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The Blessing of Knowing about Hell


“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

I will be honest. Hell is my least favorite teaching in the Bible. I would prefer that there would be no hell. I would rather those who don’t know Christ and who rebel against God just cease to exist. I don’t like the thought of anyone being tormented forever and ever. I don’t want ANYONE to go to such a place! I long with all my heart for everyone to be in heaven with God, joyfully praising Him, living with Him and each other in total harmony, and experiencing His greatest blessings and His glory in Paradise. Thankfully, the path that leads to eternal life is available and open to all who are willing to follow Jesus!

I may not like this topic, but the Bible talks about there being a literal hell – a place that God originally created for Satan and his angels, but a place of eternal punishment where He will send sinners in order for them to receive justice for their sins against His holiness. Once someone goes to hell, there is no escape according to Jesus. That is extremely sobering to me. Our time to make important decisions about where we will spend forever is very short.

“Then He will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matthew 25:41

“I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. “But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him! Luke 12:4-5

100 verses about hell.

We like to talk about God’s love. These days, that is the only side of God we like to talk about – His love. Well, we also like to talk about His mercy, forgiveness, and grace, too. Those are palatable things. God does have unfathomable love for us – and unspeakable mercy, forgiveness, and grace available to each of us. So, we do well to focus there. But – we cannot forget the other attributes of God that all exist in harmony, balance, and perfection: His holiness, His justice, His hatred of sin, His complete intolerance for any sin.

God presents Himself to us in the Bible as He is – not as we want Him to be.

God is totally love. He is also perfectly just.

  • Because God is just, He cannot gloss over sins and wrongdoing that offend His holiness and that wound people. He cannot pretend they don’t exist. His holiness – and His love for those sinned against – demands justice for every sinful thought, word, and deed that every person has ever committed on this earth. That is fair. That is what we deserve.
  • Because God is love, He doesn’t want us to be separated from Him. He doesn’t want us to experience hell. He doesn’t want us to be dead in our sins here on earth. He doesn’t want us to face His wrath and punishment. He warns us of the judgment which is to come over and over again in the Bible.
  • Because He is just and because He is love, God became a man – Jesus. He lived the perfect life we could not live, He died the death we deserved, and He rose from the grave and conquered sin and death on our behalf.

Now God can fully love us and maintain His perfect holiness and justice – because He, Himself, bore His own wrath against our sin. Sin has been appropriately punished and paid for. His righteous wrath has been satisfied. Now He can be in relationship with us – because when we receive Christ as our Savior and LORD of our lives, He sees Jesus and His holiness and perfection when He looks at us. So His justice, holiness, love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness all work together on the cross of Christ that we might be able to enter into an intimate spiritual relationship and become one with Him spiritually without tainting His holiness. Now He gives us a new heart, a new mind, and a new spirit – so that we can become holy as He is holy.


No one wants to talk about hell today. We would rather not think about it. But – if hell is real – what is the loving thing to do? To warn others about it now, while they still have a chance to turn to Christ, or to ignore it?

I love y’all too much to ignore this scary subject! You are each very precious to me.

Jesus spoke more about hell than He spoke about heaven. Jesus also prayed fervently that if there was some other way for us to be made right with God, that God might allow Him to avoid the cross. God’s answer was that there was no other way for us to come to Himself. There was no other way for any of us to be saved from the devastation, torment, and destruction of hell.

If hell did not exist, Jesus would have had no need to go to the cross. We want to believe that somehow, magically, everyone just ends up in heaven no matter what they did on earth and no matter how they lived. If that were true, Jesus would not have had to come to this earth to accomplish the work of the cross.

  • The bad news is – we are all sinners who deserve hell. All of us. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). “The wages of sin is death,” (Romans 6:23).We have all sinned against a holy and eternal God. God hates sin. He does punish all sin. Those who have sin in their lives must be separated from God. That is what hell is – total separation from God and from all that is good. It is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering and unending torment. According to God’s Word and according to Jesus – this is a very unpleasant reality.
  • The good news is – “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord” (Romans 6:23)!!! WOOHOO!!!!! THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Jesus took our punishment on Himself so that we might give our lives to Him, trust Him, live for Him, follow Him, love Him, and have the opportunity to know and love God through His gift of His death on the cross and His resurrection and victory over sin and death!

We don’t have to go to hell! No one has to go to hell!

Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” John 14:6

Jesus opens His invitation to everyone! PRAISE GOD that He has provided a means for us to escape hell. PRAISE GOD that He has provided a means for us to know and love Him and to have relationship, fellowship, and peace with Himself.

