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I Am Responsible for My Emotions

    NOTE – I FOUND THE LOST COMMENTS! THEY WERE IN MY SPAM FOLDER!!!!!!! I think I have recovered all of them from the past two weeks now. HOORAY! ——————– For many years, I expected Greg to be responsible for my emotions. I expected him to “make me happy.” I expected him to “fix […]

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A Wife Battles Pride

Here is an email from a wife that I think many other wives will relate to!  Thank you to this wife for sharing your heart!  This is part of how this journey looks as God shows us our sin and we hash through these issues, seeking to learn all we can and to humble ourselves […]

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“My Husband Didn’t Get Me Anything for Our Anniversary – and I am SO HAPPY TO BE MARRIED TO HIM!”

From the archives – Here are the ways that two wives handle the “My Husband Forgot Our Anniversary” situation in respectful, God-honoring, husband-honoring, marriage building ways! WIFE #1 Since my hubby’s and my birthdays are only one day apart, he never forgets my birthday! Pretty sneaky, huh?  Seriously, in my first marriage I received tons […]

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“My Husband Forgot Our Anniversary” – from the Archives

This is an email I received from a sweet wife that I think really showcases a classic misunderstanding between husbands and wives.   So, with her permission, I’m going to share her email and then think about some possible respectful and husband-honoring, Christ-honoring ways to tackle this issue.  I’m REALLY thankful that she brought up […]

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