Some Questions for the Husbands


If you are interested, we would LOVE to hear your perspective on these questions. You can answer as many as you would like. I am looking for answers that will most help wives understand their husbands’ hearts and to be strong teammates with their husbands.   I may quote you in future posts and possibly in a future book, so, if you do answer, then you are granting me permission to share your words.  Thank you in advance for your answers.

Sometimes when wives hear from other husbands about how husbands feel and think – it impacts women in powerful ways. THANK YOU for being part of this ministry! The men who answer hear are a wealth of information for us as believing wives.


You can ask your husband these questions and share his answers if that is ok with him! You can ask him in generalities if you would like, instead of what he would want you specifically to do. Or, if you are feeling really brave, you can ask him specifically what he would like you to do. You are welcome to share either way.


1. What are some things that you would like to ask your wife to do for you that you believe would make your marriage stronger?

2. What are some practical things wives can do in general that would make their husbands feel very blessed to be married to them?

3. What can wives do that would make marriage enjoyable for husbands?

4. What are the most powerful ways wives can inspire and encourage their men as husbands, fathers and spiritual leaders?