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The Respect Dare, Day 23 – My Knight in Shining Armor!



I am going to be totally honest  and tell you that this is one thing I really messed up!  It’s kind of embarrassing.  But – we’re all friends here, right?

So, I got to dare 23 in The Respect Dare.  The dare encouraged wives to give something tangible to our husbands to show our respect and admiration and show that we appreciate his protection and manhood.  There were ideas like giving a medal, a sword or a knight in armor figurine.

I LOVED this idea!  Then I started trying to find a knight in shining armor – and you know what?  You can’t just waltz into K-Mart or Wal-Mart and find one of these things!  So, I began to look online to find just the right knight to show my husband how much I appreciate him and how he is MY HERO.  It actually took me almost 11 months to actually finish this dare and find the right gift for my husband.


Well – gift giving has NEVER been my talent.  It is not my love language, I guess.  I don’t particularly “need” gifts – and I am  pretty awful at giving gifts. 🙁  I never feel like I can find the right thing and it often stresses me out trying to find the right thing – especially for people who truthfully don’t “need” anything.   In fact, I turned the gift giving over to my husband a few years ago for birthdays and Christmas for our children and our family.  He IS very good at giving gifts and finding the right thing for just about anyone.  I so admire that about him!

I decided to get my husband a pewter knight as a symbol of how I see him as my knight in shining armor.

It looked perfect!

Unfortunately – I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions.


I gave my husband the package from the online place where I bought his figurine and was a bit surprised that it was just a padded envelope that it came in.

Hmmm…. that didn’t seem right.

My husband emptied the contents of the envelop into his hand.


Here is part of the post my husband put up on his blog about my gift to him  (Ladies, your dare is at the bottom after his post):


Father’s Day was a few weeks ago, and while we don’t go crazy getting each other gifts for the card holidays, my wife decided to break tradition a little bit and buy me something really special. You can see it in the picture I took above. I was totally blown away that she would make a purchasing decision this great without even consulting me. I think she did quite well, though. Look at the craftsmanship on this thing. Look at how every detail was carefully considered and incorporated. Only the finest materials were used to construct this thing. In that first picture I might be a little too far out for you to appreciate it. Let me move in a little closer so you can fully grasp my prized gift.

I knew you would be able to start to see why I am so excited at this distance. The viewing angle on this thing is almost infinite. No matter how you look at it, from the sides, below, or above there is virtually no loss of detail. You might think I am crazy, but I want you to see it a little closer. I don’t want you to miss any details. Let’s move in a little closer.

Wait a second, I see, you thought I was talking about the TV. Can you see the fine craftsmanship? The incredible detail? Can you see the use of the finest materials now?

What? You think it is a bit small. It is not that small. Let me put it next to something for you to get some perspective.

How about next to a Lego Knight minifigure? The Lego Knight isn’t armed but is still a fair bit bigger than the knight.

A tube of chapstick? I guess the knight could try using a bomb on the balm to try to take out his superior foe.

A shaving razor? No competition really and the razor is powered at that.

Fingernail clippers? Yep, the knight needs to stay far away for fear of losing a limb or a head.

A Band-Aid? On the bright side it would only take one to mend up all the knight’s battle wounds and it could probably be double wrapped.

Finally, a toilet roll? This is probably the most useful comparison because the knight could easily hide within the hollow cavity.

So, I can see you are not nearly as excited about my Father’s Day gift as I am. Truth be told, my wife purchased the knight online and didn’t pay particular attention to how tall the knight was. She just saw the picture of the knight (below) and thought, “I want my husband to know that this is how I think of him. He is my knight in shining armor!”

The package arrived at our doorstep on a Friday. On Father’s Day morning, she opened the package to give it to me and realized that the knight stood a whopping 1.75 inches tall. It didn’t bother me at all that it was so small and it was kind of amusing for us just how diminutive it actually was. (From Peacefulwife – we and our children all laughed until we were crying when we compared this little knight to each of these objects and thought of other things to stand him beside so we could really portray just how tiny it was as my husband took pictures.)

I understand what my wife wanted to do by getting me the knight for Father’s Day. She wanted me to know that she looked at me as that knight in shining armor in her life. That she appreciated what I do and what I am about. That she gets me. She wants me to lead our family and trusts me to this position. She wants me to be my best. She wants me to protect our family from all sources of evil.

In For Men Only, Jeff Feldhahn asked the women they surveyed for their book, “What is one thing that you would like for your husband to know?” As they began to go through the responses to this question, they were blown away that the number one thing that women wished their man knew was, “You are my hero.” The surprise was that despite how lousy we are at being our best for our wife we really are their life. They admire us, need us, appreciate us, want us to be happy, and are truly grateful for us. They respect us. The survey found that while your wife may not always express it well to you, almost every woman said that they “deeply need, respect, and desire” their husband.

Wow….how good is it to know that despite all of our downfalls our wife still looks at us as her knight in shining armor? No, not the 1.75 inch one that came through the mail, but a living, breathing personal He-Man, Gladiator, Round Table Regular, and Superman. The one she dreamed about when she was a girl who would marry her and live happily ever after.

Knowing that my wife thinks about me this way inspires me.

I keep my Father’s Day gift by our bed on my “knight” stand. It reminds me every day to try to be the husband that she sees in me. It reminds me that my BIGGEST gift is her.




– What successes has your husband accomplished?   How have you celebrated those successes with him?

