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Is Your Marriage Hard?

I believe you will be greatly blessed by this post by Nina Roesner – author of “The Respect Dare”

9 thoughts on “Is Your Marriage Hard?

  1. Hi your Peacefulwife Blog helped me a lot, but I need ur advise , I love my husband so much , I trust him & I pray for him everyday, let’s say u find out that ur husband is busy flirting with other woman in such a way that they communicate everyday calling each other babes & planning 2 meet so that they will have sex & they from the same town , will u confront ur husband or pray for him, the reason why I’m asking u is that I love my husband but I really don’t understand why is he doing dis but he doesn’t know that I know & we just had a son he’s one month old “Please help coz I don’t want to do something stupid

    1. Bongi,

      I am so glad to meet you!
      Are either of you believers in Christ?

      Your husband is being unfaithful and breaking your marriage covenant. 🙁 That is NOT OK!!!

      I would have to confront my husband and I personally would not want to live with him until I saw that he seriously repented and was willing to turn back to God and to me and willing to show he was trustworthy.

      Do you have a godly CHristian pastor you can talk to?

      You may have to say something like,

      “I really love you and want to trust and respect you. But it hurts me so much that you are with other women. This has to stop. I want to learn to trust you again if you are willing to stop having affairs. But I can’t live with you when you are cheating on me.”

      Do you have anywhere you can go?

      I’m also concerned for your health. How long has this been going on? Have you been checked for STDs?

      1. We re both Christians , u know I really don’t understand why is he doing this coz he’s always on d fone during family time until he goes to sleep & when I ask him he always says he’s working coz we started d business together, so what happend is @ first he did that while I was pregnant & then one night something told me to check his fone ” I know I was wrong ” but I found out that he was talking 2 his colleage saying he’s got feelings for her & that she’s turning her on so they were planning 2 meet coz d lady responded saying dey should meet face 2 face, so I confronted him it was bad he said he was flirting with her & dat she’s not her type so everything ws my fault & he deleted all her details , it was my first first time to check his fone as I said somthing told me 2 check his fone I don’t know wheather it ws my instist or holly spirit coz I’m a christian, so I apologised he also did , so now dis thing happend again dis week something said I must check his fone again & he was flirting with anaother woman & apparently dey re planning 2 meet coz I’m going away for a week to see his mother in law with my kids and he ws insisting last month that I should go home for 3 months coz I just had a baby so that ma mother inlaw will take care of me coz he’s busy I refused to go & I had a terrible dream after that on my dreams he was having an affair & guess what when I checked on d fone d confessation started last month dey were planning to me for 2 weeks but unfortunatly I refused , so I’m afraid if I confront him again he will know that I was checking his fone

  2. He’s a good man & he loves us , I trust & he always says he respect that I trust him & he will never cheat on me coz I respect him as a husband but dis flirting makes me angry very angry or maybe its how he flirt

      1. Thanx I will read it , I feel much better now after talking 2 u, may God bless u & continue 2 bless woman like me who don’t have anyone to talk too , Thank u

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