A Wife Discovers the Joy and Power of Obeying God

This is an email I received recently from a wife – I am SO excited about sharing her story!  I think it is WONDERFUL for wives to hear many different wives’ stories and how God changed them and their marriages and how powerful God is.   I think other wives’ testimonies like this will build the faith of many other women.  If you would like to share what God has done or is doing in your marriage  or what you have learned – please leave me a comment!    I especially love specific things that you do in your marriage to show respect and to cooperate with your husband’s leadership  – every day examples of how this plays out in your relationship with your husband.  And I love to hear before and after stories!  Thanks!  And a BIG thank you to this wife for sharing of herself with all of us! 🙂

I am doing very well, and each day, more and more, I can see the work of God’s hand on my family and marriage. I have seen so many miracles in the past few months,
especially within my husband.

I mentioned in my last email that I have been trying to be submissive since I was married 6 years ago, but I feel that just now I am truly getting it. I have been able to step
back and trust God, and He has shown Himself to be so faithful! My husband has had issues with drinking and dodging responsibilities, and it has really been hard for me, because he’s had a lot of denial about it.

I used to try to make him understand his problems and tell him how he could fix them with God.

I have finally gotten to a point where I completely stepped back and let God handle it, and my husbands eyes are really opening up. He has began to shift his focus back to our family and is cleaning his life up in almost every way. I can see his relationship with God is growing again! It is amazing, and I am so relieved, because for so long I really believed it was about what I needed to say or do.

Last year at this time, he was completely disconnected. He refused to engage in any holiday activities, and was very discontent when spending time with our two sons and me. Although I am sure I was off-putting in many ways, because I was trying to control and fix things without really understanding the disrespectful side of it, I now see that he had a big inner struggle with his faith.

Last year at this time  we also discovered we were going to foreclose on our home. There were a lot of hardships and a lot of pressure on us both. God turned it all around, and made it into something beautiful, however. We now are happily moved into a smaller place we can afford, and we have so much peace here. The pressure is off my husband, and I can see how his love for Christ and our family life is really growing!

Last weekend he came home from work wanting to set up our Christmas tree and watch “Its a Wonderful Life.” I was amazed and so thankful! If you only knew how things were for so long…

A year ago he told me he’d never be into decorating trees or enjoying Christmas! It’s a true miracle. I am living proof that respecting and submitting does work, and prayer works, too. There aren’t even words for my thankfulness and joy at what God is doing.

Thank you always for your blog. It can be hard to stop from falling back into the human sinful ways that us wives so naturally have within us, but through spending time with God and having a resource like your blog, I can stay on track. I pray that each day us wives can drawn upon God’s strength and spirit to continually transform us into who He desires for us to be. I think it’s so important to also mention that you are so right when you talk about how we have to keep seeking this role and doing what is right even if our husbands are sinning and not doing their part. You have said that is where our power lies and you are correct… I see that so clearly now!

From the Peacefulwife:

I am thrilled about all that is happening in this wife, in her husband, in their marriage and their family.

Please keep in mind that each wife’s story is unique.  The timetable of how long it takes for things to happen is unique – and even if a wife is obeying God and totally submitted to Him – that doesn’t automatically mean her husband will definitely turn to God.  There are no guarantees.  Obeying God doesn’t mean “He owes me” and now my husband has to become a godly man.  But my obedience to God does make it much easier for my husband to obey God.  Many times, God chooses to change a wife first, and then that takes away many hurdles for husbands to come nearer to Him.

But I HAVE to keep in mind that my goal must be to love Jesus with all my heart and seek Him and His will above everything in life.  I obey Him because I love Him.  Period.  No matter what the results end up being.  I trust Him and I know He will bless me spiritually as I obey Him with His peace and joy and power.  He will give me the strength to handle whatever comes.  And He will use me to bless my family.  Plus, He will reward me in heaven when I live totally yielded and obedient to Him here on this earth.

I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for You and how He desires to glorify Himself in your life, precious wife!