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Are you ready for supernatural peace in your life and marriage?

This site has the information I WISH I had known when I was a newlywed in 1994 (or honestly, as a single woman long before marriage – single ladies are welcome here, too!). I had no idea how unprepared I was to be a great wife. Or how much spiritual immaturity I had going on in my life.

My Story

Because I read my Bible daily, knew lots of verses, only listened to Christian music, and went to church 3 times per week, I thought I was the best Christian wife ever. But just a few days into our marriage, things began to go wrong.

I started feeling lonely, unloved, confused, and resentful because I didn’t understand my husband’s heart or the differences between men and women and what husbands need in marriage.

So I tried to verbally push Greg to become the godly man I knew he could be. He began to shut down and become passive. I couldn’t believe he would act like that and shut me out of his heart! He had never done that to me when we were dating.

So I upped my volume and felt I had to take over because it seemed that he wouldn’t “man up” and lead or be involved in making decisions.

Eventually, there were long stretches of time when he barely wanted to touch me, talk with me, listen to me, or even be in the same room with me. I insisted that he needed to change and that God needed to change him, ASAP!

Until over 14 years into our marriage, I had no idea that I was doing anything to contribute to the huge wall between us. I thought it was all his problem. And so did he. After all, I told him often all the ways he needed to change and how he wasn’t a good husband.

Finally, I asked God to help me see my own sin

In October, 2008, I began to pray for the first time, “God, show me if there is anything I am doing that is hurting our marriage.”

And boy, did He ever answer that prayer!! What a shock!

At that moment, I began to beg God, “Please change me! Whatever it takes! Please help me become the godly wife You want me to be!”

I help frustrated, discouraged wives discover the spiritual abundance we can all have through Jesus Christ and the healing, biblical steps we can take for our marriages.

You don’t have to feel alone on this journey anymore! Learn from my mistakes. And let me share the spiritual and practical treasures God revealed to me as I spent thousands of hours over several years studying this subject, inviting God to radically transform my life and marriage.

What is our marriage like now? The best it has ever been! In May of 2022, we celebrated our 28th anniversary.


This peace plan is a simple pathway to show you how you can have real peace with God, with others (as far as it depends on you), and with yourself.

  1. Look upward—Set your gaze on Jesus Christ in total awe and yield yourself fully to His Lordship in faith. Step down from the throne of your life and let the Prince of Peace, Jesus, sit there and rule over your heart and mind.
  2. Look inward— Invite God to help you crucify your old sinful nature with Jesus and give you a new identity, His Spirit, His love, and new Life.
  3. Look outward—Receive Jesus’ eyes and heart for others to love them with His divine love and power and to speak His life and blessing into their lives, including in your marriage.
  4. Look forward—Watch Jesus turn your pain, trials, and difficult relationships into beauty for your ultimate good, a blessing for others, and His greatest glory. And look forward most of all to eternity in heaven with Him and everyone who loves Him forever!

You can choose to have a saving relationship with Jesus today to begin finding life-changing spiritual healing .

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3


Much love,

April Cassidy

The Peaceful Wife book has all the baby steps God brought me through as I learned what it meant to stop hurting my husband and to begin, with God’s help, to treat him with genuine honor and respect.

It is about how I learned about God’s beautiful design and purpose for marriage.

Join me to discover what it really means to be a strong Christian woman and wife—laying down the power to harm and tear down our marriages, picking up the power of heaven to pour healing and blessing into our homes as we honor God’s beautiful design.

May this book be a blessing and a blueprint for healing for you, as well. It will be especially relatable for wives who have strong personalities with husbands who tend to be more on the introverted side. But the biblical truths I share here apply to us all.

Also check out my book, The Peaceful Mom, for a solid spiritual foundation for you as a mother based on Scripture.