In the meantime, how wonderful to work hard on building our faith, obedience to hm, and love for others.

    Thank you so much for his great expose of sin, and for the encouragement to live in God’s love with faith, seeking his favor. Much love to you, April, and all our sisters here! May God richly bless you, always!

    1. Elizabeth,

      I think it is reasonable for us to seek to be somewhat prepared for a crisis. But – you are exactly right. If there is truly a collapse of the economy and society – we won’t be able to depend on the food or supplies we stored up. We don’t know how things will play out or when – if we would have to flee, how long we would need supplies, how we would keep others from getting it… And there will potentially be so many in need. It is possible to make our preparation for disaster into an idol. I don’t want to do that! But if God is revealing that time may be short, I do want to take some practical steps to prepare however He may prompt me – or my husband – to.

      The real question is not – “How do I protect myself and my family?” Although, that is a question to prayerfully consider. But the greater questions are,
      – “What does God want to do in me and through me?”
      – “What is His assignment for me?”
      – “Am I in the center of His will?”
      – “How can I most please and glorify God?”
      – “How can I grow closer to Him?”
      – “How can I love Him more?”
      – “How can I bless the Kingdom?”

      I think it is wise to seek to prayerfully prepare spiritually, financially, and physically. But then – we must realize that we won’t have control. We will most likely have to completely trust in God – not ourselves, our plans, or our own provision. We may get to experience the sufficiency of Christ in ways we have never imagined. My most fervent prayer is that God might empower us to be faithful and obedient to Him – no matter what may come. We are in His hands. He is ultimately in control.

      I want our hearts to be filled with His praises and our mouths filled with thanksgiving. I long for us to become much more fervent prayer warriors and to shine the Gospel message brightly to a darkening world.

      May we truly hold all of the things of this world loosely and set our hearts on heaven!

      This is a great time to focus on the Psalms and the promises of God during trials and suffering – to prepare and equip our minds and hearts to trust only in God – not in anything or anyone else. God is our Provider. I pray we will never put our trust or faith in anything else.

      Much love to you!

  3. Thank you so much for this post April, its the only e-mail I opened today! I watch all of your videos and they have greatly helped me as a newlywed, become a better wife. Although I struggle daily I am seeking prayer and gods word, also the “Why do I have to change first” video has been watched multiple times, its a go-to when I am in crisis mode. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on good ways to share the gospel with strangers if you have never done it before. Thanks again! also is your email listed here somewhere?


    1. Rebecca,

      I’m so glad that these things have been a blessing to you!

      To me, the primary thing about sharing the gospel is that we are abiding in Christ and filled with His Spirit, praying for opportunities. I don’t think it has to be fancy or pre-planned. Sometimes just saying, “How can I pray for you?” or “Is there something I can pray about for you today?” is a great way to introduce the topic of God.

      I don’t have my email listed at this time – I may be having contact page soon when we redo this site – hopefully in the next month or so. I do have a contact page on my other site now – 🙂

      Much love!

  4. Amen! Lord have mercy. May people all over the world cry out to You for wisdom. Thank You God that You are in control and thank You for the power of prayer. Thank You for April and all the women on this blog who have bold hearts for You, Your Kingdom, and Your glory. Thank You that when people hit a rock bottom place in life is often when they find You for the first time. May those who know You, Lord come to know You more and cling to Your promises and prayer. Thank You that You cause all things to work together for good for those who love You and are called according to Your purposes. God, may we be a brighter light in this very dark world. Help me be even more bold speaking with others about You, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

    *Love this post, April!, My husband and I have been talking the last few days about the stuff going on in the country. He was wondering about changing our stocks, 401K. I said it’s good to seek godly wisdom, but thought we should keep everything as is (not react in fear). I said “the worst case scenario is that we lose all of our retirement, but that will probably draw us even closer to the Lord so that’s not a bad thing”. The Lord promises to provide for our daily needs when we make the Kingdom of God our primary concern. He (my husband) listened to a current message by Dave Ramsey (just this morning) who said to keep investing. We have talked to our pastor about the possible things that could happen like pastors getting sued or arrested for not marrying gays. Our pastor said “At least we are all together”. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone. The Lord is with us, and the Holy Spirit and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    1. Amber,

      I have always thought to myself that although we invest in a 401K, it is not a sure thing – and it could be gone in a second. So, I don’t want to depend on it. I want to depend on God alone.

