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Share a Priceless Moment with Me! :)


This is me after several minutes of sobbing when I saw my husband, Greg, bring in two boxes that had just been delivered from Kregel Publications. What an incredible moment – to open that box and to hold a copy of the book I have been working on for the last few years in my hands for the very first time!



I could NEVER have imagined when God opened my eyes to my mountain of sin (in December of 2008) what He had in store for my life. When I saw what a wretched sinner I was – how prideful, controlling, untrusting in God, unforgiving, self-righteous, disrespectful, etc…  – I wanted to go live in a cave and never talk to another person ever again. Then I begged God to change me and began to pursue Christ with all my heart. I wanted to become the woman He wanted me to be. I trashed everything I thought I knew about living for God, being a godly woman, what godly marriage is about, and about femininity – and begged God to help me rebuild my life on His Word alone. I wanted to try to make things up to Greg after over 14 years of wounding him – without even realizing it – in our marriage. I wanted to make things up to God – not that I ever could – but I wanted to start to live a life worthy of Christ.

Now, 7 years later (God does love the number 7, doesn’t He?) – I am awestruck and humbled that God is willing to pour Himself through me to reach thousands of women and their marriages around the world. There is no good in me at all apart from Christ. I know exactly what I am and where I would be without Him. I know I don’t deserve this amazing ministry. I know I don’t deserve to get to see all of the miracles God is doing in so many lives each day. I feel like the most blessed woman on the planet to get to be right here doing what I love and what I know God has called me to do. I can’t keep the treasures of God to myself. I want to see Him heal every sister (and brother) in Christ and I want to see Him bring millions to Himself!

This book was an intense labor of love, fervent prayer, and tears. Greg asked me to write it. I believe God called me to do this.

Please join with me in praying for the women (men, and children) whose lives God will touch through this book.

Pray that His Spirit might prepare their hearts and that His Spirit might speak to them on every page. Pray with me that I would greatly decrease and God would greatly increase – that it might be ALL about Jesus, His Lordship in each of our lives, His kingdom, and His glory! That is my greatest desire!

One of the things I look forward to most of all (other than meeting my Lord) is when so many of us will meet in heaven face-to-face and I will finally get to hear every detail of each of your stories and what God has done in your lives. I can’t wait to see how His love and truth will ripple out from your life into your marriage, your husband’s life, your children’s lives, and into the lives of other women and families around the world.

Please continue to pray that God might equip and empower Greg and me to be faithful and obedient to all that He asks of us. May our lives bring glory and praise to Jesus!

The book will be released January 27, 2016!

I was able to paste the link to the Amazon page on my Peaceful Wife Blog Facebook page this week. Sadly – WordPress will not allow me to paste the link to Amazon. My apologies! I was able to add it in the comments. Or – you may search Amazon for “The Peaceful Wife” or “April Cassidy” and the book will come up. It is available for pre-order if you are interested.

Much love to each of you!

THANK YOU for being on this amazing journey with me! I can’t wait to see all that God will do in our lives together!!!







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85 thoughts on “Share a Priceless Moment with Me! :)

    1. yes!!! yayyyy!!!! Can’t WAIT to order this book. LOL
      Congrats to you April, that moment must of been a very special one you will never forget 🙂 and now God is using your sin, and weaknesses for his glory! What a feeling that must be. He loves us so much. I am truly happy for you

    2. April, I left you a private message on your facebook because I couldn’t find a email link to send you a email. I haven’t heard and am wondering of there is a way to talk to you about something aside from the comments section or the Facebook link.


  1. Congratulations and Blessings to you I know the Lord will use this to heal many life’s and marriages

  2. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! I know there is rejoicing in Heaven of the work you are doing here on earth for women and marriages. Praying this book will reach many women and God will be glorified in it!

    Its too late for me, but you’re going to help so many through this growing ministry!!

    Best wishes on this journey!!

    1. TLC,

      Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support!

      I’m so sorry to hear that things did not go well. 🙁 How may I pray for you? Would you like to share what has happened? Sending you the biggest hug, my precious sister!

      Thankfully, no matter what our husbands may do – we are all able to be fully submitted to Christ as Lord and He can use all of us in His kingdom for His glory. I can’t wait to see His plans for you. I’m here if you want to talk some more.

      Much love, my dear sister!


  3. Congratulations on your new book! If I were in your shoes I would probably sob too. What a joyous, exciting event. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

    1. Laura,

      I think I have been working on this book in some form or another for close to 3 years now. It is just CRAZY to see it finished. Exciting. A bit terrifying. 🙂 In a good way – that I know will stretch my faith a lot in the coming months.