– What gift might he appreciate that would show how much you appreciate, admire and respect your man? What symbolizes manhood to him?  A certain sport?  Hunting? Golfing?  The military?

– Pray that God might help you bless your husband with pure motives – expecting nothing in return – just celebrating him to bless him and to please God.


PLEASE share your ideas and how it goes with the rest of us !!!!! 🙂


For the whole post my husband wrote, click here.

From Clark Kent to Superman

24 thoughts on “The Respect Dare, Day 23 – My Knight in Shining Armor!

  1. Hi April,
    I think we were separated at birth or something. Every time I read your posts, I think, I could have written that! And today was the same. I don’t like gift giving either, we all have so much and we keep giving more. Our baby just turned one and I can’t believe the stuff we have now as gifts. For her first birthday, I asked for no gifts, stating that you had all blessed us so much already. Almost everyone brought gifts!!! I used to think I was Scrooge at work. You would not believe what went on there for a birthday and Christmas gift giving too.
    And then your husbands post with the pictures was hysterical!!!
    I mean how funny that you researched it for so long and then it turned out so tiny. You are a good sport to share this with us.
    Thank you again

    1. Stephanie,
      I know – I look around at all we have and see how much we don’t need and how much we could give to those who actually are in need – and I want to give stuff away, not get more! It gives me the heebie jeebies to be in a room with a lot of clutter and stuff.

      You are very welcome!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. I know exactly what I would get my husband if I could: A truck. He wants one so bad. So bad that we compare his obsession with trucks to porn. He surfs the internet looking at car dealerships, comparing trucks to find the perfect one! I would love to get him one, in fact it pains me that I can’t. We just don’t have the financial means right now. He knows this, and has cut back a lot on how much he looks now. However, it is still his deepest desire. I have thought about getting him a model truck, or a remote control truck, but I just feel this is mean. So, I am at a loss on this dare and I am going to have to do some serious thinking about what else I could get him to show him my respect! Maybe you ladies could help with some ideas??

    1. Sarah,

      Maybe you could get him something for his “someday” truck – to show him that you believe in his dream and dream it with him? That you believe his dream will one day come true? Something he could use on or for the truck? Or even get a subscription for him to a magazine about trucks? Or tickets to a truck show? It depends on your man too. My man LOVES planes – anything about planes! His dream was to be a pilot in the Air Force, but when he started having seizures @ 9 yr old, that dream was permanently terminated. When I met him, I didn’t know if he ONLY wanted to be a pilot, and didn’t want to have anything to do with airplanes if he couldn’t have his dream. Turns out that any and everything about planes makes him happy – even sitting at the airport and watching them land. 🙂

    2. How about a weekend getaway to any “nearby” place that he would want to goto, so that he could do whatever activities he wants to do WITH you by his side, AND including a weekend rental of his favorite truck for transportation for the weekend.

      I’m just making things up, but maybe that could be a local or quick flight to a well-known car show, or some form of a “truck museum” (if those exist?)

      Maybe you could just rent the truck and spend the weekend camping in a national forest, or white-water rafting, or anything else HE wants to do.

      You will lose the CONTROL of going where you want and doing what you want, but you just very well may speak love, value, and respect into his heart for showing him that his thoughts, opinions, and desires are important to you, and you could possibly gain some INTIMACY with him for doing so.

      You can plan it out as a surprise for him to do only things that you know are important to him, but then let go and allow him to do whatever he actually chooses to do with HIS weekend.

      I don’t know what schedule/budget you have to work with, but it sounds like he would be blessed by something similar custom-built to his tastes.

      Men need more dates with our wives/girlfriends that are tailored to our interests.

      “Love” and “Veto” coupons are also great ideas.

  3. HI Sarah, I think to a woman it might be ‘mean.’ But to men it’s different. My hubby grew up on the water – his family boated every weekend, so he LOVES boats and the water. But in this latter part of life, it’s not cruisers he likes – it’s sailboats. He wants to buy a sailboat – but the bigger kind that you can live on. It’s just not in our budget right now. But, what did he buy himself … a model of the very vessel that he wants!! I think because men stimulate easier visually, it’s a springboard (of sorts) into the ‘dreaming’ part of life.

    I think a good gift (depending on the type of marriage you have) would be ‘vito’ coupons!! I’m a recovering feminist and require a firm hand. My husband would appreciate vito coupons (you know the ‘love’ advice sometimes suggest ‘love’ coupons) … same idea.

  4. OH WOW!!!! hahahahahaha! my husband is asleep right now, so i am shaking the bed terribly by trying to stifle my laughter!! hilarious! at first i thought the wrong pic was attached to the post, but then saw the tiny figurine on top of the tv! oh hahahahahaha!!!

    1. Sarah,

      We seriously spent 30 minutes laughing until our stomachs hurt and we all had tears streaming down our faces. 🙂 Definitely NOT what I expected! But thankfully, my husband has a great sense of humor! 🙂

  5. What a funny thing. I’m so glad Greg could still see your intention despite the error.

    I’ve never been good at gift giving either so I’m always worried that he won’t like something I got him. I’m gonna be researching this one for some time too. I want to think up something really perfect. In fact this one will takes lots of prayer. I love the “someday” truck idea that Cheryl and Sarah came up with, can’t actually get a real truck but something to focus on until the real thing is manageable he could put it somewhere he can see it often. Also it show that you really know him and know his heart.


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