      Thank you of praying with me!!! 🙂

  5. April thank you so much. This is very timely and I needed to hear this and pray this. My life and marriage have changed because of your ministry. I pray for you and that you will continue to have a powerful platform. May the Lord bless you and protect you and your family.

  6. Hey ladies, I was wondering if perhaps any of you could help me. I have been married, but I married him for ALL the wrong reasons….mainly because I didnt want his parents to be upset at me for breaking up with him– they are his baby, and others such as financial security and a better financial state. I have been in love with another guy, who has been my friend for many years, even before my husband and I met. We dated the summer before me and my husband met, but I broke up with him because my brothers made fun of me for dating someone who was over weight. I loved this guy, and always have, but I come from a very disfunctional family, so I didnt pursue it. Now after 6 years with my husband, this other guy haunts me. Every day I think about him, all day long. I don’t know how to deny the way that I feel for him, because denying it seems so wrong. Could anyone help me reason this, and figure out how to love the other man with the correct love of God…as like a brother or a sister…and to love my husband the way that I am supposed to? My husband is very good to me, but we have nothing in common, and I dread conversation or time with him because my head and my heart are not in it. What can i do. I feel like I am going crazy, and don’t know how much longer this can go on. My husband knows everything, and lets just say, we are both barely hanging on.

    1. Meghan,

      You may want to repost this comment on this post, as well, where there are a lot more comments.

      And, it will be helpful to the ladies who are answering if you are willing to share where you are spiritually, as well.

      Thank you so much! 🙂

    2. Meghan,
      I’m praying for you…It sounds like you place a lot of value on your feelings and use them to guide many of your decisions. That’s a scary place to be.

      If you spend your time thinking about your affections for a man that is not your husband, do you suppose that will have a result of loving your husband more, or the other man? You can take your thoughts captive and redirect them. I would encourage you to foster the kind of thinking that causes you to grow in your love for Christ, instead. Pursue God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Actively show love to your husband and look for ways to be a blessing to him. Demonstrate by your lifestyle the beauty of Christ to your husband and to others in your life. This is what it means to follow Christ — we put the will of Christ and the needs of others before our own. It is a life of desiring to please Him above all else. He gives us peace and joy when we live for His glory.

      1. I definatley place a lot of value on what feelings I do have, because typically I walk around pretty numb to everything. Being numb seems like the easiest way to make it though the day. When I first started dealing with everything going on, I wanted to die. I could barley eat or drink. I lost a lot of weight, and I am not a big person by any means. It was noticable. I could barley do anything. Now though, I just stay pretty numb and if I am not numb and callus, I am depressed and aad, or angry. My biggest struggle right now, is that perhaps it is the devil, I’m not sure…but something inside me keeps saying that if I take everything captive and live like the bible says, then it is not true and coming from the heart, that it will be me brainwashing myself to make it all ok. How do I combat that thought? What can I do to insure myself that I am not just sort of taking everything captive, so that I will just be in fairy land and believe that what I think i know is not true and the bibles idea on marriage is. Thank you so much for your reply, please know that I am truly interested and want to know. I am not being snarly or anything judgemental. I come from a family that really does have sort of a cultish idea of the bible, or my mom, who uses the bible as a cover up and crutch.
        I am genuinely needing the help to combat thoughs and feelings

        1. I feel I want to offer meghan some thoughts as I truly appreciate her honesty with some very difficult feelings and realizations.

          First, I just want to mention to peacefulwife that I think this post was timely and encouraging. I was surprised to see it on the blog, but thankful. It is just another confirmation of what myself and so many others I know, are sensing. Regardless of what specifically comes – we can know that holding things loosely and working on developing our closeness to God are always the right things!

          meghan, I just want to say that when I have noticed (and anytime I still do – though less now) in myself, (particularly in hard times in my marriage) that I was thinking about “the one that got away” or other men that were doing things for their wives that I wanted – that was a flag that something is wrong. Instead of looking at what that might be wrong, (a marriage idol for me) I instead placed the blame on my husband. After all, Disney says he should be the prince that makes the “happily ever after”. If I’m not happy – it’s his fault. (And btw, he has felt that intensely himself without me.)

          I think when I struggled so much with the one that got away it was because I was in pain. And I think you are too – which is why you are staying numb. Something in you is hurting. I have found the best thing I can do is walk INTO the pain, name it, mourn it, and hand it to God. It includes the painful process of NOT getting what we feel we want. I think the post on this blog titled “Giving Up on My Dream for Marriage” had some more good pointers on this.