My prayer is that each of us might turn to Christ Jesus in faith and receive the Gift of Eternal Life that He has made available through His death, burial, and resurrection. My prayer is that we each might live wholeheartedly for Christ as LORD of our lives, giving ourselves fully to Him even as He gave Himself fully for us. This is the Great Exchange. He took on all of our sin (wrong doing) and He took our punishment. Then we get to receive Jesus’ holiness, His right standing with God, His goodness, His spiritual Life, and His inheritance in heaven. This isn’t about praying a prayer one time. It is about a lifetime of following Jesus with all our hearts and about Him radically transforming us to be more and more like Himself.

If we didn’t know about hell while we are living on earth – we would be terribly surprised when this life is over. What a gift that Jesus loved us enough to tell us about the dangers of hell and that He loved us so much that He was willing to provide a way for us to escape hell and to be with Him forever. And what a blessing that we can share God’s truth about hell and heaven, and His plan to save all of us from hell with everyone so that we might all choose Christ and avoid hell!

Another blessing of knowing about hell now is that it helps us adjust our perspective to see what is truly most important – not this temporary, brief lifetime – but the life that comes after this. This new perspective completely impacts how we spend our time here, what our priorities are, what our motives are, how we love others, how we share the powerful gospel of Jesus, and our walk with God.


David Platt’s sermons about hell

John Piper’s sermons about hell

100 verses about heaven

46 thoughts on “The Blessing of Knowing about Hell

  1. I was talking to a man one day who was at rock bottom in his life. I asked him if he was a Christian and he said Oh yes! I was saved when I was 14. He said but I am going to hell. I asked him Why did he think he was going to hell. He said I committed adultery. I said but you said you are saved. Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe he died on the cross to save us from our sins? Do you accept him as your Saviour? He said Yes to all.
    I said Well I am confused. Why do you think you are going to hell. He said because I haven’t been to church in years and then I committed adultery. God can’t forgive things like that. I went on to tell him that yes God can forgive things like that. I told him that the Bible tells us that there is no big sin or little sin. It is all sin. And Jesus died for all that sin. All he had to do was to ask for forgiveness and turn from his sin and God would wipe the slate clean.
    I was amazed a the joy that came into to his face. I believe he was at rock bottom because he had no hope.
    I think that is fail in modern churches. Either they teach all about hell and damnation and little about salvation and forgiveness or they teach nothing about hell and all about feel good religion.

    1. This is such a frightening yet sobering thought. And you’re right. Not many preachers or people talk about it. Instead we hear about God’s blessings, forgiveness, grace etc. But as every child will tell you, in every home there will be punishment meted out if you willfully disobey. Hell, unlike the naughty corner, is just permanent. 😭
      I confess right now that the thought of dying and going to hell frightens me beyond what I can imagine. The same for my family and people I know. I don’t want to be caught “off guard” yet I’m fallen. How can I be certain of my salvation? How can I pray effective prayers that move God to save my unsaved husband, mother, siblings and deposit into my children’ s future? How can I believe that what I’m praying for, is true and right and step back and allow God to move? I really want to go to heaven!
      Thank you for this post.

      1. Lebo,

        Hell is a very frightening thought. I have many posts that address these issues, my precious sister! And thankfully, God addresses these issues in the Bible, as well.

        What is your understanding of what you must do to receive God’s salvation through Jesus?

        Upon what have you built your faith?

        Please check out these posts about praying effectively:

        Praying for Ourselves

        Praying for Our Husbands

        Praying from an Obedient Life

        Praying in FAITH not fear

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        Prayer Day – We Are IN CHRIST!

        Prayer Day – A Living Sacrifice

        Hopefully these will get you started. 🙂

        Much love to you!

    2. DaisyMae,
      How incredibly heartbreaking to hear that this man believed he couldn’t be forgiven and had no hope of having a right relationship with Christ. Thank you for sharing God’s truth with Him! And thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

      Praise God that we CAN be forgiven when we turn from our sin to Christ and yield our lives fully to Him!

  2. April,
    Thank you for being brave enough to share the hard truth about this! I think the fact that many Christians today have dismissed Hell and Satan as “metaphorical” is evidence that Satan is still actively plotting against us and deceiving many.
    The difficulty for many Christians is trying to understand how God can be loving and just if he sends seemingly “innocent” people to Hell. The answer to this is made clear in scripture, if people would take the time to actually read it.
    I think of it in relation to the way a good parent disciplines their child. A good parent who truly loves their child would not let them misbehave. They would receive wise instruction, and if necessary, a punishment. A good parent would also readily forgive their child for their misbehavior, if the child apologized in the correct way.
    God is a good Father to us all. He has given us wise instruction in His holy word. He will forgive us if we apologize in the correct way, which would be to accept Christ as our Saviour. If we do not seek forgiveness or heed His warnings, we will be punished in Hell.
    But you can only go so far with this comparison, because the circumstances are really very different.
    A lifetime of unforgiven sin and ignoring our Heavenly Father is much more serious than a child’s sin against his human parent, and therefore requires a much more serious punishment.
    It makes sense to me, as a parent who loves my children enough to discipline them wisely.