      I have prayed that God would use me however He wanted to and that I held nothing back from Him. He has opened doors I could NEVER have opened for myself. He gave me BIG endorsements that still blow my mind. It is like He is rolling out the red carpet for me with this book each step of the way. Please pray that I will be faithful and obedient in all that He asks of me. And please pray for His protection over my family and myself – that we might do nothing that would dishonor Christ.

      Much love, my dear sister!

  4. Praising God for you and your ministry. It has been a blessing to me and to my young married daughter as well. I’m so excited to see her start her marriage off building it on the Word of God and being a Peaceful Wife to her husband. Thank you for your ministry

    1. Gail Gargani,

      Wow, now THAT is exciting! To see a young wife starting out on the foundation of God’s Word. WOOHOO! Brings me so much joy to hear this. And I am thankful God allowed me to be a part of His work in your life, too, my dear sister! 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to receive my copy. I imagine it will amazing book to read. If it’s anything like your blog. You have inspired me , and helped more than you will ever know through me journey..
    Much love and respect

    1. Melissa,

      How cool is it that God allows us to bless each other and walk on this road together? I am extremely thankful for His Spirit, His Word – and the encouragement of the Body of Christ. He doesn’t leave us as orphans. I am so thankful that He reaches out to show us the way.

      I praise God for what He has done already in your life and I can’t wait to see all that He has in store! 🙂

  6. I love both pictures of you! God’s beauty, grace and love shines through you. My eyes got tears as I read this. Think of it, even one person who experiences God and gets transformed through your book, has the ability to impact the lives of many. So if your book impacts thousands, it really could impact millions. Praying with you and rejoicing with you, April! Praying over you and your family and that God does more than you could hope for or imagine, as He often does. 😀

    1. Amber Paulsen,

      I love how God works. He inspired Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Nina Roesner, Shaunti Feldhahn, David Platt, John Piper – to teach His truth. God used their books and sermons – along with His Word and His Spirit and prayer, of course – to greatly impact and mold my understanding and my faith. Now, the ripple effect continues on. So amazing! I can’t wait to see all that God has in store and to hear every single detail in every person’s life of how God will work.

      Thank you for rejoicing with me and for praying over me and my family. I can never thank you enough for that precious gift!

      I long to see God bring a new Great Awakening in our generation. I pray He might use me to be part of it if He is willing. Imagine if thousands and thousands of women around the world began to live in full submission to Christ. Imagine the impact on their husbands, their children, their extended families, their jobs, their neighborhoods, and their churches. That is my prayer! That God might use this book to disciple many and to draw many to Himself – whomever He will – and that He might use it for the edification and growth of His Body and His Kingdom.

      Thank you for your love and friendship, my dear sister! 🙂 And YES! May God do infinitely more than anything I could think, hope, ask for, or imagine for His glory!

    1. Gail,

      Thank you so much, my precious sister. 🙂 I pray God might speak through every page to draw each of these 3 dear women to Himself and to transform them for His glory.

  7. Crying with you. Praise God He is faithful to complete what he’s started. I will b buying several copies!

    1. Carla,

      Thanks for crying tears of rejoicing with me! 🙂 I’m not sure when it will sink in to my brain that this is actually happening. I really do feel like if I were to die today – I would be content with my life and legacy for my family and for the Body of Christ. I know this is what God wanted me to do. But if God graciously allows me to continue on – how I pray He might equip me to continue to be faithful and to do all He desires me to do.

      Now I trust Him to get His message to the hearts of each daughter of His (current and future daughters) – whomever He wants to have it.

  8. This is so exciting!! I cannot WAIT to read this beautiful book you’ve poured your heart into! God is going to do so many incredible things through it!! Love the pics of you! Love to you!!!

    May I ask who all endoursed it? I’m wondering if you named them in one of the comments I saw, above??

    1. J,

      Thank you!!! I love you, my sister!

      Of course you may ask. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (who wrote “Love and Respect”) is endorsing it. And Shaunti Feldhahn (who wrote For Women Only and a bunch of other stuff). And Jennifer White (who wrote “Prayers for New Brides.”)

      These are God-sized, mind-blowing things!

      Much love!

      1. Those are powerful endorsements. That’s so great!! God is amazing and so kind to all of us….I just love that you received your books right before Christmas as a gift! Thanks for sharing your touching reactions….And a “shout out” to Greg for his leadership in your ministries. Thanks to him for sharing you with us!

