What Causes a Woman to Become Controlling? 11 minutes

Jesus Is the Love of My Life Now!  How to Make Him Lord (7 minutes)

My Story (13 minutes) – before and after

My Husband Doesn’t Deserve MY Respect! (6 minutes)

How to Apologize for Disrespecting and Controlling Your Husband (7.5 minutes)

Responding to Our Husbands’ Constructive Criticism (5 minutes)

Some Reasons I was Prideful as a Wife for 15 years (5 minutes)

Advanced Self Control (5 minutes)

Nonverbal Disrespect is IMPORTANT! (7 minutes)

A Wife’s Biblical Submission (12 minutes)

The Gift of Modesty (14 minutes)

My Husband Is Not a Good Spiritual Leader (10 minutes)

My Level of Respect for My Husband Has Nothing to Do with Him (9 minutes)

Marriage is Not a Group Grade (8 minutes)

Withholding Sex in Marriage (5 minutes)

Stop Pursuing Him in the Wrong Ways  (13 minutes)

“My Husband Watches TV Too Much”  (7 minutes)

Making Big Decisions Together in Marriage (10 minutes)

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