    1. Pauli,

      I know that in many churches, they don’t even talk about what the Bible says about hell or about Satan or demons. And I am sure that he is quite pleased. If he can get us to be lulled into complacency or to focus on entertaining ourselves, arguing, or believing that hell doesn’t exist – he is very happy.

      True – God doesn’t send innocent people to hell. We all, once we are old enough to know right from wrong, make that choice ourselves. Romans 1 describes how God has given us evidence of Himself in nature – His divine character and eternal nature can be clearly seen from what has been created. And He gives us a conscience which helps us to know that there is a right and wrong – which ought to point us to Himself. Then He also gives us His Word. How I pray for every person to get to hear the gospel of Jesus and to have the chance to receive His amazing gift of life! But God will judge rightly and with total justice even for those who have not heard. He will not judge them based on what they don’t know, but based on what they do know – from my understanding.

      Thanks for sharing! Yes, God is the ultimate loving Father, and He will not tolerate wrongdoing. So, there is punishment for sin for those who rebel against Him. Very sobering. And, for His children, there is chastisement here on earth where He corrects and disciplines us through times of suffering so that we may grow and mature in our faith. That is also not a very popular teaching from God’s Word these days – but it is so precious and important for us to know that we can count trials as joy, knowing God is producing righteousness, Christlikeness, and maturity in us as we suffer.

      Much love!

  3. It’s amazing that this post was shown today! I am currently reading a devotional about hell. It does scare me but I rather know what to do than not. But what concerns me is if I am on the right path and my loved ones. Then I am sort of confused on how the resurrection is our hope or second chance. Just sometimes thinking of where I’m going to end up scares me a lot. Just being open about how I feel and what I think.

    1. Kat,

      These are important questions and concerns! The most important ones there are, in my view.

      How did you come to Christ?

      What is your understanding of how to have salvation in Him?

      Are you talking about Jesus’ resurrection being our hope? Well, that is our proof that He overcame sin, death, and the grave – and that He has the power to bring us to life after we die here on this earth, as well. 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to jump into answering some of these questions when I have time to answer them properly! 🙂 I’m so thankful God has given us His Word so we CAN know and have assurance that we have salvation and that we CAN know we are going to heaven.

    More in a bit!

  5. I have contemplated the forest of confusion that we have to fight to get at this–at least from my point of view.

    It’s so strange the way some people treat certain measures as condemnation. The big one I hear about all the time is poverty, the whole attitude of, you couldn’t possibly have anyone to blame but yourself if you don’t make it financially, hence that’s the measure of righteousness. :

    It’s so easy to fear the wrong thing and get thoughts of condemnation. Because condemnation IS real.

    I was just contemplating today, looking at things a new, egocentric way, like “the universe is a simulation.” And God runs it. It’s a story made for me from my point of view, I have no control over what happens around me but I am seen for the responses I make in it. What counts is within, and what’s within comes out.

    The thing is–the upshot as it were–I’m not accountable for outward results: how anyone else turns out or even me in the material sense. It’s a “fair fight” in that sense–my story made for me by God.

  6. Here is a post about how to have a relationship with Christ.

    And some proofs that you do belong to Christ include some of these things:

    – You begin to hate your sin.
    – You WANT God to change you.
    – You are willing to learn to trust Him with everything and you want to give up your own control.
    – You are willing to submit to Him – meaning, He is in charge now, not you.
    – You see Him changing you over time to be more like Jesus.
    – You see more and more fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22-23
    – You desire Him or you want to learn to desire Him more than anything else.
    – Things of this world begin to be less and less important.
    – Things of God begin to be more and more important.
    – You want to hear His voice and obey Him.
    – You want to spend time with Him.
    – You want to share this Greatest Treasure with many other people.
    – You have His peace and joy in your heart.
    – You want to love God above everything in life and love other people.
    – If you see that you are putting anything above Christ in your life and heart, you are willing to get rid of it no matter how painful it might be.
    – You are willing to be content with what you have.
    – You are willing to learn to be thankful for suffering, knowing God is using that to prune, refine, and mature you.
    – You want to praise and thank Him.
    – You want to bless others.
    – You want to take care of the poor, the oppressed, those who are hurting…
    – You want to love those who mistreat you.
    – You want to forgive and not hold on to bitterness.
    – The Bible is alive to you, and you know God is speaking to you through it and you want to read it.
    – You can’t be comfortable living in sin.
    – God refines your motives and points out your selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, control, idolatry, jealousy, lust, disrespect, contempt, unforgiveness, bitterness, materialism, greed, etc… and you want to get rid of those things.
    It is His power that is changing you, not your own.