        1. J,

          Definitely a total God thing. I am amazed! And thank you for recognizing how supportive and involved Greg is and what an essential part he plays in all of this. I couldn’t do any of it without his support, leadership, and encouragement.

  9. Congratulations April!!! I know what a big, overwhelming moment this is for you. May the Lord use your efforts for His Kingdom in ways you never could have imagined 🙂 Love in Him, Kristin

  10. April, I am SO excited for you! You have only an inkling of how you’ve helped me, and how much further my marriage still needs to go for various reasons. I am mightily anticipating hearing how your book will draw other women to Christ and to their husbands, and how this will impact and improve marriages all over the world! Congratulations!!! Thank you for allowing God to use you!!!

    (I’m trying to come up with a new anonymous handle that would describe my situation, as I am speaking and praying life and truth over my husband and marriage. Hopefully this one doesn’t come across negatively!)

    1. Victorious Wife,

      I LOVE your new handle. 🙂 I pray for God’s victory for you and for your husband, as well! No, it is not negative, this is powerful. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing and for your prayers. Much love to you!

  11. You don’t know me, but CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been so blessed from following you for about a year now. This time last year, I was up in the middle of the night crying and sobbing for God to make me a better wife. So I googled it and you popped up!! I’ve been following you ever since. Thank you for sharing your journey and teaching me so much. Thank you for pushing me, stretching me, and challenging my thinking as it relates to be a Godly wife. I thought I already knew it all but boy was I wrong!! I’ve been very prideful, controlling, selfish, etc. and had no idea. I will definitely be purchasing your book! Keep it up!! The sky is the limit when you are in His will and doing what He called you to do. 😊

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Jasmine,

      Aw! Thank you my sweet sister! It is awesome to hear from you and to get to find out a bit of your story. How awesome is it that God brought us together and lets us walk this road together. I’m so glad you are here. Thank you for the encouragement!

  12. April,
    I can’t wait to read this. God has used you in my life and is teaching me much through you. I am so excited for you and your ministry. Wouldn’t it be incredible if every wife in the church could read this? God is using you in women’s lives and in ministry in a powerful way. You have helped so many women and we thank God for you.


    1. Ashlie,

      It is my prayer that God will raise up a woman in every church around the world to teach this stuff to the younger women – whether it is through my book and blog or through some other source – we need this information as women and wives! Thank you for sharing. I praise God for what He is doing in your life and marriage! 🙂

  13. Massive congrats from a wife who has been struggling for years to write a memoir Angel in the pepper ( memoir of a messy marriage) inspired to continue. absolutely feel your excitement and joy…. May many women benefit from your obedience and love for Jesus Christ

    1. angiecliffordskitchen,

      When Greg suggested I should write a book, I was in shock. That was a BIG difference from writing blog posts. But I know God inspired him to ask me and I praise Him for leading me all the way through this process. What an incredible moment to see “it is finished”! Yes, may God use me to bless many of my sisters (and brothers) in Christ and their marriages – however He wants to use me. I want to be available, faithful, and obedient.

  14. Congratulations, April – what a lovely gift to receive at this time of year (too bad we have to wait till Jan!). God has done a very good work through you for so many of us.

  15. This is fantastic April, really really well done! And well done to Greg too – for suggesting it in the first place and for encouraging and supporting you all the way!
    Praying every blessing and protection for you and your family, that you will stay truly humble and Christ-centred always.
    You will never know how much this blog has helped, inspired and convicted me this past year, and I’m sure many, many others. Praying the book does the same, and more!
    Much love x

  16. Oh April. I’m praising God with you. I know how much you have helped me and James 5:20 comes to mind. This ministry that God has worked through you has turned many from the error of their ways, saved us from death and covered a multitude of sin. I don’t know of a ministry that has helped me more. Bless you precious sister and thank you for being a humble and willing vessel and allowing God to use you this way. I thank God for the day I fell upon your blog.

  17. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for you and how thankful I am for your ministry. I’m pretty sure your insights, writing, and character have made some of the biggest impacts on my heart. You’ve stretched my character beyond what I ever thought I could be, pushed me to do things I never thought I could do, and kept pointing me to Christ in a way that has taught me how to truly rest in Him no matter what’s going on around me. And the way you respond to every single one of your readers has shown me how to live a spirit filled life. I can’t wait to read your book! I think I will feel like I’m reading the words of a friend. 🙂 Congratulations, sweet April! This is such a major accomplishment; a dream come true. May God bless you and your family richly and abundantly.

  18. Huge congratulations April! What a massive achievement, I’m so excited for you and for all of us who get to read your book. I can’t wait, your blog has helped me so much, thank you SO MUCH for all the work you put into it. You truly are an inspiration.

