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17 thoughts on “Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your “Isaac”?

  1. This is a great message. We sometimes don’t take the time to imagine what Abraham felt in those days and moments. But he was a human being, and without The Holy Spirit living and abiding inside him, as we have today. How much more should we be able to withstand a little waiting period for the things or people God promised us. I know each individual in Christ is going ‘through’ their own sacrifice, but you know what? God is allowing you to go through’ a waiting period, not because He is cruel or likes to see you squirm…He does what He says He will do..100% of the time, and during that time…if you and I endure,,when we reach the END of our ‘through’ time, we will be stronger, more joyous and mature in Him. God is more interested in our character then our comfort. Thank you for this piece. 🙂 God Bless.

  2. This is a very convicting thought. Thanks for the reminder.

    If I may be so bold, I would like to challenge a couple of comments you made. God never tests us to find out what we will do. That would be to tantamount to denial of his omniscience. He tests us so we will be refined by the fire. Different kind of test.

    Thanks again, though. The point of the post is spot-on and needed to be read today.

    1. RJ,

      I could definitely word that in a more accurate way. It is for our benefit that we are tested. I didn’t mean to imply that God is not omniscient. Thanks! I will correct that!

  3. Thank you April for reminding (me) us that god wants our 100%. We are not to put anything or anyone above Him. I see how God uses difficult times to refine me into someone that is more like His Son Jesus. He always gives us what we need if we surrender our control to the one who loves us the most.

  4. A great reminder April, and something God has been dealing with me about over the last few weeks. Every where I turn I hear the same thing….

  5. I absolutely love this story also, this true life event. It also gives us an indication that Abraham’s trust in God led him to believe even in the sacrifice God would raise Isaac back up to complete his promise and purpose and we can rest assured today that whatever we have to lay down for the cause of the Cross, God will raise up something even more alive to fulfill his plan in our lives. He breathes his breath into dry bones. Oh how I love him and pray that we all have a Billy Graham inside of us that has such a passion and desire to preserve and share the gospel to a lost and hurting world. Blessings,

    1. Wanda,

      I so love Abraham’s faith!!! He didn’t put God in a box. Love that – “God will raise up something even more alive to fulfill his plan in our lives.” Thank you so much for sharing!

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