    Of course, this is a process – the process of sanctification. None of us will be perfect until heaven. But if we belong to Jesus, He will change us and we will respond to His voice. There are times when it is harder to hear Him. Sometimes that is because of sin in our lives – sometimes we are under the enemy’s attack or we are very weak/exhausted/sick. But, in general, the direction of our lives is moving in the way that I described above.

    I hope this might be helpful. 🙂

  7. Amen!!

    My heart aches when I think of souls going to hell. I wish it wasn’t such a joke and/or myth to people. There is punishment for every single sin in our lives. Thankfully, when we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, His punishment suffices.

    Satan, demons, and hell have become such a non-matter. Souls are dying!

    This is not a fun topic, but a much needed topic.

    Thank you, April!

  8. Good day. I have a question that concerns me. I’ve noticed that a lot of people saythat they have accepted “jesus in the hearts”. Can anyone show me that in the scripture? We are to follow acts 2:38 and repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of our sins and be filled with the Holy spirit?

    1. Submissive,

      You are correct, “the sinner’s prayer” and “accepting Jesus into your heart” are not in Scripture. Jesus usually called people to “follow Him,” as in – from then on for the rest of their lives. I think that is a great way of describing the relationship He desires us to have with Him. Yes, we are to repent of our sin, turn from it, turn to Christ, be baptized out of obedience to Christ’s commands and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that He can change us. Then Jesus is not only our Savior, He is also our Lord! Lord – that is a BIG deal! 🙂

  9. hello Cassidy! you told me to leave you a comment so here i am :). i would love to be on your prayer team!

  10. April:

    I recently finished reading the four gospels, a little bit at a time. In them, I found that Jesus is loving and kind, and that the Father is like that too, because Jesus said, if you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.

    But at one point, Jesus was hungry, and He looked for some fruit on a fig tree. Not finding any, He cursed the tree and said that it wouldn’t bear fruit again forever. The tree dried up soon after Jesus said that.

    I believe that we see in this story an example of the justice of God. The tree was judged and the sentence pronounced, because it had no fruit. And we too will one day be judged and sentenced if we aren’t right with God.

    Thank you for talking about the difficult and very unpleasant subject of hell.


  11. April, you are such a lovely person that you look upon these very hard teachings about hell and come up with a blog post that calls it a blessing 🙂 and you are right it is ! especially when we think about our lives in light of eternity. So many things are less important when we realise that all of us will end up in heaven or hell for eternity, and all of the things that will lead us and others to spend forever with God in heaven become so much more worthy of our time.
    Ps i love your blog so much. This is the first time I have commented but I have read it for years. It is pretty much the only blog I have read that focuses solely on Jesus and points me towards Him every single time I read it.

    1. Angelina,

      I have to admit – I had never thought of the teachings about hell as being a blessing until the past week or so. But – when I really think about it – how thankful I am for God to tell us the truth now while we have time to make decisions!

      It is so wonderful to hear from you. I praise God that He uses this blog to point you to Himself. That is my deepest prayer – that God might be greatly exalted and that the focus be on pointing others to Christ and His Word.

      Much love to you!

  12. Are you serious? Oh my gosh, are you the only one left on the face of this earth that understands why this is so important? Hell is a major part of bringing the whole gospel. Hell is what God is actually saving us from, not mediocre marriages, not lessor careers, not undisciplined children, not bad hair days, not having the IRS disallow our church property tax-free exchange.

    Saved from what? Why must we be born-again? -Because you are going to have to pay for your own sins in hell otherwise. Whatever happened to the gospel?

    Almost everything you write is so very helpful. You have taught us over the years so effectively how to motivate our husbands to love us. We can easily teach it now. We have that down.

    My favorite topic that now gets addressed here? I just love the real, live, raw stuff of a deeper, closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Teach us spiritual warfare. Teach us deep Bible study. How, practically, can we be armed and dangerous. Teach us holiness and practical separation from even small sins and teach us real separation unto God.

    How do I get to the top of the Enemy’s most wanted list? I cry thinking about that because I know the PAIN that means, but the Lord Jesus Christ is THAT worthy. Teach us how to know if we are truly serving God or just serving ourselves. More Christ-centered and less self-centered.