      Thank you, my friend! How I pray it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it. I pray God will give people His Spirit and understanding and that God might even use it to bring many to Christ.

      Much love!

    1. Renee,

      I like that. That is my prayer! 🙂 That it will be His victory and that it will be for His kingdom and accomplish every purpose He has. I know His Word will not return to Him void. My goal was to base everything I wrote on Scripture and to handle God’s Word rightly. May He use it however it will most please and exalt Him.

  19. April, thank you so much. God has used you to impact my life greatly since that rainy day a few weeks ago I tumbled into this website with tears in my eyes.I believe that this book will bless me more when I get to read it (cant want to read it!). I thank God for a beautiful person like you. Just reading every single word of yours gives me “peace” no matter what the circumstance I am in. Thank you! Glory be to God!

    1. Betty,

      Thank you so much for sharing. How amazing that God allows us to share this road together. I’m so glad you are here! I pray that the blog posts and the book might be tools God uses to greatly minister to your heart and to bring you much spiritual Life and healing in Christ.

      Much love to you!

      1. April, thank you for your respond to my comment. After reading your introductory post ”“, I have come to realise that I am almost like you towards my husband; most of your descriptions about yourself before God changed you are true to myself! I am all that to my husband and my husband is a very passive man! I, the “perfect wife” have been trying so hard to drag him to God for the last 7 years of our marriage. It never worked! I know God has brought me to your blog to change me and I can feel in my heart that God is just about to change me. I can’t wait to experience the change! Change me O Lord!

        Please remember me in your prayers.

        Thank you very much.

        Yours sister in Christ,


        1. Betty,

          I am so excited for you to experience God’s work, presence, and power in your life! Gives me chills just thinking about all the treasures of Christ that are in store for you. I pray for God to transform you radically to be more like Jesus by the power of His Spirit and His Word. I pray for healing for your husband and your marriage. This will require much patience, my dear sister. It is a long, slow process, the process of sanctification. Embrace the slowness and the waiting. That is part of how God refines us. 🙂 we learn to depend totally on Him and to do this only for Him not to change our husbands. Just to please Christ and bless our husbands.

          I am right here if you want to talk. I will do my best to point you to Christ, His truth, His healing, His Spirit, His power, and His wisdom! 🙂

  20. WOW, God knows I am one of the people looking forward to reading your book, now more than ever. I personally thank God for you April and the work He has done in your life, Hallelujah to God for this book.

    I am also in a place where God has just shown me what a wretched sinner I really am and how much He still loves me; hence what you just said resonates with me so much. I need God so so much, not what He can offer me but Him alone.

    I am from Africa and it wont be as easy to access your book so please do share how we can all get access to it.

    Thank you for loving Jesus.

    1. lovedwife,

      When I see a wife with an attitude like this – I know God is about to do something AWESOME! Until we see our own sinfulness, we can’t truly appreciate the extent and price God paid for us in Christ. And until we realize that what we need most and what we desire most is Christ, we are missing everything that matters.

      The Amazon link has a kindle version. Maybe that would help?

      I am so thankful Jesus loves me (and all of us). I can’t help but want to let His love flow through me to all of my sisters (and brothers). I want EVERYONE to know what a Treasure God is!
      Much love to you! 🙂

  21. Glory to God! April, my joy overflows for you. Thank you for your obedience to God. God is using your ministry to heal so many marriages and relationships. I will be pre-ordering a few copies.

  22. I’m so proud of you April!!! As I read this post I pictured the day we meet in Heaven and I will get to share how deeply your ministry impacted my life and changed my relationship with my husband! God bless you! Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

    1. Natalie,

      Aw! Thank you so much, Natalie! I can’t wait to hear every single detail of your story. Maybe you can share a bit with me sometime even before then. I love hearing how God heals and changes people. It’s my favorite part of ministry – the chance to see God perform miracles. I know He will continue the good work He has begun in you, my dear sister!

      Much love to you! 🙂

  23. Congratulations on the book! My priceless moment? I miscarried my 9th baby earlier this year. And to the best of our knowledge I wasn’t ovulating. Anyway, 6 months + had gone by and no sign of pregnancy. So I began to lose hope. But tried to trust in the Lords plans. Anyways, for some reason I felt compelled the other day to take a cheap home test and it came up positive! I must of retaken the test about 12 times and I still didn’t believe it so I bought a more expensive test from the store and it was positive as well!!! I’m so elated. Yet at the same time cautious. God is soo good!!!! 😄😊😂✝🙏🏻

    1. Anonymous,
      I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! 🙁 SO heartbreaking.

      But I am thrilled about your new pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WOOHOO!!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for you and your precious baby.

