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The Respect Dare Day 26 – Biblical Submission- a Huge Key to Peace

Biblical Submission Begins “Not My will, but Yours be done”  Luke 22:42 Jesus, though He was fully God and equal to God the Father – submitted Himself to God’s authority out of His love for the Father.  Submission began among equals and was born from holy love. Every Christian is called to submit himself/herself to […]

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Supporting My Husband’s Leadership

REMINDER: We will be starting The Respect Dare July 1st here at peacefulwife!  Get yourself a copy of the book and we will walk through it together prayerfully.  I am so excited to be on this adventure with you! BEING A LEADER IS A CHALLENGE Being the God-given leader in a marriage is very difficult […]

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A REAL Helpmeet Suitable for Him

Sometimes we wives think we are helping our husbands when we are actually trying to control him like we talked about yesterday (check here if you missed it!). That was one of my biggest mistakes.  I REALLY believed I was being helpful – but my husband saw me as being prideful (always “right”) and controlling. […]

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