    Can you teach us sharing our faith with others and family members. Teach us how to pray them into the Kingdom of God and teach us to answer their tough questions.

    Tell us the Gospel of Jesus Christ, now and then. The whole of it -sin, -hell, -heaven -repentance -witnessing. Jesus as a real, living, mighty Savior. Teach us repentance! I would also love to hear how you and others had your hearts regenerated by the Lord.

    Teach us how the Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit that we are born again. Can we have a whole page on how the Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit that we are saved (from hell and paying for our own sins)

    I have found that if I want to follow Jesus because He’ll fix my marriage, if I want to follow Jesus because He’ll give me a better life, that’s just idolatry.

    Show us how to follow Christ for the sake of Christ. He is THAT worthy. Better is one day in your courts. Better is one day in your house. Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.

    Jesus fixed my marriage too, by the way but that is not why Jesus came.

    Walk in Love, but part of that love is telling people the truth about hell.

    1. Aleea,

      It is such a pleasure to meet you! WOW. I love your heart for God, for His Word, for His truth – your hunger for righteousness and for more of Christ. WOOHOO! That gets me excited! 🙂

      That is my favorite thing, too – focusing on Christ Jesus and submitting fully to Him and allowing Him to work powerfully in and through us to radically change us to be more and more like Himself.

      Thank you for these wonderful ideas! I will pray over them all today. 🙂

      And I totally agree, if we are coming to Jesus as if He is a means to an end – that is idolatry. The goal has to be Him alone. He is the Treasure. He is the Prize. Not a more loving marriage, or better-behaved children, or happiness.

      I have some posts about some of these things:

      The Gospel – How to Have a Relationship with Christ

      How to Stay Filled with the Holy Spirit

      I have tons of posts on prayer and teaching women to pray – you can search “prayer” on my home page search bar

      My Youtube channel has a video “Jesus is the love of my life” – my channel is “April Cassidy”

      The Holy Spirit witnesses that we belong to Christ – in this post and this post.

      Taking Our Thoughts Captive for Christ

      Praying from an Obedient Life


      Spiritual Warfare

      A Living Sacrifice



      Also, there are posts you can search about:

      – fear
      – bitterness
      – idolatry/idols

      “Why Do I Have to Change First?” – is about refining our motives and that series of FAQs fall in line with some of the topics you have asked about, as well.

      Repentance (“But I’m a GOOD Person”)

      “I Said the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ – So I’m Going to Heaven for Sure” – this is about how sinful we all are and about how we all need to repent. We all owe God BILLIONS of “sin dollars.”

      The Blessing of Having a Husband Who Doesn’t Pray with You – about refining our motives and the sufficiency of Christ

      Spiritual Pruning

      The Answer to All of Your Marriage Problems – we all need Christ! He is the need! This life is all about Him, not about our marriages, our husbands, or other earthly things

      Finding Real Joy in the Midst of a Painful Trial

      I hope that might get you started. 🙂

      Much love to you!

        1. Aleea,

          I have many posts about a wife witnessing to her husband “without a word” per I Peter 3:1-2 – there is a category about that on the right column of my home page.

          As far as witnessing goes, I truly believe that if we are abiding in Christ, His Word is abiding in us, and we are filled with His Spirit – we will be sensitive to everything He asks of us. He will prompt us about what to say and when and how to say it. He will put people in our paths for us to share the gospel with. And His Spirit will give us the power to do that. As He transforms our hearts, minds, and souls, He will burden our hearts for the lost and we will pray fervently for the salvation of every lost person we know. We will want to pray for the lost in our town, our city, our state, our country, and every continent all over the world.

          I don’t believe it is necessary to have a “training session” for witnessing because when we are filled with God’s Spirit and His power, we can’t help but witness and share what He has done and who He is. No one has to tell us to witness. No one has to give us a tract to hand out. No one has to assign us to witness to anyone. Not that there is anything wrong with those things. But – we will not be able to contain the joy and Living Water in our hearts, it will spill out and flood into the lives of everyone around us. 🙂

          My regeneration story started in my About page at the top of my home page and continues on in most of my posts. 🙂

          Spiritual warfare is primarily about us being fully submitted to Christ, then we are able to resist the Devil and he must flee. But we must be walking in the power of God and in His Spirit and in obedience to Him, fully yielded to Him to have the power to overcome demonic attack.