      Much love to you!

  24. “There is no good in me at all apart from Christ. I know exactly what I am and where I would be without Him”. I am in a place where I see that I can do nothing good apart from Christ. That’s humbling and it is more pure than the false humility that comes from self.

    What I love in you is that you love so much Jesus and that is all about Him and His Father.

    I pray God will bless many other brothers and sisters with your blog and book !

    1. Ev,

      Real humility is freeing, liberating, and empowering. It’s very paradoxical. But false humility and pride ensnare and trap us. They are prisons and they are oppressive. Godly humility that truly sees who we are and who God is – is so beautiful!

      Thank you for praying for me and my readers. Please pray that God will continue to purify, prune, and refine me that my motives might always please Him alone and that I might be faithful and obedient to all that He has called me to do.

      Much love! 🙂

  25. Congratulations April!!🎉🎉 May God bless you and use this book to change hearts and marriages for His glory!! I’m so excited to read it!!😀😀

  26. April,
    when I first saw your picture I did wonder why you cried, but of course it’s a very touchy moment. Congratulations! Thank you very much for this blog, and I am very glad that now you have a book. Your blog has helped me and keeps helping me a lot. You really have a heart for women and the way you minister it seems that every woman matters to you. Praise the Lord for you and for everything that you do! I am so thankful that whenever I feel like it, I can come here and read things that can help me nourish my spirit. Be blessed abundantly!

    1. Anna,

      It was so surreal to see and hold the book I have worked on for several years. I let my Daddy see it for the first time today – and he got really teary, too. So sweet. 🙂

      I’m so glad that God has used this blog to bless you. I DO care very much about every woman (and man, too) who comes here. I pray for God to bring those He wants here and that He might speak through me – that it would be all about Him. 🙂

      You are always welcome here! Thank you very much for sharing!

      Much love!

  27. So proud of you. You have been absolutely indispensable to me as I am starting my journey of healing from the darkness of disrespect, pride, self centeredness, and control in my marriage. Thank you from your love and support

  28. This is so wonderful April!! I can’t wait to get my copy! I know this will bless so many women and their marriages around the world. Thank you Jesus for April’s ministry and for her helping us to learn the true meaning of what it means to be a godly woman and peaceful wife.

    1. Annaliz,

      I pray God will speak powerfully through the book and move in many women’s hearts to draw them to Himself, to heal marriages, and to create a Great Awakening among His people. 🙂 Thanks for praying with me!!! I pray the book will be a wonderful blessing to your life and marriage. 🙂

  29. April this is awesome! Your ministry has been such a blessing to me and to many others. I’m sure your book will be a big blessing also:)

    1. M,

      I’m honored to get to do this. God blows me away with His grace and goodness! Thank you for being on this road with me. It is much better to get to walk it with some fellow sisters in Christ. 🙂

  30. You have been a friend to me when I didn’t have anyone. When I read your blog or watch your videos I know it’s the truth. I know God lives in you and changed you. It encourages me. Pray your book touches many lives. Thank you for being obedient

    1. MC,

      Oh! I wish I could give you a big hug! I understand what it feels like to go through this journey alone. I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about any of this stuff but God for a long time. I’m so thankful God is using the videos and posts to bless you, to reach you, and to shower His love and truth on you. Thank you so much for sharing and especially for your prayers.

      If you want to talk about anything, I am here and glad to hear from you. 🙂

      Much love to you!

  31. April, I want to personally thank you for your walk in Christ, and what you have done for my marriage too. My wife and I struggled for months in our marriage, but I also needed to take a few steps back and look at my own life as a husband. Our ministry has had a link to your blog for almost a year now. I have referred dozens of couples to your postings and blogs and hope that it has helped them as it did with us. To God be the glory for what he has done in both of our marriages. Please also give a shout out to your bloggers regarding our ministry if you would please. We have timeless articles regarding the times we live in, and the end time gospel. Once again April, many thanks to you and your husband for the example you have set.

    1. fireoftheholyghost,

      I’m so thankful to hear from you and to hear what God is doing in your life and in your ministry. 🙂 Thank you very much for referring so many people to my posts – I pray that God’s Spirit will speak to them through each one. Anything good here is a God thing – not an April thing.

      I will check with my husband about promoting your blog. I do believe time is short and that God may well be lining things up for the Great Tribulation.

      May God richly bless your ministry, your marriage, and your faith Christ.

      In Him,


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