Join the Peacefulwife for The Respect Dare

Day 1  Expectations

Day 2 Childhood Scars

Day 3 My Godly Wife Report Card

Day 4 A Godly Purpose Statement

Day 5 Slow to Anger

Day 6  A Servant’s Heart

Day 7 A New Tongue

Day 8 Building Him Up

Day 9 Overlooking Insults

Day 10 His Biggest Critic or His Biggest Supporter

Day 11 Focus on the Good

Day 12 Wise Words and Kindness

Day 13 Say “Yes” to Your Man

Day 14 “Treat Him Like a Man”

Day 15 Is My Treasure in Eternal Things?

Day 16 A Sink Full of Dishes

Day 17 Life Giving Words

Day 18 A Guest Post from Nina Roesner

Day 19 Order

Day 20 Loving Our Husbands with a Sacrificial Love

Day 21 What Does it Mean to Respect My Husband?

Day 22 Refining My Motives about Housework

Day 23 My Knight in Shining Armor

Day 24 Intimacy with God

Day 25 Responding as a Godly Wife

Day 26 Biblical Submission – a Huge Key to Peace

Day 27 Being on His Team in Tough Times

Day 28 Making the One Flesh Relationship a Huge Priority in Marriage

Day 29 Extending Grace, Finding Renewed Connection

Day 30 Modesty and Respect

Day 31 “Watch Me!”

Day 32 Just the Facts, Please, Ma’am, Just the Facts

Day 33 Time to Stop the Rescuing!

Day 34 Can His Heart Safely Trust Me?

Day 35 Live with Him in an Understanding Way

Day 36 Tears Are an Important Part of this Journey

Day 37 Living in God’s Spirit’s Power

Day 38 Taking Initiative Sexually in Marriage

Day 39 God’s Perspective on Forgiveness

Day 40  Your Story