          If you are ready to go much deeper, I suggest a few resources:

          – David Platt – read his books, listen to all of his sermons/podcasts that you can
          – John Piper –
          – The Normal Christian Life – by Watchman Nee
          – Prayer – (5 books in one volume) by E. M. Bounds

          And most of all – PRAY! Pray for more desire. Pray for greater faith. Ask God to take you much deeper. That is what I am doing right now! 🙂 Seek God with all your heart. Continue this passion and hunger for Him and His presence. Allow Him to transform you. Hold nothing back. Be willing to obey Him no matter what the cost. Allow Him to take and give things and people into your life according to His timing and wisdom. Seek Him far above everything else. Then the things of this earth become less and less important and He becomes greater and greater. Spend as much time as you can in prayer and Bible study. Ask Him for godly mentors and godly believers to sharpen you.

  13. Peacefulwife,
    You are correct and I understand all that you have said but the gospel is often not adequately presented (giving false assurances) and very inadequately defended (making people think it is a just a religious ruse for the weak minded.)

    Oh, and I see all those links now. Extremely helpful. Thank you.

    You may know why this would not work but I am humbly suggesting that in the middle of any/ all posts why not just have a link with a line or two. (We don’t get multiple opportunities with most people. You know that.) Maybe just a brief message: I love you too much not to risk saying this. Most people are going into hell (maybe even me, it is so easy to fool ourselves) please don’t let this be you. Then links to all that great info. The Gospel, Hell, Assurance, etc. Just the links. Then we can go back to whatever it is -and these things have some importance too -valentine’s day, -modesty, -the tone we take with our husbands, -budgeting, -children.

    All I am saying is, souls, peoples eternal souls!

    God has hell as motivation. Not the whole motivation but some of it. His love is part of the motivation too but hell puts an urgency to it.

    Thank you for all these beautiful posts. They are, unique, wonderful and so precious. I can’t get over this one on hell, who brings the full gospel like that in this day and age? Precious few. Churches want numbers this side of the grave and that is all.

    Is what I am living for, worth Christ dying for? Most of the time, absolutely not. Let’s all change that.

    All of E. M. Bounds books on Prayer, The Resurrection, you name it are out on the Internet Archieve for free downloading. I have been through all of them. He is the only good attorney who ever lived. m bounds

    1. Aleea,

      I really appreciate you sharing your ideas and thoughts. I don’t ever want to be misleading or vague about the Gospel. I want more than anything for everyone to come to know Christ as Savior and Lord and to point people to Him! I thought I was being pretty clear about that this is all about our walk with God and about how to have a relationship with Christ. But, if I have not been making the gospel clear enough, I want to focus on that more than anything else.

      “Is what I am living for, worth Christ dying for? Most of the time, absolutely not. Let’s all change that.”

      Love this!!!!!!

      My prayer is for God to bring millions of lost souls to Himself through His church. I have been praying for a Great Awakening among God’s people. That He would convict us of our sin, by the power of His Spirit, and that He would bring us to the point of godly sorrow and mourning over our sin, that we might turn from our sin and to Christ to find real Life. He is Life! Knowing God and knowing Jesus – that is eternal life!

      I don’t ever want that picture to be fuzzy in anything I write.

      My purpose is not to “have better marriages” or “make wives feel more loved by their husbands” – but to share the gospel of Jesus and to disciple women for His Kingdom and His glory.

      The gospel is the primary purpose of marriage or singleness for believers. Everything in our lives is to be in full submission to Jesus and available to use however He desires to use us to further the Gospel and the Kingdom of heaven.

      Much love to you! THANK YOU for sharing your heart and love for Christ and for souls. I am in total agreement about what is most important. 🙂

      1. No, I need to thank you!

        You are really intense.  I love it!!!!!  I would not want to be litigating against you as opposing counsel on say a reincorporation or a corporate merger. Although, at least I could count on you being honest -which is not the case for most I deal with in the corporate world.

        Where does all that energy of yours come from?!?!?  As if I don’t know.  It comes from the same source as everything else that is good.  God bless you! 

        1. Aleea,

          You are most welcome. 🙂

          I am pretty intense. Greg told me when we were dating, “You like to be ‘deep’ 8 days per week!”


          Yes, God gives me the power and energy to do this. I can’t NOT share the treasure that is in Christ. I HAVE to share Him with everyone I can.

          Thankfully, we CAN have assurance of our salvation – we can know that we know God and we can depend on the promises of Scripture to know that we have received the gospel and that we are IN CHRIST. We don’t have to wonder. If you want to talk some more about that, please let me know! 🙂

          Much love to you!

          1. I am pretty intense. Greg told me when we were dating, “You like to be ‘deep’ 8 days per week!”


            Yeah you are. Some types of people point that out because I’m normally into cosmic thoughts too. Somebody I know told me I stress myself out and gave me a hard time–kind of laughed at me for it (for being serious, and I know he was often accused of not being serious). My Dad notices the seriousness too. I can spend hours just sitting and thinking, grinding busily away at thoughts.

