Bride and groom walking hand in hand in the distance over a large bridge

Mrs. B.'s Story

This is an email from a precious wife.  I am really happy to get to share her story with you.  I think the more stories we can hear about what God has done in other women and marriages, the better!  Thank you, Mrs. B! Let me start by saying, Mr. B and I were not raised in Christian […]

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Young married man dressed in black praying with black background

The Blessing of Having a Husband Who Won't Pray with His Wife

WHAT??!!!   Did you read that right?  Surely, I’ve GOT to be kidding! Let me start by saying: I believe that husbands SHOULD pray with their wives.  I believe it is their God-given responsibility to do so  – if they are believers in Christ.  I believe husbands will be accountable to God for their spiritual […]

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Biblical Submission

This blog will be most relatable for wives who tend to be strong willed/in charge whose husbands are passive. If your husband is controlling or you are more passive – many things I talk about will still apply (God’s Word always applies)- but you may have to approach some of the practical issues from a […]

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Be Still, My Bitter Heart

Today’s post is a guest post by my dear sister in Christ, Selena, at  Thank you, Selena, for allowing me to share this post!  I pray that it will bless and edify many for the glory of God. For the past week, some friends and I have been experiencing what it feels like to […]

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Bride and groom embracing near outdoor wedding venue

One of the Beautiful Mysteries that God Reveals to Us through Marriage

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how God designed marriage to be a small-scale representation of the profound mystery of Christ and His church.  One of my favorite classes we took about 2 years ago was about the tabernacle in the Old Testament – how God lived with His people, His bride. He led them.  He fed […]

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Is it Wise to be "Friends" with other Men?

After my post Time to Nip that Relationship ASAP – I heard from a reader on my site – and I am really excited to share her comments.   I think her message is IMPORTANT for Christian single women AND for Christian married women, too!  She is talking about being a single woman and how dangerous […]

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Closeup of Christmas tree ornaments on tree

A Wife Discovers the Joy and Power of Obeying God

This is an email I received recently from a wife – I am SO excited about sharing her story!  I think it is WONDERFUL for wives to hear many different wives’ stories and how God changed them and their marriages and how powerful God is.   I think other wives’ testimonies like this will build […]

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Rejoice in Suffering

Could there be a more unpalatable idea to us than this?  We don’t WANT to suffer – EVER!  And we certainly cannot begin to fathom REJOICING in suffering!  We only want comfort, ease, health and material wealth.  And we have plenty of preachers who are glad to tell us that it’s God’s will for us […]

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Baby Steps

This is an email from a wife (with her permission) – I think it may be very encouraging to those of you who are beginning the journey to become a godly wife – to learn to submit to and respect your husband and most of all to ultimately learn to reverence and submit to Christ! […]

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