A Wife Lives Out – COVENANT – Despite Opposition


A well-meaning mom keeps telling her daughter to leave her husband and that God has someone else for her.  Her husband had separated from her recently.  I love what this precious wife and disciple of Christ wrote to her mom:

Below is the message I sent my Mom today and I think now she finally understands where I am with my situation with my husband after reading what I had to say……….

He is my knight In shining armor.  He is good for me, but right now he has lost his way.
What I don’t get is people take vows for better and for worse and then when it does get worse,  they leave. When I took that vow I took it between me my husband and God. I did not take it LIGHTLY. I did not have a lot of understanding of the things of God when I was married before, actually I was not even saved then. I have grown and the things I know now have made me into a person that sometimes I don’t even understand.
The hurt I feel at times now is nothing like what I have felt in the past. I did not want to work.  I did not want to go anywhere. All I wanted to do was sit around and cry and have a pity party. My life is not what I would like it to be now but I AM STILL LIVING!!. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP! I STILL LAUGH AND PLAY AND HAVE FUN and that is the main difference.
I’m not saying I don’t love my husband.  I’m just saying I love him based on a choice, a decision to love him and that decision is not based on whether he returns that love to me or not. My decision honors the vow I made to God in spite of what my husband does or does not do. EVER! And that is what people just don’t understand.

This thing is greater than me and greater than him.   It’s all about GOD!

I know people don’t understand that because EVERYONE I know makes their decisions based on their feelings at the moment and not on a choice to do good to be right and to show love regardless of whether you are ever shown it in return.
That is what God has done for me and I love HIM and HIM alone for it.
  • Do I think anyone will ever understand?
  • Do I care?
NOT ANYMORE because I choose to stop being a people pleaser lol.
LOVE is deeper wider and greater than anyone dares to examine, when they do, what an amazing thing they will find if they dare to understand the true meaning of it all.