            I am trying to reawaken in all those ways though. Your writing is intense and HIGHLY introspective (something that made me interested in psychology), which is recognizable to me. Me: what happened? o.O

            Working on my novel is waking me up to remembering how to be this way.

            1. JC,

              Some of my close friends are shocked by how much I think and the volume of the words that go through my head – and they only see a teeny, tiny fraction of it! 🙂 I don’t know any other way to be! I would turn it all off if I could. So thankful that now my thoughts are filled with truths of God’s Word, thanksgiving, prayer, and praise rather than lies, worry, bitterness, resentment, etc…

              Focusing on thinking about God, His Word, singing praises, and writing are my favorite things!!! 🙂

              I’m glad that you are enjoying thinking about God and also about your novel. That is wonderful!

              1. That’s good. I hope you’re better than I am at not stressing yourself out with all the thinking, though!

                Maybe one thing I do that perhaps you may not, quite so much, is I think of logical responses to a variety of other thoughts out there. I try to be ready to tackle every single debate imaginable of every kind imaginable! Of course, I’m focused on the theological discussions primarily and have my Bible prepared on that front (it is called the “sword” in the armor of God for a reason!).

                I’m furious in debates–others sometimes mistake that intensity for being emotional, but it’s aggression at problem solving, ordinarily.

                Focusing on thinking about God, His Word, singing praises, and writing are my favorite things!!!

                Good on you. 😉 It sure looks familiar! After taking an egg-beater to the brain in the last few years I’m trying to re-stabilize to reconstruct what I’ve already learned from God while learning whatever else I need to be ideally conformed. God’s done a lot of work in me, but with quite a bit farther to go with much struggle.

                May the Lord continue to bless you in pursuit of effectiveness for His Kingdom.

              2. Oh yeah, my story has one setting at all times too: intense. 😉

                Even though I had/have the whole thing planned out (much of it verbatim) in my head, I’ve often been absolutely shocked at the way I type away at it and sometimes I involuntarily pause just from being overwhelmed by what I just wrote. I’ve been astounded at how it can be even taxing on me emotionally on it can be–the ups and downs of the narrative have their rhythm, and it’s arduous but also extremely liberating, confronting hard questions but giving empowering answers! 😀

                Above all, I know this is what God wants me to do with myself primarily at this point. The healing power of it is astounding.

          2. Well, that is sweet of you to offer that, thank you. I am on a mobile device all day so I have to be brief without a full keyboard or I would really lay this out. It would be intense which would trigger your intensity, thus triggering mine and then we would have some real unnecessary drama. So our wise Lord Jesus knows why I have to do this on a handheld device.

            This is the way I understand it and way I operationalize my faith. Feel free to offer corrections even major (intense) ones.

            God has to do every last thing when saving people. God has to regenerate their hearts and cause them to repent.  Why?  Because they are totally dead and totally blind in their sins. Go out to the cemetary and cry out for people to “come forth.” No one will come. Why? They are dead as per Ephesians 2:1, Colossians 2:13 and like fifty plus other verses. Dead and blind.

            Even more than this, the gospel is an absolutely (completely and wholly) unbelievable message. The gospel is completely ridiculous and even God’s own word calls the preaching of the cross “total foolishness”-1 Corinthians 1:18. We should not expect anyone to give us a hearing, let alone believe, apart from a gracious and powerful working of God’s Holy Spirit. However, if the Lord God does regenerate your heart, it is the most incredible adventure of your life.  God is total, pure love and the love of God is the most strengthening and life-affirming force you can imagine. It is truly beyond anything you can experience, His ability to redeem! That said, apart from the Lord God giving someone a new heart, it is a totally unbelievable message.
            When someone I am witnessing to hears this foolishness and wants to repent and follow Jesus, I always then try to talk them out of it. That always shocks them but I do not want the blood of half-baked conversions and false assurances on my hands. If I cannot talk them out of it, well, it can only be because God himself has done a supernatural work in their heart that has bypassed their logic, bypassed their evidence evaluating capabilities and bypassed their normal standards of reasonableness.  Why?  Because, again, this message, as per 1 Corinthians 1:18, is foolishness. I could go so deep on that but I think you already understand if you have shared your faith one-on-one with many people. 

            God has set it up this way so that He gets all the credit and all the glory for saving and regenerating women and men. How can any pride exist in this type of conversation? The convert was not “smart” for recognizing how much sense this makes.   
            We Christians must realize that all of our witnessing is nothing more than a fool’s errand unless God moves upon the hearts of women and men. However, He has promised to do just that if we will be faithful to share the one singular message that has the power to save –the gospel! 