          The temptation to dwell on this other man for me was because I wanted the pain GONE and he seemed to have everything that would bring relief. But did he?… What was the cost to have him? A LOT. More than I wanted to pay and then it wasn’t even a reality we could be together. It was a fantasy based on wanting to escape the pain of reality.

          I also felt like maybe I made a “wrong choice” which actually hurt my pride. In reality – could this other guy be perfect and make for a painless life? No. I may not have had the issues with this man that I had with my husband, but somewhere, sometime, he would also fail in something. And then what? On to the next person? This is not how God means for us to live. And the fact that we can’t satisfy fully our pain with what we think will help, shows us that where we look is not the right place. Also, if I did make a wrong choice, was I truly able to “re-choose” and feel right with God?

          All marriage is work – on our end especially. I am afraid that those who find their “soul mates” haven’t been married long enough to know different or lost them in death before they were able to notice issues. God meant for marriage to be special and wonderful but not something that will satisfy apart from Him. Some who claim this, may actually not hold marriage happiness as tight as we do. I find this term is often subjective.

          I encourage you to search yourself and be honest about the pain. There is no reason, once you can name why you feel hurt (disappointed, etc.) specifically, that you can’t RESPECTFULLY (also hard when dealing with pain) ask these things of your husband over time (not all at once). But also, while asking, recognize you are asking these things from God foremost and are willing to put it in His hands.

          I found being able to confide I was struggling with thinking about “this other guy” took a lot of the draw away from my mind. If you have someone you can trust to say “I’m thinking about him again” and have them help you dig deeper, keep you accountable – can help too. The Lord can help you with who you know to be safe in this. I recommend this not be your husband, at least at first, until you are willing to humbly walk through the consequences that these thoughts have brought you to. (I did this eventually. For me it was another step in letting go. The Lord can help you to realize what you need to do.)

          Examine your thoughts for what you think marriage ought to be and be willing to hand that to God too. It is absolutely painful – yes. That is not brainwashing. It is humility. It is recognizing you may not ever have what you want – but that you will follow God anyway. Brainwashing would be numbly acting like it was no big deal (not accepting the pain nor handing it to God – sometimes constantly) and instead following a set of “rules” with the hopes something good will happen. There is no faith in that. That is you trying to control God with a situation that ultimately is not in your control. I highly doubt you want to become the kind of person that does try to become controlling. It is so hard to admit pain and that we are not in control. But that is where God wants us.

          I’m glad you are honest enough to admit these things. I encourage you not to stay numb or give up on your marriage! My heart goes out to you! I understand these feelings and will be praying!

        2. Meghan,

          I am very glad to continue our conversation here. I have poured hours of time and attention into you the past few weeks. And I am glad I have been able to do that. You are worth it!!!

          I have offered you all that I have to offer – all that is in Christ – the healing that is available to you in Him, the peace and joy of God, salvation, eternal life in heaven after this world, and a path to healing for your marriage by God’s power. I want to help you – if you are willing to receive it.

          I wish I had an unlimited amount of time to spend with everyone. That would be awesome! My goals in speaking with you – are always going to be very clear:

          1. For you to find real Life and real Love in Jesus – who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)
          2. For healing for your marriage
          3. For you to abandon your feelings for the guy you didn’t marry
          4. For healing for you spiritually from your scars and wounds (the numbness you are describing is from those wounds)

          I know that there probably won’t be much healing for your marriage until you first have things straight with God through Jesus. I know it is tough to not trust your feelings and to trust God. I pray you will seek to get to know much more about Him and that you might decide to trust Him. I don’t want to force you into anything. But I have shared all that I know how to share. I love you dearly. I want nothing but God’s good things for you. I don’t want you to choose a self-destructive path.

          I’m really glad you reached out to me. I care very much about your pain and about your marriage and your husband. I am praying for you both – and praying you will grab onto the lifeline that can lead to the fulfillment, security, hope, joy, and peace you are longing for. I pray most of all that you will research who Jesus really is and look into starting a relationship with Him.

          The book of John in the New Testament may be a great place to start. 🙂

          With love,

        3. Meghan
          what is it that you believe? Have you ever truly understood that God is a Holy God and that we are all sinners in need of forgiveness? the Bible says that we all need to check ourselves and see if we are truly of the faith

          the reason people dont believe the Bible, in my experience, is that they have sin in their life and are refusing to repent of it

          The fantasy of another person other than our mates is always a temptation presented it is our response to that temptation that shows where our hearts are at

          repent from your sin, ask God to forgive you and help you love your husband as He would want you to if your prayer is sincere, I have no doubt that you will learn to locve your husband as you are to, as it honors God and the doubts you have will melt away

          it is only when we have sin in our lives that we doubt God’s Word or the truth of the Scriptures And you have sin in your mind and heart.

