“Amy” Shares Some Encouragement and Her Story


This precious wife, “Amy,” (not her real name) was generous enough to allow me to share what God is doing in her life with y’all!  PRAISE GOD!

I figured it was time for an update..
I have learned a LOT in the past few months..
But everything comes back to this..
This picture above is the MOST important thing to remember.

My husband and I still have our issues. But we are working on them. We still go to counseling. Godly counsel is so important. We have our person that we meet with, and we have someone we consider as a pastor to help guide us spiritually.

We are closer now than we have ever been. We’ve discovered a Love we forgot we had.
We pray every morning and every night, he makes me breakfast, we make sure to have some sort of physical contact, a kiss, a hug, holding hands every day.

It all starts with a changing of the heart. Changing your circumstance by changing your thought process.

You, (me) a human can NOT change someone else. You can manipulate, push, encourage, and insist the other person change. And most of the time these end up doing more harm. But you can’t change anyone.

Only God can change a heart. You can pray that God will work on them.  But like the flight attendants instruct on a plane in the safety talk. In the event of an emergency, help yourself before you attempt to help others.
Get your heart right with God, before trying to “fix” your husbands heart.

Believe me, I know it’s very hard. I still struggle.  I work in this daily.

How do you start to work on your heart?

  • Sometimes reading the bible is just to difficult to do..
  • Start by changing the music you listen to.. I challenged myself to the klove 30 day challenge! It has changed my everyday life..
  • Maybe start your day, as you are brushing your teeth, think of 3 things you are thankful to God for..

And mean them!
Yes you are thankful for your kids.. Home… Blah blah blah.. That’s good for a few days. But think of 3 different things everyday and tell God you are grateful!

What really hit me:

I thought about how my husband was treating me. How he ignored me, spent money frivolously, didn’t talk to me or even seem interested and had no regard my feelings.
What if, all the time, money, efforts and all my focus that I was giving to my husband – in trying to fix him and us – I was doing the SAME thing to God… to whom we are betrothed.

I was such a hypocrite.

Bro Denny Livingston has a series he is still preaching on Matters of the Heart. I’ve been listening, it is awesome!

  • Work on your heart, and do it because you Love God more than anything. Because He is worthy,  not because you want your husband to be fixed.  That is trying to manipulate God. He is not fooled.
  • Love The Lord your God with all your heart. God is the number one priority..

It all goes back to that diagram..
Change your heart, your attitude, and Love God..

I hope all is well with you!

Keep inspiring!! 🙂


A Peacefulwife Youtube Video “Respecting Our Husbands and Reverencing Christ” (13 minutes)

Finding All of Our Contentment in Christ

If you do NOT have a relationship with Jesus Christ or you are not sure if you do and you would like to receive Him as your Savior and Lord, please leave me a comment and we will talk about how you can have the peace, joy and hope that Jesus gives to those who trust Him and how you can know Jesus and receive His incredible gift of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness and how you can be made right with God here and after this life, as well.

You cannot make yourself right with God on your own. The only way to God is through Jesus and what He did on our behalf. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6.

He died to pay the debt we owed God, the LARGE, LARGE debt our sins have created. His blood is sufficient to pay our debt to God in full so that we can be in right standing before God and enter into relationship with Him based on the merits of Christ Jesus, not our own merits. We don’t have to pay the price of our own sin in hell. There is a way for us to have unity and communion and sweet fellowship with God through Jesus!  How to Have a Saving Relationship with Christ