            How utterly dependent we are upon God!  The word of God says to repent and cry out to God to give you a new heart. Beg the Lord to regenerate you.  He may not and you will spend an eternity in hell if He does not.  God is under no obligation to save anyone but if you truly seek Him, you will find Him. That said, the fact is, if you are truly seeking Him that means He has already changed your heart. People dead (dead and blind) in tresspasses and sins don’t seek God.
            So it is God’s business to save them. I just have to be faithful to witness to them so that if He has already changed them they can recognize what has already happened!

            Most people are really nice about it. They listen and are polite. If they are in a group, forget it. That is the best way to be mocked. People have to show-off in front of each other. A few truly repent. -Oh, that, as you know is the greatest joy in the world. It takes me months to come back down after that happens. But, in the main, they view me (mostly unspoken) as the weak-minded victim of a religious ruse, a hopeless myth or a narrow-minded bigot -who, I will add, is totally in love with the Lord Jesus for redeeming everything in her life!

            1. Aleea,

              You are so adorable! 🙂 I love you already, my sister!

              I am in complete agreement that God has everything to do with saving people. He has to prepare their hearts for the seed. He has to give them the faith to respond – and yet- at the same time, we do have free will. (I do not believe that God’s sovereignty contradicts our free will, but that they work together in ways we cannot begin to fathom.) But, apart from God’s Spirit drawing us to Him, we cannot come to Him. We are spiritually dead and unresponsive to His Word and His Gospel unless He brings us to new Life.

              I had to smile when you quoted 1 Corinthians 1 – just read that this morning! 🙂 RIGHT! No one can understand the Gospel with human wisdom. It is foolishness to us apart from the Spirit drawing us to Himself. Then no one can boast before Him!

              I have been to so many “witnessing training programs” at various Baptist churches – but I had the same revelation – that unless God’s Spirit is in it, our attempts are in vain. And I don’t believe we need some slick new literature or method. I believe God is perfectly capable of prompting us what to say, when to say it, how to say it… and He can draw people to Himself in spite of us, thankfully!

              God is able to regenerate us. If we receive Christ as our Savior and Lord, He will regenerate us. That is His promise to us as His children. If we see that we are not being regenerated – there is a problem and we need to seek God all the more and pray for Him to show us the truth about our sin and our condition and beg Him to transform us to be more and more like Jesus.

              I love how God is using you for His kingdom. 🙂

              I have seen many people come to Christ here – including many, many who were false converts before. Sharing the Gospel is of utmost importance to me. I endeavor to base everything I write on the Gospel and what Jesus has done for us on the Cross and on God’s Word. My primary calling is to make disciples. That does involve evangelism at times – and I always ask anyone who comments what his/her relationship is with Christ and include numerous links to posts about how to have a relationship with Christ and to resources like David Platt and John Piper’s sites for more info about the Gospel and following Christ. But many of my posts are about disciple-making and giving milk as well as meat to those who are in Christ that they might grow in Him. Then God uses them to go make more disciples – and the ripples spread around the world. God is so very good!

              Even my posts that are about things that may seem like surface issues – like Valentine’s Day Expectations – are about living holy lives, recognizing sinful motives, taking our thoughts captive for Christ, counting ourselves as dead to sin and to this world, setting our hearts on Christ, repenting of sinful thoughts/motives, extending grace and living by the power of God’s Spirit.

              In every post I write, my goal is to point women to Christ, to point them to His Word, to exhort them to be filled with His Spirit, to allow Him to be LORD, to submit fully to Him, to repent of all sin, to walk in obedience to God by His power, to recognize how God is working (or not) in our lives, to seek Him more, to refine our motives so that ultimately everything is all about Him not about us or what we want, to die to self, to live for God, to learn to pray fervently, to recognize idols, to become godly women…

              But, I want very much to be as clear as possible about Jesus and Who He is and what He offers and about sin and the consequences of sin and about salvation and sanctification. I appreciate your willingness to share your concerns and insights and I look forward to getting to know you better. I would greatly appreciate your prayers that God might give me His wisdom and direction as I seek to live out Titus 2:3-5 and to make disciples of all nations.

              Much love!

  14. Thinking about Hell is kind of liberating, really. It’s another thing that allows the rest of the world to be a lot less scary–it’s an equalizer to the people around us. O_O

    The thought of so much as one person spending his/her eternity there is horrible, though, let alone the thought that the overwhelming majority of humankind does. 🙁

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