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My Commenting Policy

I welcome everyone – men and women, people of all faiths – to my blog. My primary purpose is to share the hope, truth, love, mercy, grace and light of Christ through sharing God’s wisdom from the Bible with women who are hurting.

My husband has asked me to focus on the women who want to learn and who are interested in hearing what God’s Word has to say. So, those are the comments that will receive priority. He has also asked me not to approve comments that are “manospherian.”  I will seek to honor his request as I moderate comments.

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. However, I do expect people to speak respectfully here toward me, toward others, toward God and toward the Bible.

Comments that are hateful, disrespectful, vicious, malicious, purposely divisive, contain vulgar or foul language or are attacking toward me or other commenters will not be approved.

Comments with genuine heartbreak, concerns, sincere questions, ideas  and comments that are constructive and edifying will be approved.

Please keep in mind that my focus here is to concentrate on what wives can do on their end of the marriage to make things better and to live lives that are pleasing to God and that are built on the Bible. I don’t talk about what husbands should do because wives can’t control their husbands. We only control ourselves. That does not excuse husbands. God gives them even more responsibility, accountability and even more difficult assignments than He gives wives. We will each stand before God and give an account of “every careless word” we have spoken. Husbands are not off the hook. No one answers to me. We will all answer to God.

Thanks so much for your understanding and for treating one another with great respect. I want this to be a place that is encouraging, edifying, positive, pleasant, honoring to God, honoring to marriage, honoring to women, honoring to men and full of the love, mercy and grace of Christ and the truth of His Word.


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