          The grass is always greener on the other side. the other guy you think about is a sinner as well He will have things in his life that repulse you, that you do not know about since you are not married to him

          The issue is not your relationship with your husband or the other man It is your relationship with God that is the issue as long as you harbor the sin you have in your heart, in lusting, coveting and desiring something that is forbiidden, then you will have doubts and your entire life will be a mess

          The loss of weight, the worry, the stress… is all because you KNOW in your heart that it is wrong and are now trying to figure out a justification to act on what “your heart says.” As Jeremiah says: “The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it.”

          Dont follow your heart. Follow what the clear revelation of Scripture says

          Once you get your relationship with God right, and only then, will you find peace and be able to put aside the sinful desires you are now having and feeling

          the “other man” is a smoke screen for what is really the issue And that is, it simply exposes where your heart is It is in rebellion against God at this time and you need to repent of those thoughts, turn to God and ask his forgiveness through Christ, and ask that He give you the wisdom and strength to live your life to His Glory

          Then and only then will your relationship with your husband be repaired you need to get your life right before God first


          The Husband of the love of my life, a strength to me in Christ and one of the writers on this Blog

  7. I’m not an alarmist kind of person by any means (well, o.k….sometimes, I have been, haha). But, I feel the last few months have just shown an escalation of sorts of sin and evil in a way that I have never witnessed in my life. Even the news of the reporter and photographer that were killed today…..I found myself in tears over what sin does to us, at the state of our world right now. “Come quickly, Lord Jesus” is what we pray and we think we are in a bad state now, but I believe, like you, April, that we are headed for hard times (and almost every single Christian I know senses the same thing). I don’t believe that sense is fear, I believe that is God preparing our hearts and minds for what is to come.

    Strangely, I don’t feel fear. In some way, I think this is what we (the Body) and the world need right now. We need to know the desperation of having nothing but God to cling to, nothing to put our hope in other than Him. That doesn’t mean I’m excited about the pain and suffering we might have to endure. But, we know the ending. We have a God who will give us the strength and grace to face things we hoped we would never have to face. It is amazing how He strengthens us when we need it and He will always do the same for us in every trial He allows to come our way. We will be refined and bold for Him and we will probably also see Him moving in ways that we long for today. I really believe that.

    John 16:33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  8. Amen to this post. I’ve been praying for our country for a while now and praying for a revival. In prayer I asked for some help with the anxiety I was feeling and God so clearly pointed me to the word “rejoice.” These are birth pangs…rejoice. My return is near…rejoice. In good times and bad, rejoice in the Lord, always. So I’ve taken those words to heart and been doing everything I can to rejoice and it has really helped. One thing I rejoice over is husbands, men. It’s somewhat amusing, but what is the first thing you really want in your survival kit? A good man!

  9. Thank you, April, for this post. Spot on. Whatever the future holds, we need to be faithful to God in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit…holy wives and mothers…listening. I feel that I need to keep clearing out all the garbage (sin) in my head and heart so I can HEAR the Lord.
    Meghan, bad habits die hard. Keep fighting those thoughts. They are garbage. Time to live in the present. Only way is to get close to our beloved Good Shepherd, Jesus. You are His. Stop longing for happiness outside the sheepfold. It’s not there.

  10. Peacefulwife: Stumbled upon your blog after googling one of those “complicated, deep, hard-to-understand, can’t be answered through Google, but I’m desperate” questions about my marriage. Your blog is full of words undeniably Christ-given. After reading only one entry, the Lord has strikingly humbled me declaring and revealing my deep sin while I began the search looking to prove my husband’s sin (if that makes any sense). Thank you for your ministry and allowing the Lord to use you – especially to write on topics that “church folk” often dare speak of. God bless you and your own marriage.

    1. foreign.iron,

      It is wonderful to meet you! Yes, what you are describing makes total sense. That was me for over 14 years in our marriage – demanding that God change my husband, while all the time I didn’t see the mountain of sin in my own life.

      I am so thankful that God brought you here – that is not an accident! And that He is already speaking powerfully to your heart. What an answer to prayer and an honor for me to get to take part a little bit in what He is doing to call you closer to Himself. 🙂 WOOHOO!

      Much love!

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