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God Answers a Wife’s Question – “Why Doesn’t My Husband Want to Spend Time with Me?”

From a precious wife. I am so excited about what God is beginning to do in her heart!!!!!  Thank you for allowing me to share! —————- I stumbled across Peaceful Wife’s blog after Googling (seriously) “why doesn’t my husband want to spend time with me” (or something like that – I tried Googling it again […]

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A Wife Battles Pride

Here is an email from a wife that I think many other wives will relate to!  Thank you to this wife for sharing your heart!  This is part of how this journey looks as God shows us our sin and we hash through these issues, seeking to learn all we can and to humble ourselves […]

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Expectations – Part 1

We all go into marriage with a lot of expectations.  (Click here for Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) And, as a reader of mine quoted last week, “Expectations are premeditated resentment.” Ladies, what are some expectations you have of your husband and marriage? Some expectations – I believe are valid.  I believe we should […]

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The Blessing of Having a Husband Who Won't Pray with His Wife

WHAT??!!!   Did you read that right?  Surely, I’ve GOT to be kidding! Let me start by saying: I believe that husbands SHOULD pray with their wives.  I believe it is their God-given responsibility to do so  – if they are believers in Christ.  I believe husbands will be accountable to God for their spiritual […]

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