Apologizing Stories

So, I am excited to report that I had a professor friend edit my book – and I am working on the revisions of the manuscript. Woohoo!

I am in need of several stories to share about wives apologizing to their husbands (about their disrespect, control, etc…) and a variety of husband’s reactions. Some husbands say nothing. Some husbands get angry. Some get really sad. Many of them are skeptical and wait a LONG LONG time to see if their wives are really going to change.

When you apologized, what did you say? How did you apologize? How did your husband respond?

If you are interested in sharing your story, please write your story and submit it here in the comments section. I will choose from the comments I receive and share some of  these stories anonymously in the book.

Thank you so very much! I would love to have stories in the next week or so, please. About 500-1000 words in length would be ideal.


Thanks for your help! 🙂